Choosing a good thermometer for your baby is a daunting task as you find so many types and models of thermometer available in the market now. Previously, we just had a few options which made it easy to choose but now with so many options, it is a hard task to find the best thermometer for your baby. So whenever you decide to buy a baby thermometer, you can check out all these ways to choose the best one for you. For more information, you can visit


  1. Check for accuracy

One of the best ways to choose a good baby thermometer is by checking if the thermometer gives an accurate reading or not. If the thermometer cannot provide you with an accurate reading, then it is practically useless. You should always check the temperature while the baby is lying down in a Baby bassinet

  1. Check for consistency

Another good way to choose a baby thermometer is by seeing how consistent the readings are. If it gives the same, accurate readings 4-5 times then it is good, if it doesn’t then stay away from it.

  1. Easy to clean

This is another great way to choose a thermometer. Your baby would be covered with germs every time you use it to take the temperature of your baby, so make sure that it can be easily cleaned. You should clean the thermometer while your baby is sitting on a baby high chair

  1. Easy to handle

Another important factor to check is if the thermometer is simple and easy to use. You don’t want a thermometer too complicated to use, you don’t want to waste 5 minutes every time you are trying to take the temperature of your baby.

  1. Check for suitability

There are many types of baby thermometers which can be used in various body parts to take the temperature of your baby. It is important to choose a thermometer which can be effectively used to take the temperature. For example: if your baby is suffering from a sore throat, you would do better than to use an oral thermometer. So, check out all the types of thermometer: rectal thermometer, ear thermometer, oral thermometer, multiuse thermometer, armpit thermometer, forehead thermometer and the list goes on.

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  1. Check for quickness

Another good way to check if a thermometer is good or not is by seeing how quickly it tells you the temperature. If it takes 5 minutes to tell the temperature, then put it in the useless category.

  1. Check the measuring system

You can also choose a baby thermometer by checking which measuring system it uses. If you are familiar with Fahrenheit, then go for a thermometer with that metric and if you are familiar with Celsius, then opt for that system. Some thermometers can also switch from one metric system to the other.

  1. Check the features

Another great way to choose a good baby thermometer is by checking its features. Choose one which has a larger display screen and has a backlit display which would make it easier to read in dark, temperature indicator, etc.

  1. Check for mercury filling

Make sure that you don’t go for mercury thermometers anymore. Their glass is easy to break which would cause the mercury to spill out in your baby’s mouth and be dangerous to their health.

  1. Check for appropriateness

Make sure that you choose a baby thermometer which suits your baby’s age. Some thermometers are recommended for newborns and some thermometers are suitable for 6-months infants. So make sure you choose an age-appropriate thermometer.

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