Importance of having water cooler is known to everyone. The conversation every day starts with a cooling talk after all. It is, of course, essential to keep all the employees feel fresh and hydrated. Everyone enjoys drinking a cool glass of water daily. Many times, it happens that many managers avoid checking the water cooling system before purchasing as per their office requirements. Let us discuss 5 important things that should be considered before taking a water cooling system for the office;

1. Source of the water

It is important to think about the source of the water in the new dispenser. Various coolers come with a built-in filtration system and can be connected to your main water pipes. For other coolers maybe you need to get bottled refills from someone or it can be delivered at your office giving some extra charge.

2. Installing and placing the cooler

You must decide the proper place for your cooler. You will need a plumber if you wish to connect it directly to the water mains. If refill bottles will be using then you need to make some more space for their storage. The bottles will need to change on a regular basis as they contain 5 gallons of water, which is totally dependent on your employees in the office. Racks can be used for the storage of these cans as well. You should keep the cooler at a place from where it is easy to access and reasonable at the same time.

3. Temperature adjustments

There are variations in temperatures as the type changes. It is up to you at what temperature a cooler should be. Coolers who dispense hot and cold water are popular among employees as they can be used to make hot drinks.

4. Noise Operations

Most coolers are extremely silent, but some models can make a noise at the time of cooling or water dispensing. You must take care of the noise level if you are going to place the cooler in the area where your employees are working. It can affect your productivity if the noise is disturbing your staff and they are unable to concentrate.

5. Cleaning and Drainage System

It is essential to keep the area around the cooler dry with the help of catching spills. For that, you should maintain a proper drainage mechanism. For ensuring the purity of water, the reservoir chamber needs to keep clean on a regular basis. Your cleaning crew must find it easy to clean the machine so that they can take good care of it and the area can become cleaned immediately always.

You can have a good experience while buying a water cooler for your office if you will consider above-discussed points before purchasing.

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