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French Press Coffee Tips

Today I’m going to give you some coffee tips using a French Press coffee maker as it is the best coffee maker at least for me.

There are a lot of reasons for using French Press. One of the main reason of using it is it is the easiest way of brewing coffee at home.

The best thing about French Press Coffee machine is its simplicity. You really don’t have to study any operating manual before start using Simple French Press Coffee Maker. It is very easy to operate this machine.

Other things that makes this coffee maker a good machine is that it French Press Coffee Maker is cleaned easily. You can clean the French Press Coffee Maker in no time at all. You don’t even have to make an extra effort to clean it.

Apart from all the praise for French Press I’ll quickly move on to coffee tips using a French Press.

Before experimenting with this coffee machine you need to have few things before hand with you like kettle, grinder, scale and a whole bean coffee.

You must remember to maintain the brewing ratio which is 1g of coffee to 17g of water.

First thing you will be doing here is putting a cup over the scale and then putting the coffee beans in it. For this special recipe you are going to use 45 grams of coffee.

After scaling the coffee beans you have to put the coffee beans in the grinder for grinding process.

After that you need to put French Press on the scale. Put grinded coffee beans in the French Press and over that start pouring hot water. It is very important to stick with the ratio of 1 gram of coffee to 17 grams of water. I call it the Golden Ratio. Now you have to start the timer on the scale.


After 4 minutes you have put the filter inside the French Press and you have to slowly push it to till bottom.

Now you can enjoy your coffee made in a different way. This will be one of the best coffees you have ever tasted as here you have maintained a proper ratio of coffee beans to water. Otherwise your coffee would have tasted similar to your old coffees.


There are some people who suggest that you have to use a really dark roasted coffee, this is absolutely false. Any sort of coffee that you prefer to use in the French Press can be used to get the best flavor of coffee.

Some people also say that you should agitate or stir it, this is also not true. You don’t even have to touch it the coffee knows how to brew itself.

Final Word

This article will you make the best coffee of your life. Now after reading this article you now know the importance of maintaining the ratio of coffee beans to water. So always maintain this golden ratio and your coffee keep tasting better.

Installation Of Ninja Coffee Bar

You have made the decision of buying the Valuable Ninja Coffee Bar and now you need to know how to install the machine you have put your so much money on. The shipping took a lot of time for me and I was utterly frustrated as it got delayed. Now the next headache is to install the coffee bar itself. Installing it won’t be easy and it surely will take up your precious time. I have explained the installation process in the easiest way that I can explain it to you. So let’s begin the SET-UP.


Just make up some space in the kitchen as a new bad boy is in town. This mean machine puts other coffee makers to shame will instantly become your favorite in no time. Installing it won’t be easy as this machine is complex and will give you some hard time. After setup of machine remember to Clean Ninja Coffee Bar.


  • Unboxing the Ninja coffee bar is the first step and it is the step that will require the least time of all steps.
  • It comes packaged in a big plastic box. All the ingredients are put in to one big box and hence there is no cluttering in the box.
  • The water reservoir has been manufactured using high grade plastic which proves that you didn’t overpay for the machine.
  • When you look at the side of the unit, it has a small storage unit for the smart scoop. This smart scoop will help you inexact measurement of the servings. It will help you in getting the best amount of serving of coffee.
  • Above the storage box is built-in frother which will go sideways and will prove boon to you. If you don’t have any plans to use this part of the machine, then it is advised to not to take it out.
  • At the front of the machine, you will find adjustable brew basket. This brew basket will help you in getting the perfect brew so you should adjust it properly.
  • When you will look at the brew basket, you will find the cardboard box. You will see a platform once you take all the stuff out. You need to take out the Temp warming plate which is an amazing piece of tech ware for your machine.
  • Now the next step would be to take out the cardboard box. Its contents would include a carafe. Carafe can be of two types and they are glass and stainless steel. You will also find a tumbler and a whisk for the frother.
  • The water reservoir you’ve received is detachable and transparent. You can use it for multiple purposes and that also includes drinking water directly from it.
  • You will find display functions which includes different sizes. The lower section has brewing options and you will find that to be complicated.
  • The buttons are stay, warm, delay and brew. These are the basic 4 functions of the coffee bar. It has also a digital clock attached to it.
  • Coffee bar comes with an instruction manual which you should probably read which will give you enough information.
  • The machine also has a descaling option which you need to do it from time to time.

