Ever thought about turning your iPad into a powerful music speaker? Well, now you can do it with Akai KS213 Portable CD+G Karaoke System.

Akai is a well-known company which is known for manufacturing electronics that are reliable. Akai manufacture KS213 to give competition to other karaoke machines. Many other karaoke machines come with a huge price tag but Akai has managed to manufacture a good product at a decent price.

Connect your iPad to the karaoke system and play your favorite music through the machine.

There is a cradle attached to the machine where you can place your iPad and connect your iPad to the best karaoke machine.



It is very flexible when it is about compatibility, you can play CD, CD + G, CDR, CDRW, Stereo connectivity etc. Don’t worry about compatibility. Just insert the CD or connect your iPad and play your favorite lyrics. You can even connect it to your TV which is awesome as you will be able to read the lyrics easily. The only thing that is missing from the machine is Bluetooth connectivity.

Double Microphone connectivity

Some karaoke machines have just one microphone connectivity so you face problems while singing along with a company. But with Akai KS213 you can sing along with your singing partner. So get set rolling as it is time to rock the world with your favorite partner.

Made for Everyone

The karaoke machine is very easy to operate even small children can operate it without any problem. You do not even have to read to operating manual to operate it. There is a remote control provided by the system so that you don’t have to necessarily stand near the machine all the time. Trust me on this as my seven-year-old son operates it without any help and you know children hardly read any operating manual.


You can record your song on this machine. It can be done easily by just pressing the record button while singing.


There are many different effects to choose from like Echo control, voice manipulation, auto voice control, balance control and much more. You will never get bored while singing through this machine as will have many voice effects to choose from.

To be frank Akai KS213 may not be the most advanced karaoke machine but for beginners, this is the best product available on the market. So if you are looking to start fresh then do not hesitate before buying this.

Now let me rate this on different specifications of the product:

  • Durability: 7
  • Audio Quality: 8
  • Music Effects: 7.5
  • Additional Features: 8.5
  • Reliability: 9 (Akai is a renowned company)

Now here comes the most important information that you should know the price of this karaoke machine. The price is not on a higher side like other karaoke machines. This product is available at a price of around 70$ which is not a big amount if you are planning to buy it for yourself or for your children.

Happy Singing!

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