After nine months of staying inside your stomach, your baby develops a proximity tendency and needs you around them at all point of time. If they wake up and don’t find you beside them, they can become anxious and colicky. This is a perfectly natural reaction and nothing to be worried about but it tends to get a little difficult as your baby grows and you have to do other work too. If you want to get more acquainted to other baby stuff, then visit

There are many ways to train your baby and reduce the separation anxiety among them, you just need to follow these tips.

  1. Introduce them to strangers

The best way to reduce separation anxiety would be by introducing them to strangers early on, probably when they are just 6 months old. Don’t overwhelm them though. If they come in contact with more strangers at an early stage, they would start feeling less anxious gradually, when they don’t see you around.

  1. Timely introduce separation

Make sure that you start the separation process when the time is right and not when your baby is already anxious about it. Gradually introduce it when they are playing or busy with something or has some known person around. Don’t leave them when they are sick or colicky.


  1. Make sure your baby is occupied

Another great way to ensure that they don’t become anxious is by providing them with all the toys and games which they like and then when they are playing or watching TV, you can leave them for a while. But never leave them alone, atleast leave them on a high chair for kids.

  1. Leave a reminder of yourself

Always make sure that you leave something of yours behind so that they know you are coming back. You can leave a photo or some handkerchief behind, which is up to you.

  1. Leave someone behind who your baby knows

In the starting, make sure you leave someone with the baby who he/she knows well enough. You could leave your spouse or your family members behind like his/her grandparents. Don’t leave them alone in the initial days.

  1. Always say goodbye

Make it a point to let them know that you are leaving for a while and will return soon. Say a few encouraging words and that you will miss them but you won’t be long. Don’t prolong the goodbye though because it could make your baby confused and anxious. Always say goodbye even if they are about to sleep in their baby bassinets.

  1. Introduce your babysitter

It will be good to introduce the daycare or babysitter early to your baby. Make sure that before you leave, you sit with your baby and your babysitter for at least half an hour and let your baby get used to it before you leave.

  1. Start with shorter duration

The best way thing would be to start small at first. Leave your baby for 15 minutes first, then 30 minutes and gradually increase the time. Just make sure your child is comfortable with that time duration before you increase it again.

  1. Avoid looking back

Don’t look back and once you have left, don’t return till your work is completed. If you keep returning and leaving, then your baby would get more confused and anxious.

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  1. Don’t give in to the tears

Initially, your baby is bound to cry a lot but don’t give in to his/her tears every time. Give them a little tough love and let them slowly stop, if they don’t stop after 15 minutes then you should definitely go and take care of them.


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