The machine is an awesome one and will surely make your heart flutter as it will keep your daily coffee needs sorted out. You can easily Fix the Ninja Coffee Bar if the parts get detached while setup.

Best Recipes for Ninja Coffee Bar

Once you’ve bought your ninja coffee bar, you will try new recipes. Just put on your apron and be a barista in your own kitchen. We would recommend taking 2-3 hours out as these recipes will take time.

Ninja Coffee bar is a kind of machine that will make you try the new recipes. This machine is super versatile and will prove to be flexible to your caffeine demands. Here you can find the best review of ninja bar. You have come to the right place as we will entrust you some of the best recipes that will make your day. So just sit back and give the recipe a read.

Caramel Macchiato

Yes this is the drink that they overcharge you for. This super expensive drink can be made at your home for one third of the price. Just imagine how much money you would save every month by just putting in a little effort and getting the work done at your home. Before starting make sure to clean the ninja coffee bar.


  • Milk – half cup
  • Coffee- three tablespoons
  • Caramel sauce- depends how much sweetness you can handle


  • First of all measure the coffee and remember you are making a single serve macchiato.
  • Place your coffee mug in the right position so that the brewing process settles down easily.
  • If you manage to correctly select the brew size, then we will surely call you the perfect barista.
  • The next step is frothing the milk with caramel sauce and making it perfect with right proportion.
  • The next step is to microwave the milk for a minute and then froth using your ninja machine.
  • Next thing is you just have to put the frothed mixture in to the coffee and this coffee will surely smell good after the frothing is done.
  • You can add some extra caramel sauce on to the coffee.


Mocha latte

One of the favorite’s from the coffee houses as this drink is all about versatility. It gives you the taste of espresso, cappuccino and mocha all in one drink. Let’s do this.


  • Milk – half cup
  • Coffee- four tablespoons
  • Chocolate syrup- one tablespoon


  • Measure the coffee in scoop and make sure you do it right.
  • Now pour chocolate syrup in the mug.
  • As your coffee brews, froth the milk and keep it skimmed.
  • Microwave the milk for a minute and secure the lid by closing it.
  • When the brewing is done, pour frothed milk in to the brew mixture.
  • You can pour whipped cream on the top of latte and it will really take your drink to the next level.

Perfecting these drinks will go a long way as you can impress your family and friends over drinks and they will really be bamboozled by your brewing skills. It surely will save you time of going to the cafes and will save you hell lot of money by trying these recipes at your home. You will obviously take some time to perfect it and get it to level of those barista’s but trust us you will get there.

How To Fix Your Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninja coffee bar has come as a boon for the customers and has been successful in replacing other coffee machines up to a certain extent in our homes. This machine is a little complex and you will need some expertise before getting completely accustomed to it. You will need to know the machine beforehand to get it used to.

So we have come up with some interesting techniques for fixes in the Ninja Coffee bar which will help you in maintaining this amazing machine. Ninja coffee bar has a dispensing technique, beeping problems, delay in brewing and at the end of this article, you will be able to figure out these problems very easily.

Ninja coffee bar fix

  • Sedimentation at the bottom

Your coffee machine would be regularly saving some coffee grounds at the bottom of your coffee cup. This happens because your coffee machine has a permanent filter which promotes sedimentation of coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.  The best solution to this problem is to use a paper filter and you are good to go. Keeping the size of beans too small also promotes sedimentation which is why we need to avoid that.

