Best Chest Freezer Reviews : Top Recommendations of 2018

I know it is very hard to store food and other items when your refrigerator is full. So what to do then? You purchase a chest freezer. A chest freezer gives you extra space to store extra items.

Here at Universal Review, we will tell you about the Best Chest Freezers available on the market.

You can read our review and buy the best chest freezer for yourself and then you can thank us later.

Chest FreezersPower ConsumptionCapacityRating after Review
Avanti Chest FreezerVery LowMedium4.9/5.0
Amana Chest FreezerMediumMedium4.6/5.0
Frigidaire Chest FreezerMediumMedium4.7/5.0
Danby Chest FreezerHighMedium4.7/5.0
Magic ChefVery HighLarge4.8/5.0

So now let me brief you about the best upright freezers in 2018 I am going to tell you about. I’ll begin by telling you in detail about the best freezer on this list which is Avanti Chest Freezer. After this, I will tell you about Amana and Danby. After telling you in detail about these three products we will discuss the final two products which are Magic chef and Frigidaire.

Now let’s go through the best chest freezer reviews for your home or Garage. 

Best Chest Freezer Reviews – 2018

Pick 1: Avanti Chest Freezer ( Recommended ).

Avanti Chest Freezer is at the top of the list. Avanti has everything from good features to extra space and good electricity consumption.


Avanti might be the most expensive product on this list but it is also the best product on this list.

Power Consumption

Avanti consumes around 199KWh electricity per year which is a very good figure as compared to the rest of the products which we are going to discuss later.


Approximately 5.2 Cubic feet.


  • Height: 32.75 inches.
  • Width: 30.50 inches.
  • Depth: 22.20 inches.
  • Height with Lid: 55 inches
  • Weight: 71 Pounds.


This is the best chest freezer that you can buy for yourself as all the specifications of this product including the dimensions, weight, and capacity is perfect for a chest freezer. Go for this product blindly.

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Pick 2: Amana Chest Freezer.

Amana holds the second position on my list as after Avanti it has the best features in a chest freezer category. Amana’s price is also on a higher side but still, it’s available at a cheaper price than Avanti.


Power Consumption

Amana consumes around 215KWh electricity per year which is a decent figure. Amana comes at the second position when we talk about power consumption.


Approximately 5.3 Cubic feet. It is a decent capacity.


  • Height: 32.50 inches.
  • Width: 29.9 inches (30 approximately).
  • Depth: 22.05 inches.
  • Height with Lid: 62.50 inches.
  • Weight: 72 Pounds.


This is the second best chest freezer on my list. You can surely buy this product if you are looking to save some few bucks.

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Pick 3: Frigidaire Chest Freezer.

It is one of most energy efficient chest freezer in this list. The capacity is also good as compare to other models.


Power Consumption

This freezer consumes around 220KWh electricity per year which is very good in comparison to the power consumption of Magic chef.


Approximately 5.1 Cubic feet.


  • Height: 36 inches.
  • Width: 30.75 inches (30 approximately).
  • Depth: 22 inches.
  • Height with Lid: 55.30 inches.
  • Weight: 80 Pounds.


This is the final product on my list. Well if you don’t prefer buying the other four products then you should consider buying this product.

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Pick 4: Danby Chest Freezer.

Danby secures the Fourth position in my list because if its storage capacity. It’s huge and as compare to its price, it provides some really good services.


Power Consumption

Danby consumes around 225KWh electricity per year which is on a higher side. Danby comes at fourth position when we talk about power consumption. So now you can figure out the power consumption will be an issue with this product.


Approximately 5.5 Cubic feet. It is a good capacity.


  • Height: 33 inches.
  • Width: 32.45 inches (30 approximately).
  • Depth: 22.21 inches.
  • Height with Lid: 55.27 inches.
  • Weight: 71.70 Pounds.


As you can clearly see that Danby has a good storage capacity. The only thing that will trouble is the power consumption of this product. It is on a higher side.

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Pick 5: Magic Chef Chest Freezer ( Budget ).

Magic Chef Chest freezer is the best budget one because it provides us good power consumption and capacity under a  budget price.

magic chef

Power Consumption

Magic chef consumes around whooping 249KWh electricity per year which is very high and in a long run you might have to pay some hefty electricity bills if you’re a usage of this chest freezer is high.


