We are always on the lookout for the products that are lighter and stronger. Dewalt DWE575 7-1/4 in Circular Saw is such a product.

New, lighter and powerful tools as compared to the previous generation tools have provided us with longer batteries and better dust collection abilities. These advancements have paved the way for better tools and these tools ensure better and efficient working.

We all know that tools that are heavy in nature cause fatigue and material loss to the product over a long period of time. After dealing with these problems, companies started focusing on products that are lighter and have anti-vibrational features. While I was looking for such products, I found  DWE575 7-1/4 in Circular Saw.


Dewalt has been progressing in this circular saw industry lately and has been making huge changes. It recently changed the design of their 15-amp circular saw thereby reducing its weight. The model we are talking about is DWE575 Circular Saw and it was developed to cut small framing wood, siding of materials, exterior siding of materials and trim materials.

Any company before launching any new product surveys the market to ensure the requirement of the product and usage of the product. DeWalt has just done that as it might have spoken to some of the tradesmen before coming up with this saw. The circular saw turned out to be really light and it has surely lifted the mood of woodworkers.


  • Dewalt recently added another degree of bevel capacity which allows it 57 degrees of movement which obviously matches its model number.
  • The saw has been provided with metal bevel lever that can quickly achieve the bevel cuts that other saws have difficulty attaining.
  • The amazing fact about this circular saw is that it has bevel stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees which make it easy to operate the levers.
  • It has been provided with aluminum shoe rather than a magnesium shoe. Aluminum reduces the weight of the circular saw very much. Although it is lightweight, it is rugged enough to handle minor falls and work accidents.
  • This circular saw has been provided with heavy-duty strain relief which DeWalt funnily calls ToughCord system. ToughCord has been proven a great deal of help to the contractors and woodworkers.
  • This has been provided with a ball bearing and a design which evens out thin cutoffs.

The recent changes in this saw have made it a tough competitor and that is why it is constantly ranked in top circular saws. I surely think that after reading this review you will be able to make up your mind to buy a circular saw.

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