  • Cleaning button problems

Cleaning button’s job is to warn you about the descaling process. It is an indicator which saves you from the hassle of standing near the machine you need to descale the mixture. You might get confused about the process but it is utterly necessary for this process to happen.

The cleaning cycle cleans up the calcium deposits which in turn protects your machine. Hence this task needs to be done on a regular basis. For more check how to clean ninja coffee bar.

  • Beeping Confusion

If you have been regularly hearing beeps, then it is not the machine’s problem, it is your problem. You are certainly forgetting to handle the brew basket regularly. You are also forgetting to open the drip stops which are probably causing the beeps to come again and again. It is time you stop procrastination and do the required work and then you won’t be hearing these annoying beeps again and again.

  • Delay in brewing

Delay in brewing can certainly cause you headaches and will surely disturb your mood. If you are getting one thing is right and that is setting time on the digital clock right and hence then it gets easier. You need to check your drip stop.

The next step is to check the brew basket. The brew basket should be tucked in properly in the compartment. If you happen to open the drip stop after delaying of the brew, then you will happen to hear the beeps all the time.

  • Dispensing problems

We all have been facing the same problems and that is not getting dispensed the right amount of coffee. We get really annoyed when we face small issues like these and it utterly disappoints us to the core. You need to check the brew type and amount of water to be put in the container. If you don’t get this right, obviously you will have problems.

I hope you got what you wanted and these problems surely slow our day down. Give it a good read and half you problems will be solved within seconds.

How To Clean French Press Coffee Maker

Hello everyone in this article I’m going to tell you how to clean your French Press coffee maker after you use it.

Everyone loves their coffee when it tastes magical and purely coffee. You really don’t want anything to mess up with the flavor of your coffee. You want your coffee to be smooth like always. So to get the pure coffee flavor from your coffee you need to make sure that you clean your French press coffee machine on a regular basis otherwise you will not get the best taste out of your coffee.

French Press Coffee Maker

Here in this article, I will give you a step by step process which I prefer doing.

Step: 1

First things first, if you have any leftover coffee you just pour it out. I know it must be hard to pour out your favorite coffee but you have to do it, in any case, to clean the machine properly.

Step: 2

Next step is to clean the glass although the filter is going to have some small grinds in it. You might notice some of the small grinds stuck to the bottom so pour more water in the glass to loosen the grinds stuck to the bottom. After pouring water into the glass you have to shake the glass in a normal way so the grinds start flowing in the water and get unstuck from the bottom. The thing to note here is that you don’t throw the grinds in the drain because they might get stuck in there. You can either throw the grinds in the garbage or toilet.

Step: 3

There are times when you can see the small grinds of coffee stuck to the filter so you could just wash it out. The next things you are going to do is pull the top down of the filter and clean it from insides. This will make sure that you cleanse the filter deeply and properly. You can also use soap to clean the filter. But if you prefer cleaning the filter daily then water is enough to clean the filter. You can do a deep scrub of the filter once every month.

Step: 4

This is a deep cleaning process of the filters by taking apart the plunger. If you are planning to clean the filters deeply then you can follow this step. You have to spin the filter in the clockwise while holding the rod attached to it firmly. There are different products like coffee cleaning solutions in the market, you can choose these products to clean the filters. They are very effective.

These were the four easy steps that you can follow to clean your French press coffee maker easily and effectively.

Generally speaking, I prefer doing this type of deep cleaning every time I switch roasts so that you don’t get any leftover residue flavors or if you are really worried about tastes then I would recommend doing a deep clean.

How to Clean the Ninja Coffee Bar

You’ve got hold of that ninja coffee bar but cleaning it regularly never crossed your mind. It can be hazardous to your health as a study states if you’re not regularly cleaning your machine, you are allowing bacteria to grow inside your machine. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t clean it regularly. If you tend to think about it, you will feel disgusted with yourself.

