Milwaukee is a renowned brand in the world of manufacturing and buying a circular saw from this company will certainly tell you that why it is such an amazing brand.

This circular saw has been provided with a single 18V battery system that uses 7-1/4” blade. Its entry to the circular cordless industry was frowned upon because of the M18 battery. People asked that if it would be able to perform against the 18V X2 dual battery system from Makita or the one by Hiliti which provides us with a 36V platform.

Even after having provided with such a small battery, it drills out 5000 RPM. This circular saw is strikingly same to other cordless saws in the market but the major difference is obviously that it has been provided with a 7-1/4” blade compared to other circular saws which have been provided with 6-1/2” blades. Milwaukee’s circular saw is more compact among the other designs present in the market.



  • This saw is very lightweight and can be worked with single-handed use.
  • Markings have been etched for bevel measurements and shoe measurements.
  • This edition has also been provided with a rafter hook which comes in handy during the cutting process.
  • You’re required to push in the safety lever while activating the trigger which is a usual safety standard. This can be easily done by using either of your hands.
  • It has been provided with a click which tells us that the trigger has been pulled enough to activate the saw.
  • We tested this particular saw under standard stress test and pressure treated with lumber cuts.
  • Swapping Milwaukee blades with Diablo demon blades had a huge difference. We are not saying that Milwaukee blades are not up to the mark but Diablo blades are slightly better.
  • The Milwaukee’s design offers enough space between the guard and arbor which makes the work efficiently and it doesn’t slow down the work.
  • The cuts made are consistent and cross-cutting through 2*10 pressures treated lumber is a way of how it’s done by the woodworkers.
  • It has been provided with a Led light which makes working easy.
  • Magnesium components provided in the circular saw reduces the weight of the circular saw.

Specifications :

  • Models: 2731-20 (bare tool), 2731-21 (1 battery kit), 2731-22 (2 battery kit)
  • Power Source: M18 RedLithium Battery
  • Blade Size: 7-1/4″
  • No Load Speed: 5000 RPM
  • Bevel Capacity: 50 degrees
  • Weight: 9.0 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • 2731-20: $229
  • 2731-21: $309

It does very well to compete with other powerful circular saws in the market. It saves us money because of the single battery. Now, it is your decision to chose the best circular saw that you want in your home who can accomplish all your woodwork.

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