Babies need to be fed a lot of formula and sometimes your baby might create a lot of fuss when you try to feed him one. That doesn’t mean that you give up and not feed your baby his/her formula. This formula food is rich in nutrients and provides your baby with all the vitamins and minerals which he might otherwise not get, so it is important to make sure that your baby always eats his/her formula.

You can try these few tips to ensure that your baby eats their formula without a fuss. For more information, you should visit

  • Get an Appropriate Formula

Choose a formula which will suit your baby’s taste buds and needs. Don’t get a formula which might cause allergy to your baby. You will find several formulas like soy formula, milk formula, etc. to choose from, so make sure it is good for your baby and will be liked by him/her.

  • Choose an Adequate Bottle

Once you have chosen a right formula for your baby, it is time to choose a bottle to store that formula. You would find that you can buy plastic bottles or glass bottles, both have their own merits and demerits, so choose one which would be suitable for your needs.

  • A good angle is a key to a good feeding

Always make sure that you keep your baby at a good angle to feed. The right angle can really affect if your baby will be able to feed on the bottle or not. If you tilt the bottle too little, your baby might end up sucking more because they are not getting enough food.

  • Make your baby burp at intervals

Don’t overdose your baby with the formula, they have a small stomach. You need to make them burp in intervals so that they are able to eat more but don’t force too much.

  • Snuggle with your baby

The best way to feed your baby his formula is by snuggling with him and then feeding them the bottle by sleeping sideways.

  • Use a good-quality water

Always make sure that you use a good-quality water to make the formula as there is a considerable difference in taste and it is bound to be safer for your baby.

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  • Use cold or at room-temperature formula

Always make a habit to feed your baby a cold formula or a formula at room temperature so that it will be convenient for you and really, there is no health difference between a warm formula and a cold one.

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  • Warm your formula carefully

If your baby likes a warm formula, then be careful while warming it up and use a correct utensil to warm. Remember you would be transferring it to your bottle later so don’t overheat it.

  • Keep observing the poop

Make a note of your baby’s poop every day, this will help you in determining which formula is actually better.

  • Don’t doubt yourself

Once you have decided to feed formula to your baby, remember it is your decision and no one can make you feel guilty for that.

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