I am here to help and tell you the way round to clean your ninja coffee machines. If you still know much about your coffee machines, Here is the full ninja coffee bar review which will tell you what your machine can do. Let’s stop the procrastination and let us make a habit of cleaning the coffee machine on a regular basis. Regularly checking and cleaning up will remove that dirt from your coffee bar’s compartment and will save you from potential diseases. I have compiled few steps that will get rid of the dirt and help you maintain the cleanliness of the coffee bar.

Steps to clean your Ninja Coffee Bar:

  • The first step is to unplug your ninja bar. You can also locate the data code on the metallic parts of the ninja coffee bar
  • You should probably take out brew basket and the pot next as they are easier parts to remove.
  • Before removing any other part, have a look at the instruction manual first. It will help you in the potentially the best manner to maintain the cleanliness of ninja bar.
  • If you are planning to use soap and warm water, then you should probably use a cotton cloth and dip it in soapy water and then wipe the machine with the cloth removing all the stains that may be left behind.
  • Soap cleaning often leaves residues and you should be careful of that and end your cleaning with water lastly which ensures that no residues are left behind.
  • If you are planning it to clean with vinegar, then you should probably think of running it by water once so that it removes any leftovers first.
  • While using white vinegar and water, you should maintain a ratio of 1:1 and you should probably pour this mixture into a water reservoir.
  • Start the machine and let it run so that the solution brews properly. You need to wait for a half an hour or so.
  • Before thinking that your job is done, don’t forget it to rinse it first with normal water.


  • If you don’t want bad odor, you should go for lemon and water and this mixture won’t let you pass in the kitchen.
  • While cleaning it with vinegar, use only white vinegar because other vinegar might damage your machine.
  • The temp warming plate should be taken care of and should be wiped very precisely.

It is better to work your ass off than to sit and see those bacteria’s growing in your machine. I hope with steps provided you will be able to keep your ass-kicking ninja machine fine.

10 Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

Everyone is excited about their baby’s first step and want their baby to start walking early so that they can play games with their baby outside and can take them out in the garden to enjoy. The sooner your baby start, the sooner it will become messy for you but who doesn’t like their baby hopping around with their cute, little legs? You can make your baby walk sooner by helping them and encouraging them. For more information, you can visit

Here are a few ways in which you can encourage your baby to walk:

  1. Praise them often

One of the best ways to encourage your baby to walk would be to praise them on their every step and reward them with a chocolate when they make a new attempt. This will keep them motivated to try again and again and practice makes a man perfect, right?

  1. Hold them

Initially, when they try to move, make sure that you hold their hands and make them walk a little way. Don’t leave their hand at all. You can also sit in front of them and make them walk a little towards yourself. This way you can encourage them to walk a little every day.

  1. Play games with them

You can play games with her which makes them try to move. You can play a game where they have to catch you or you can play a game where you throw or keep something a little distance away from them and they have to walk towards it to get it back. All these games will make it fun for them and will make them want to walk more.

  1. Introduce a push or pull toy

A push toy or a pull toy is a great way to encourage your baby to walk as your baby takes the support of the push toy and walks around moving it. This is a good way to promote walking and makes it fun for them to try too.

  1. Keep them around other kids

Another great way to encourage your baby to walk is by visiting places with other kids, some of who can walk too. Seeing this, your baby would get more motivated to walk and mingle with other kids.

More From Us:

  1. Make them walk barefoot

Walking barefoot is a beautiful experience both for adults and babies, so don’t inhibit their movement by making them wear a pair of shoes. Allow them to walk barefoot and you will see that they are more enthusiastic to walk. It’s better than a Infant car seat.

  1. Get squeaky shoes for them

You can also get squeaky shoes for your baby which would make a sound whenever they move, this will encourage them to walk more because they would like to hear the sound and would like to produce it more.

