Sometimes, during a long day, all that you want to do is take a small nap so as to refresh and continue with your chores, but with your baby still awake this is near to impossible task. No matter how hard you try, the baby just won’t take a nap. So, what to do in such a situation?

Worry not, here are a few things you can try when your baby won’t nap. If you want to study more about baby habits you should visit Universalreview

  • Make your baby’s room feel sleepy

One of the best ways to make your baby nap is by making the atmosphere a little sleepy so that your baby realizes it is nap time now and co-operates with you. With a sleepy atmosphere, your baby is bound to feel sleepy soon enough and will end up taking a nap.

  • Check if your baby is overtired

Make sure that your baby isn’t too tired to sleep. Sometimes when the babies have played too much, they overtire themselves and become cranky and are unable to sleep.

  • Have a bedtime routine

Make sure that you have a pre-nap routine like closing the curtains, turning off the lights, swaddling the baby, etc. so that your baby knows it is nap time and that he needs to nap now without further fuss.

  • Swaddle your baby

If your baby is not napping, you can try swaddling the baby. Sometimes the baby needs a little warmth and snugness to fall asleep and swaddling can help in that greatly.


  • Check the baby’s temperature

Make sure that you take your baby’s temperature if your baby refuses to nap. He/she might be too cold or hot and that might be the reason why your baby doesn’t want to nap.

  • Play a white noise

Playing a white noise for your baby is another great technique to make them fall asleep. A white noise provides a steady background sound to your baby and acts as a sleeping song for your baby.

  • Give them water to drink

Make them drink water before napping so that they are full and will fall asleep in a few minutes. Sometimes a baby might refuse to nap because they are too thirsty too, so giving them water can greatly benefit them and make them fall asleep faster.

  • Develop a nap schedule

Make sure that your baby has nap timings every day which he/she follows. This way, your baby will develop a habit and fall asleep at a particular time every day.

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  • Make your baby burp

Sometimes, if you have fed the baby just sometime before, then he might be refusing to sleep because they haven’t burped properly. So, make sure you make them burp, then they would be able to fall asleep in just a couple of minutes.

  • Put him/her in the bassinet

Another great way to make your baby nap is by putting him/her in the bassinet or the crib and move them a little so that they nap. Some babies like being swung when they are sleeping and you could provide them with just that.

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