Babies tend to cry a lot as this is the only way they can communicate with you but seeing them cry makes you feel helpless and useless. You have no clue what is wrong and your baby is unable to tell you that. The continuous wailing can feel heart-wrenching and can cause a headache too. So, how do you survive your baby’s crying spell?

There are many ways in which you can survive your baby’s witching hour, we have listed down a few below too:

  • Prepare and plan

Make sure you prepare yourself for your baby’s crying period because it is going to be a long while and it would be better if you prepared yourself mentally for it beforehand. This will help you in staying relaxed through the baby’s crying hour and for more comfort put him in a  baby high chair

  • Stay calm

Make sure you stay calm and don’t stress out during the crying. There is an obvious reason for your baby’s discomfort, try to find out that. If you him to sleep better, you should pat him and make him sleep in a baby bassinet

  • Interact with your baby

Another way to survive your baby’s crying hour is by interacting with your baby. Soothe him and talk to him and try to calm him down.

baby crying

  • Take a bath with your baby

Another way to soothe your baby is by taking a warm water bath with him. As you and your baby relax in the bath, your baby will feel lighter and will slowly cease up the crying, plus the splashing water acts as a fun distraction.

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  • Cuddle with your baby

You can also try cuddling to provide comfort to your baby. Babies tend to love cuddles as they feel loved and snug, so when your baby keeps crying, cuddle him for some time.

  • Get your baby some fresh air

Another way to pacify your baby is by taking him out in the garden or park for some time. This way, they have a change of scenery and they tend to take in their new surrounding which ceases up the crying spell. You can also take him out for a car ride and make sure to put him in an Infant car seat

  • Use white noise

You can use white noises to calm down your baby and make them sleep. Once your baby is asleep, there won’t be any more crying and you would get a few hours break from it.

  • Play music

You can also make your baby stop crying by playing some music and dancing on it with your baby. This will also create a distraction for your baby and he will start enjoying the music and the dance.

  • Give them a snack

Sometimes the baby might be crying because they are still hungry, in this situation, you can give them a small snack to munch upon. Once they are snacking, their crying would cease and they would feel much happier.

  • Comfort your baby

When your baby’s crying starts, make sure you comfort him with your presence and your words. Sometimes, your baby is just crying to get your attention and if you comfort him, they might immediately stop once they have your undivided attention.

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