  1. Encourage them to reach out for things

Another way to encourage them would be by keeping a few things at a distance from them and then making them stand up and walk to it to get it back. Since it would be an object your baby would be interested in, they would put some efforts into walking towards it.

  1. Get a pet

Having a pet who always moves around will greatly motivate your baby to do the same. Get a dog or a cat and you will see that soon your baby will start moving with it.

  1. Don’t surround him/her at all times

Make sure that you leave them a few times to run an errand so that they try to walk themselves, without your supervision. This would give them confidence and independence to move around. You should sometime leave them alone their baby bassinets.

10 Foods to Nourish Breastfeeding Moms

Every pregnant woman needs a nourishing diet, and more so a breastfeeding mother. Since your infant feeds on your milk for quite some time after the birth, it is important to take a healthy and nourishing diet. You need to have enough food both for yourself and your baby. So, what all should you have when you are breastfeeding? If you need more information, then you should probably visit Universalreview

Here are a few food items which you should add to your diet to make sure you have enough nourishments for both your baby and yourself.

  1. Leafy greens

Most green veggies like spinach, kale, mustard greens are an excellent source of iron and vitamins and can help in your blood building which can be beneficial to make milk. So, make sure you have an adequate amount of leafy green vegetables every day.


  1. Oatmeal

One of the most popular food for a lactating mother is oats as it provides the mother with the right nutrition while keeping their blood pressure and cholesterol, regulated. It has also been known to increase the supply of milk.

  1. Root vegetables

A lot of root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. are full of beta-carotene which is an antioxidant and can provide extra energy to a nursing mother.

  1. Nuts and Seeds

Another great food for a breastfeeding mom, this is rich in nutrients and energy and provides your body with a good source of fiber and other minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. Having these as snacks can prevent you from eating unnecessarily and will help you maintain a constant weight.

  1. Legumes

This item is known for its plant estrogen composition which helps in stimulating the growth of milk glands and helps in boosting lactation which is necessary for a breastfeeding mother.

  1. Proteins

Another nourishing food resource for breastfeeding moms is proteins as it helps in the growth and development of your baby. You can have any protein rich food like soya, eggs, etc. and it would certainly provide you with enough nourishment to both sustain you and your baby.

  1. Water and other beverages

It is important to keep your body hydrated at all times which ensures a constant supply of milk at all times. Make sure you have 8 glasses of water every day as it makes you more alert and helps in digestion. You can also have other beverages like juices, smoothies, broths, etc.

More from Us:

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables

One of the most nourishing food item for breastfeeding mothers are the fruits are vegetables as they provide both you and your child with adequate vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your health and provide your baby with the much-needed nutrients too.

  1. Healthy Fats

Much fat food like DHA, butter, olive oil, etc. are good for your baby as they provide you with calories and help you in improving lactation. In fact, DHA is also known to promote the development in your child and is a much-recommended item by most pediatricians.

  1. Herbs and spices

There are many herbs and spices which provide support for milk production and can be used as a seasoning on most food items. These include dill, basil, turmeric, fennel, etc. In fact, garlic is known to be a rich nutrients source for mothers and is advised to be included in the diet.

Best Home Remedies for Teething Babies

Teething is a normal process which all babies go through in their life and while this process can be a little irritating and painful, it is important for the development of your baby’s teeth and there is no way to stop this process really. What you can is to make them feel comfortable during teething and relieve their pain by using a few simple and effective home remedies. For more information, you can visit Universalreview

While there are many creams and lotions out there to put your baby out of his/her misery during teething, it is always better to stick to the basic remedies which are both easy and effective.

teeth baby

Here are a few things which you could do to relieve your baby from the teething pain efficiently:

  • Gum Massage

One of the most effective way to relieve your baby’s pain while teething is to slowly press their gums and massage it with your clean fingers. This will provide a pressure on their gums and will provide them with the much-needed relief. This will provide him/her relief while laying down on the Baby bassinet

  • Giving them cold food items

Another great way to remedy your baby’s teething pain is by giving him/her cold food items to eat. Cold is known to provide a little relief to the swelling and the pain and is the best way to relieve your baby of the teething pain.

