A normal refrigerator freezer provides enough for small family frozen food requirements but if you have a large family, you may want to have ample freezer storage which allows you to take cherish freeze seasonal berries and jams, special event baking, make-ahead meals etc.

So for that, you should buy a larger fridge and I will help you to make a correct choice on the basis of your budgets and needs. Below I have mentioned Pros and cons on the basis of one’s storage needs, budget, energy efficiency, space efficiency, cleanliness options.


  • Upright Freezer stores food in a vertical direction making it Convenient for viewing and accessing items quickly.
  • Upright Freezer takes less of floor space, unlike horizontal chest freezers. For people living in small apartments, who have less storage space in their houses upright freezer is the best choice.
  • Its special feature is its vertical shelves, adjustable baskets and removable door bins which make the storage easy, efficient and well-organized.
  • These Freezers have colorful LED lights enhancing the visibility of the interior.
  • This Freezer enables to store a variety of food with a smart feature of soft freeze zone. Soft freeze zone is the warmer part of the freezer (compared to rest of freeze), it allows softening ice-cream or thawing meat etc.
  • There is another model for upright freezers which have LCD display screen to control the temperature and can be converted to refrigerators.



  • Chest Freezer is budget –friendly in nature. It is most economical as each and every inch of this freeze is usable.
  • It is more energy efficient and saves a lot of money on your electricity bill.
  • Due to the build-in sidewall insulation, chest freezers hold their set temperatures pretty well and remain cold for long hours even when there is a power-cut for around 2-3 days.
  • This type of freezer generally remains disorganized and takes a lot of time and effort to find the required products.
  • However, the brand new models come with color-coded bins and drawers along with interior LED lighting to brighten up your storage space.
  • This type of Freezer takes more of Floorspace when compared to upright freezer.
  • In order to store your content one has to bend too low and if you are looking for one product, you have to do a lot of moving cold food here and there.
  • During the cleaning process, one has to put a lot of energy as it needs to be manually defrosted and this task requires several hours or a whole day to accomplish.
  • It is easy for children to reach chest freezer, unlike upright freezer, though it comes with a lock and key feature.


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