Approximately 7 Cubic feet. It has the best storage capacity on this list of chest freezers. With Magic chef, you really don’t have to worry about extra space to store items. Get as many beer pints as you can.


  • Height: 32.6 inches.
  • Width: 36.90 inches (30 approximately).
  • Depth: 22 inches.
  • Height with Lid: 54.50 inches.
  • Weight: 79.40 Pounds.


As it is clearly visible that Magic chef has the best storage capacity on my list. If you want to store a bundle of extra items in your freezer and you are ready to pay your electricity bill with an open heart then buy this product. The product is available at a very cheap price.

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What should you look for in a Chest Freezer?

Make sure the size of the freezer is not too large or too little, it should be average in size. The weight should also be average.

You should pay attention to the height when the lid is open, this helps in determining the air clearance.

The freezer should have extra features like small compartments, it helps in keeping storing small food items easily.

What is a Deep Freezer?

The older freezers were made just as a utility and the things were not kept properly due to its structure. If you wish to but those kinds of the freezer, still you can get those with higher quality, but today, the main focus is given on the designs and functionalities. It is essential to think if you are willing to keep many items in your freezer at a time. It can be anything trays of lasagna or a bag of fruits with 5 pounds from Costco. You can make a place for these stylish freezers in your living areas as well; you do not need to hide it in your garage.

You must think before buying a deep freezer whether you want it to have the chest one or the upright one. Next comes the capacity, size, features, and energy efficiency of the freezer. Let us go through some key point you need to consider before making any decision.

Where should we place the Chest Freezer?

You must check the noise of the freezer you are going to keep it in your living area and not in the garage. Most of the manufacturers confirm that their freezers will work in hot rooms, but you must check the instructions given on where to keep it in the home so that it should be able to bear temperature is various rooms and should have compatibility.

What Should be the Size of Chest Freezer?

There are different sizes available in both the models the chest and upright freezers. Normally, the smaller freezer has a size of 6-9 cubic feet, the medium has a size 12-18 cubic feet and the larger will have a size of almost 18 feet or more. Taking any size of the freezer is totally dependent on your choice as how much you are going to store in it and where are you going to place it at your home.

How to Check the Performance of Chest Freezer?

There are many brands who guarantee that their freezers can keep food in good condition 24 hours after the power cut unless and until you open its door.

But usually, the results are different from the actual claims. You must search for the freezer which keeps a food in good condition for a long time once the power is turned off but makes sure that not every freezer keeps food for the time it has claimed for.

1. Self Defrosting Vs Manual

Most of the times, freezers are designed to be on the same temperature, manual defrost uprights are an exception. The temperature of the freezer is going to get between 9to19 as it does not have a fan for circulation of an air. Uprights with self-defrosting normally excel the performance of the temperatures. These freezers have shelves and bins which allow them to organize the fine food, but they less down the user-space in the freezer. In terms of the manual de-frosting freezer, you are getting the machine having higher efficiency and quite as compared to self-defrosting ones. Do not forget that de-frosting is time-consuming.

2. Avoid Food Spoiling

Uprights and chest with self-defrosting are normally having the best temperature performance those are able to maintain 0 degrees throughout its interior. On the other hand, many manuals defrost models find it difficult to keep the shelves cooler as compared to the remaining interior. If the food has come to a temperature of 40 degrees then it is important to destroy it. You must check the frozen food safety guidelines as per the agricultural department in order to use the freezer properly.

3. Use of Energy

Usually, every freezer has yellow energy guide. But you should use it as a grain of salt. As per claims, actually, freezers use more than 17 percent of the energy, making a huge difference. Practically, you are going to experience different than the results specified in the U.S department of energy. When the freezer is used for its full capacity the instead of 75% as per DOE testing, it shows some other results. If the freezer is not an energy star one, then the information is given on the machine is totally relies on the manufacturer’s data.

What is the Different Type of Freezers?

As we know there are many types of freezers, it’s difficult to take one design as a winner. You must take the freezer that is suitable for your lifestyle and budget only after concluding its pros and cons.