  • Teething toys

Another great way to keep your baby happy and not down with the teething pain is by giving him/her teething toys to play with. These toys provide your baby’s gum with the needed pressure and act as a perfect toy for your baby to bite and chew upon. Make them sit on a high chair and give them teething toys to chew upon.

  • Cold spoon

Another great way to take care of your teething baby is by providing them with a spoon after dunking it in an ice chilled water. This spoon would provide the hard surface for your baby to bite upon while the coldness will give a numb feeling to your baby’s gum, making their sore gum feel so much better.

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  • Cold washcloth

Another amazing way to treat your baby’s teething gum is by soaking a washcloth in ice cold water and then squeezing off the excess water from it, then giving your baby this wet washcloth to bite and chew upon.

  • Teething jewelry

You can also buy your baby teething jewelry which she can both wear and chew upon as they wish and get the much-needed relief from the pain while looking stylish at the same time. The best part about this teething jewelry is that you can make your baby wear it outside too, so it can act both as an accessory and a teether.

  • Chilled Teether

One of the best solutions to your teething baby is a chilled teether. All you have to do is soak your baby’s teether in water and then store it in the fridge to develop a chill layer on it. So, when your baby now puts this teether in their mouth, they feel the coldness against their teeth in addition to the pressure which is quite soothing to their sore gum.

10 Ways to Make Tummy Time Fun

Every baby needs to have a tummy time which helps them in strengthening their chest, arms and core muscles and prepares them for sitting and crawling but most babies don’t like it. Well, too bad because you certainly can’t stop it so how can you ensure that your baby has fun while the tummy time? For more information, you can visit

It is simple, just follow these 10 steps and you will see that soon tummy time will be your baby’s favorite time.

Mimic your baby

One of the best ways to make it fun for your baby is by getting down on the floor with them and then making funny faces and mimicking them or allowing them to mimic you. Make a game out of it and you will see that your baby will soon end up laughing during the tummy time.

Don’t burden your baby

It is important that you don’t push your baby too much. Gradually increase the tummy time and don’t directly jump into 30 minutes every day. If they are able to do it for 1-2 minutes also, it is good enough for the initial days. While giving them food , make them sit on Baby high chair

Create a funny wall

As your baby would be on their tummy, it would be great if they could look at a good, fun wall to distract themselves. You can put funny posters or posters of things which your baby likes or your can actually put a TV and start a song or advertisement that your baby likes.

Become the tummy floor

You can also make the tummy time fun by becoming the floor for your baby’s tummy. This would certainly provide your baby with a fun alternative and you can play with your baby while they are on your stomach too. You can also feed them while they are lying down on their baby bassinets

Get out his/her toys

Another way to make tummy time fun would be by putting out their clothes when they are lying on their tummy so that they can play with them and entertain themselves.

More from Us:

Use a yoga ball

You can also use a yoga ball for your baby’s tummy time. This will provide them with a nice and fun alternative and let’s face it, lying on a ball stomach down is infinitely more fun than lying on the floor in the same position.

Give them a support

You can also place a rolled towel or a plus cushion beneath their stomach to give them a boost and they feel happier and a little less frustrated.

Get an activity gym

Another great way to ensure that tummy time is fun time is by getting an activity gym which contains all the games and toys to entertain your baby and comes with a good soft padding. Your baby will feel like they are in a new world and won’t even complain about being on their tummy.

Prepare your baby properly

Make sure that you feed them, burp them and make them pee and poop before you lay them on your stomach. If your baby is hungry or thirsty, he/she is more likely to create a fuss.

Do it regularly

Make sure that you do this regularly for 30-90 minutes. Although you don’t have to jump directly to the 90 minutes in the initial days, you can surely start towards it gradually.