This surely can be called a small package which will give you huge returns.

This chest freezer size is advertised at 9.05 cubic feet which makes it one of the most compact cheese freezers on the market. This chest freezer is one of the best chest freezers on the market too and hence this makes it ideal for small families. It is great for people who want to keep it simple and doesn’t want to store too many items in their freezer. It provides you with ample space to store useful items in your freezer.

Frigidaire Chest Freezer sng


  • We can compare it to a small white box and we say so because of its compact size. We won’t say that its design is amazing and catchy. Designers have kept the design of this product as minimalistic as possible.
  • This chest freezer has been provided with a classic white finish which is the case on the most of the chest freezers these days.
  • It doesn’t come with an interior light but the company has provided the freezer with an interesting wave pattern. You are provided with a single sliding bucket.


  • Once you have stored all of your stuff, you just need to leave it alone and this machine will take care of itself.
  • A control knob has been provided at the bottom. It displays the temperature on a scale of 0-7 which is a common phenomenon in this range of fridges.
  • The dial that has been provided is sturdy and at the same time smooth enough that it is very easy to adjust for defrosting or extra cooling. But don’t get your hopes high as it not a defrost model.
  • It requires you to defrost periodically. A small drain has been provided near one of the corners which are adjusted by a stopper on the outside of the floor. You can check the manual book for tips on how to deal with the whole process.

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  • Our performance measures are strict which involves taking the reading of temperatures over a period of time that can be embedded in anything we can eat.
  • From there on, we record the dip in temperature scales. At the end of our tests, results proved the mettle of this chest freezer.
  • The freezer was able to keep temperatures steady over a period of time and that is the only thing you need to know which proves its efficiency.
  • As a customer, we only want consistency and that is what this chest freezer provides us with.

This model is compact and pocket-friendly as it costs a mere $350 which is nothing compared to other models. As we have enriched you with plenty of information, buying a chest freezer should be easy for you.

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