There are two freezers with best industry standards and one of those is going to fulfill your requirements for sure. Let us go through these designs to make a perfect decision;

  • Chest Freezers:

These freezers are normally wide and pen and only consists of a hanging basket, so they comparatively have more space than upright models. These models are usually energy efficient and do not cause any freezer burn. These freezers are good for the people who live in the area where there is a frequent blackout as they have the capacity to keep the food for a longer duration after the blackout. It is just that you find it difficult to take the food which is kept at the bottom. It is even difficult to organize the food as compared to upright models.

  • Upright Freezers:

It is for sure that upright freezers consume lesser space as compared to chest freezers. You find it very easy to store the food with the drawers and shelves in this kind of freezer. But the disadvantage is that it does not have much storage space and they are expensive and take much energy for operations.

  • Other considerations:

When talking about the cost there are different freezer with various cost, you must buy one which best suits your budget. Deep freezers are expensive but it is as similar to buying a hefty and complicated fridge, so do not hesitate to spend more to buy a good deep freezer. If you are going to put the freezer in the living area, then check for the good looks before you take one. As there are various styles available in the market you must take the one that suits your home decor.

What Should We See While Buying a Standalone Freezer?

The idea of having some extra space in your freezer will work out if you have a family to feed. Let us talk on some benefits.

you can store a lot of meat and keep it in the freezer, so you do not need to go shopping, you are saving money as you can buy things when they are on sale and preserve those in your freezer. Also, you can avoid ordering a pizza as you are full of other meals in your freezer for late nights some day. You will never think of having ice from outside (use for cocktails) and ice cream (those are very essential stuff). You must think deep before having a standalone freezer for which you are investing your time, money and space. Read the quiz to make you think if you really need one;

You should consider the below-mentioned things if you think you must own one standalone freezer;

  1. Not all offer equal number of organization: There are in all 2 types of standalone; the one is an upright freezer and another is chest freezer. Upright freezer contains swinging door with drawers, shelves, door storage. The chest freezer you may find at a butcher shop, or at the garage-the icy locker that can be called as a big component that can save may be the divider or a hanging shelves. If you wish to have things up to date by dates, type of food or their reheating time, then upright freezer will work better for you. If you wish to sift through the freezer like you do at a grocery shop, then taking the chest freezer will become convenient.
  2. They consume little more space: When talking about customizable, they work less and can consume more floor space. Whereas upright freezer will consume less floor space but will require a clear wall. They differ in case of capacity as well. Chest freezers range from 5 cubic feet which need more space and upright freezers have 12 or 14 cubic feet at the smallest.
  3. You can go for one if there is always a power cut: as compared to the upright model, chest freezer stay cooler and latches are closed. A chest freezer will keep the food cooler and in a better state for a longer time, as it can prevent them from the electricity failures and blackouts.
  4. Some work as refrigerators as well: There are some brands like Frigidaire, Kenmore which can work as both fridge and freezer, totally depending upon your requirements. You may need some extra space while hosting a party or a holiday.
  5. More electricity is consumed: It is obvious, as you are connecting to another device. Are you aware of how much electricity is consumed? 500kWh power is used by 5-cubic feet model per year and bigger ones can take 1000kWh power per year, as per researches. This can cost you extra 100$ in your electricity bill per year. Also can cause a stain to an environment.
  6. It should not be kept in a garage: Many times these freezers are kept in the garages as they make a little louder noise, but that is not a good idea. It may take much time to cool in summer if you keep it in a garage. During the winter seasons, it can create a frost on the insulation due to colder temperatures. Laundry room or basement can be the better places to keep your freezer.
  7. You are investing after all: A standalone may cost from $200 to $2,000.In the end, you should think how much is your need and how much you need to pay for it.


The top-rated freezers are normally in demand as they provide most if space, they are more versatile and good performer, and in the budget at the same time.

If you are willing to buy a freezer to make your life simpler then you can go for any one of these above freezers. In this guide, it is also discussed about various features about small size chest freezers as well as large chest freezer and its reviews which can help you get the best one to fulfill your needs. You must ask some questions of yourself before buying any freezer that fulfills your lifestyle needs.