Working and breastfeeding your baby at the same time could be a little complicated and most of the time you would need to pump your milk beforehand for your baby so that he/she get their regular food intake. But when you are hurrying out the house and your baby is crying like hell, how do you even manage to make the pump work?

Don’t worry, we have a few tips to make the whole process of pumping easier for you when you are at work. if you need to know more about babies, you can visit here.

Tip 1: Plan with your boss

The first thing which you would need to do when pumping at work is to let your boss know that you are planning to do this and would need some time to work on this every day. It is important to gather your employer’s support as he/she would be able to provide you with the needed breaks and meeting schedules.

Tip 2: Gather more information

Once you have decided to pump milk, it is important that you have all the relevant information regarding it so that you can plan your sessions better and can provide your baby with the optimum amount of milk. This is only possible if you gather all the information from other moms, pediatricians, the internet, etc.


Tip 3: Get the appropriate pumping gear

The next important thing to focus on is getting an appropriate pumping gear which would help you in storing an adequate amount of milk supply. Your gear should be efficient and easy to use and should be not too complicated or hard on your breasts.

Tip 4:  Pump at a fixed schedule

Develop a routine. A routine helps you in better pumping and makes your body accustomed to the whole process so it is important that you always pump at a fixed time.

Tip 5: Measure your milk supply

Another important thing to pay attention to is your milk supply. Make sure that you keep a track of your milk supply and then pump according to that. You don’t want to pump too much of a milk if it is not being used by the baby.

Tip 6: Pump before going to office

One of the best ways to avoid pumping many times in office is by making sure that your pump milk everyday before leaving for your office.

Tip 7: Decide on a location

Another important tip for pumping at work is that decide on a quiet, secluded location where you can work on pumping the milk without any disturbances. It is important to find a peaceful and relaxing place to get the most out of your pumping sessions.

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Tip 8: Keep organized

Make sure that you keep everything organized for your pumping sessions. Make sure that you have your pumping gear and milk bottles ready so that you don’t fumble at the last moment.

Tip 9: Take help

There is no shame in asking for help when you aren’t sure how to go about the whole pumping at work thing. There would be a lot of people to help you out so do ask your friends and family.

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