During your pregnancy, it is important that you eat food items which are not only rich in nutrients and vitamins but also help in the developing of your fetus. Whatever you eat or drink will also be consumed by your developing fetus and so it is important to maintain a diet which would promote your fetus’ growth and provide you with sufficient energy to bear the growing child inside your stomach. So, which food should you include in your pregnancy diet?

Here are top 10 pregnancy foods which you should definitely add to your diet. If you want some more baby related tips, go visit Universalreview.net

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  1. Avocados

One of the best pregnancy food which is rich in folic acid, potassium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6, Avocados are essential for your baby’s growth and can help you with your morning sickness too.

  1. Broccoli

This green vegetable is rich in Vitamin A and C which have antioxidant properties and help in the prevention of cancer. It also contains calcium and folic acid which makes it the perfect food for pregnant mothers-to-be.

  1. Leafy green veggies

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, asparagus, kale, etc. are full of antioxidants and nutrients which are helpful in your baby’s growth and provide both you and your baby with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Nuts

Another great food for pregnant mothers, nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, fiber, and proteins and help in the development of your baby’s nervous system and are a good snack for you.

  1. Oatmeal

This food item is full of fiber, protein and vitamin B6 and can provide you with high energy levels and helps in the relieving of constipation. The vitamin and the proteins are important for your baby’s development too.

  1. Yogurt

It contains calcium which is important for the proper development of bones and teeth and is an essential food item in your diet. It also helps in preventing preterm pregnancy and low birth weight. In fact, if you don’t take adequate amount of calcium, your body will take your calcium for developing the baby and it would affect your health in the future.

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  1. Bananas

One of the best food items for potassium intake, banana is a great food item for both you and your baby as it is easy to digest and rich in fibers and potassium.

  1. Beans and lentils

One of the best sources of protein and iron, they are a great substitute for the meat products and provide both you and your baby with essential minerals. It is also known to reduce the chances or preterm pregnancy, prolonged pregnancy and low birth weight.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

This food item contains beta-carotene which is an antioxidant which can be converted into Vitamin A and is beneficial for your baby’s eyes, bones and skin growth. It also contains iron and copper which are needed by your body to retain a healthy amount of iron.

  1. Salmon

This fish contains an adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins which help in your baby’s brain development and since it is full of DHA, it can also lead to a higher IQ in your baby. It is good for your baby’s eyes and provides a lot of lean proteins for the mothers-to-be too.

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