Most parents are more familiar with a crib to make their babies sleep soundly and safely at night or when they are busy doing some work. They are more handy, easy to use for the parents and less stuffy for the baby. But when it comes to their children, most parents are tremendously concerned about their safety and well-being. So here are some tips that might help you choose the right crib for your child.

5 Safety Tips and Precautions for using Baby Bassinet

1. Portability

Bassinets are much lighter in weight than cribs. So they are portable to keep in the room in which you need to be to do some work. This was you can keep your eyes on the baby at all times.

As many of the bassinets can be disassembled and then reassembled unlike a crib, it also becomes very useful during your travels. Take care that the fittings are good and stable. You would never want a possibility that the movements of the baby loosening the assembled structures.

2. Sides

The sides should be made from some breathable material like mesh. So that even if the baby’s face is smashed against the side, he or she will still be able to breathe. Also, there will be enough flow of air to keep the baby ventilated.

3. Material

The material from which the crib is made should be properly analyzed and known before buying the crib. As infants will be in them, some extra care is taken about the type of material used to make it.

The mattress should be at least 1 inch thick and there should be no gap between it and the sides of the bassinet.

4. Precautions

Take the precaution of what is attached to the bassinet. Many times mobiles or other hanging toys are attached to them to soothe the baby.

Take care there are no wires or strings within the reach of the baby to avoid any danger strangulation.

5. Follow the safety precautions

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sets certain standards for every bassinet to have. Your child should only sleep in a bassinet until he is approximately 1 month old or weighs 10 lbs.; then he should be moved to a full sized crib. Take care of the manufacturer’s instructions for that particular bassinet about up to which size of a baby is it safe to use.

  • Try to avoid using older bassinets that you already have in your house. The safety standards have changed and those heirloom bassinets won’t be the best idea to use for the safety of your baby. Go and buy a new one.
  • Try avoiding the bassinet with pillows and other soft toys as this may cause suffocation of the baby.

On the whole, the bassinets are a wonderful thing which helps in co-sleeping. This means the baby and parents can sleep in the same room.

It is easier for parents to take out the baby when they need to change diapers or for any other thing.

Also, try to get a bassinet with a rocking mechanism if possible. It will help your baby to sleep and you will be more sound seeing your little one sleep peacefully.

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