Magic Chest Freezer is one of the best chest freezers. It has enough storage to even store a big man inside it.

Jokes apart Magic chef is a very good option to have in your kitchen if your refrigerator doesn’t have enough space left to store more items in it.

This freezer has some very good features and you will surely love them as they are very rare to find in any other freezer. Magic chef chest freezer is also known as a chest freezer with most features.

There is a storage capacity of 7 cubic feet provided inside the chest freezer. So purchase it start storing extra items in magic chef.

magic chef

Storage Baskets

There are different storage baskets provided with this freezer so you can store items without any problem. They also help in using the space inside the chest freezer in a more efficient manner. Storage baskets help you to keep the things in an organized manner.

So no more messy things in your freezer from now on now you can easily keep your freezer organized just like your house. Trust me without storage baskets your freezer will look messy from inside. If you don’t maintain your chest freezer then it might not work properly.

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Defrost water drain

A defrost water drain is provided in this freezer. Whenever you wish to defrost your freezer you can easily do that and you don’t have to worry about the water that would be there after defrosting as it will automatically move out of the freezer through the defrost water drain.

Now let us see the specifications of Magic Chef:

  • Min Side Air Clearance: 5
  • Min Back Clearance: 5
  • Depth: 22 inches
  • Energy Consumption: 249KWH/year (it consumes a lot of electricity)
  • Weight: 79.4 pounds
  • Range of Temperature: 5.9 – (-7.9) Degree F

So now I have taken you through the specifications. It is time now to look at some other additional features.

On the front panel of the freezer that is located on the exterior of the freezer there is a temperature dial provided so that you can manage the temperature of the freezer without evening the lid of the freezer. In some freezer temperature control is located on the inside of the freezer.

Though the inside of the freezer offers you a lot of space but doesn’t mean that it is a large freezer. It is totally opposite as from the outside or exterior is not very large and you will be able to keep the freezer anywhere you want.

The freezer has adjustable legs which help in keeping the freezer in one place. So keep your freezer at your favorite spot from where you can easily use it.

The temperature can easily go down to 7.9 Degree Fahrenheit. Now keep storing ice creams for future. Just kidding!


You will be able to purchase this chest freezer at a cost of around 195 dollars. This is not an expensive price for a product which offers you so many features.

Now it is up to you if you like it then purchase it.

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