One of the best chest freezers in the market and we say so because it’s storage capacity won’t disappoint you at all.

This is one of the most efficient freezers on the market. This may be costly than other products but it surely will provide you with more storage space than other fridges. There is always a time in the year where you get frozen foods for sale and that is the time where you can stock your products because this chest freezer has got the best storage capacity in the market.

It can hold any type of products like meat, vegetables, ice cream, pizzas etc. Talking about the products, it can store 336 ounces of ice –cream. That is a lot of ice –cream and that is why it is constantly ranked in top ten chest freezers.


Energy and savings:

Danby Chest freezer is really an efficient chest freezer and is loaded with power saving features. This chest freezer uses 224KWh per year, which will cost you almost $2.25 monthly and you will be presented with a yearly bill of $28. Considering that chest freezers are typically expected to last 10-15 years that is huge savings on the electricity bill.

However, this chest freezer is not Energy Star compliant. It offers a decent operating cost and a low and efficient energy consumption level for any house. This appliance is supposed to work 24 hours a day.

Danby Chest freezer e63

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Temperature and capacity:

This chest freezer has been provided with an area of 5.5 cubic feet which helps in storing huge amount of frozen foods.

To give you a rough idea, this chest freezer can hold up to 336 pints of ice-cream which is a lot more than other chest freezers can offer.

This chest freezer can reach as low temperature as -11.2 Fahrenheit which will keep your frozen foods well preserved. This chest freezer is a lot bigger than your regular chest freezers.

It measures around 33.07 inches high, extends 32.44 inches wide and is 22.2 inches deep. It can measure up to 55.27 inches when the lid is open. It weighs around 72 pounds which is average in the industry.

It has been provided with a mechanical dial which makes it easy to operate and light shows us that the power is on in the freezer. It sadly locks a door lock which is the only shortcoming in this chest freezer.

This chest freezer offers the second largest space on the market in chest freezers and is equipped with some amazing features which we have already told you. I hope you make a wise decision while purchasing a chest freezer with all this information at your disposal.

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