Once your baby starts crawling around, every item in your household is a potential threat and could seriously injure your baby. There are many heavy things which could fall down or sharp things which could poke your baby and make them hurt. We might not realize it earlier but once the baby starts crawling, every corner seems like a threat. Now, you can’t stop your baby from crawling around but what you can do is to baby proof all these harmful areas to protect your baby from getting hurt. If you need to check more information related to baby, you should definitely visit Universalreview

Here are the top 10 ways to baby proof your house before your baby starts crawling:

  1. Plug the electrical sockets

The first and foremost thing to baby proof would be the electrical sockets. Babies love to insert their fingers into anything and everything which could prove to be dangerous when they are in contact with an electrical socket. So make sure, you plus the electrical socket and keep it hidden from your babies’ at all times.

  1. Keep the breakable items stored inside

Don’t keep any breakable item like glasses, chinaware, etc. outside where your baby can easily grab hold of them and break them. You can’t expect your baby to know what is out limits and the only way to ensure they don’t break stuff is by keeping it away from them.

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  1. Install baby gates

Babies tend to crawl towards stairways a lot and could tumble down the stairs injuring themselves so it is important to install baby gates to protect them from falling down the stairs. If you are travelling in a car, you should definitely buy an Infant car seat

  1. Keep harmful food items away

Make sure you keep any choking or poisonous food away from your baby’s grab so that they don’t end up swallowing it and hurting themselves.

  1. Keep the floors clean

Always remember to keep the floor clean and don’t leave any dirt or food items on the floor as your baby could grab it and put it in your mouth without knowing what it is.

  1. Get rid of rickety, old furniture

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you keep only solid and sturdy furniture which won’t fall off on your baby’s head when he/she would be grabbing hold of it to stand up. You should definitely get a high chair for babies

  1. Keep hazardous products out of their reach

Make sure you keep any hazardous beauty products out of their reach so that they don’t waste it around or even worse, put it inside their mouth. A baby should always be kept in a baby bassinet for his/her safety.

  1. Install cabinet locks

Another great way to baby proof your house is by installing cabinet locks on your cabinet drawers to keep your babies out of the unwanted areas.

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  1. Remove small toys

Don’t let them play with any small toy which could get lodged in their throat or which they could stick in their eye.

  1. Remove all kinds of cords

Wires and cords are the worst household items which could tangle your baby and choke them, so make sure you keep these away from your kids and always keep an eye out on your baby.


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