The 10 Best Computer Desks to Buy in 2018

Computer desks are must for any office and therefore we have compiled the best Computer Desks reviews for you so that you don’t have to struggle with finding the perfect one.

“We all struggle with work-life balance and there is no easy solution. I Think everyone needs to find the right balance for themselves and to do this, we need to have more dialogue about work and family, especially among men”.

“We like to give people the freedom to work where they want, that they have the driver and expertise to perform excellently, whether they are at their desk or in the kitchen”.

Talking about working at home and to make it one step easier for you, we present you a list of top 10 computer desks that would suit your environment and provides you with excellent space and durability. In the year 2017 several computer desks were made available at various online sites and most of them serve excellent productivity and we have various features.

When we look for a computer table, factors such as polishing storage and space play a lot of importance, and for you, we have done a lot of research and we now bring a list of top 10 computer desks for you.

Out of all, we have ranked the “CONVENIENCE CONCEPTS” as number one. So if you are a workaholic and if the price is not a concern for you then you must go for this one. However if you believe in bringing good things at a good or the best price, we suggest you a “LOW BUDGET – ORIGAMI RDE-01” as it has the highest price to performance ratio.

In this list, we have compared various desks and were able to filter the best for you. These tables are available in the market and have continued to deliver incredible results. The desks that we have shortlisted are not only good for work but if you are a hardcore gamer, trust us your mind will be boggled thinking what to buy and what to have. These tables serve excellent space for gaming and work.

Best Computer Desks 2018


If you are looking for a simply elegant table, Sauder Computer Desk is a great choice. The desk serves a purpose for not only desktops but also for laptops with wireless keyboard and mouse. The look of this desk is similar to the normal desks that you find but the reviews say that it creates an excellent workspace at your home even if you don’t have a dedicated room for that.

The dimensions of this desk are 59.5*23.5*29 that makes it look bigger but when compared with other desks we must say that it serves great productivity. So with this table, you get all the benefits of simple design with great productivity. It has a slide out shelf for keyboard and mouse, CPU opening and electrical cord access.

Even after setting up your desk you will have enough space as it is an office desk, it gives a lot of space for files and paperwork. One side it has a cabinet where you can keep all large size files and folder and on the other side, it has two large size drawers where you can keep other stuff. With this price, this table gives a lot of workspaces and its standard style fits almost everywhere.

Trust us, every location is tried and tested. So if you believe in simplicity at its best then go ahead for this one. In fact, cheery on the cake is that even the setup is pretty easy and does not take more than an hour. In “simple and standard “words as the name suggests, Sauder Computer Desk is a wonderful choice.


Now this one is personally my favorite. The design is really commendable and the structure is itself very well designed. This table will also add up spice to your home decor if you are a decor freak like me. So this table comes with two features to die for:

  • Beautiful Design.
  • Space and Storage.

This table can be used both for laptops and desktops. The dimensions are 62.25*23.5*57.37. The only drawback is that it needs a onetime dedicated space as it is not portable. You can easily assign places for your speakers, printers, scanner, CPU, and UPS. The setup is comparatively time consuming but the results are amazing. Now if the price is not a concern for you and you only would spend for quality. So, go ahead for this one.


The best part of this table is its beauty. The design and the color are so beautiful that it could serve as a beautiful study-computer desk even in your living room. Feel like working while listening to some music or watching your favorite episode of friends, this table can be used as your computer desk even in your drawing room and even bedrooms.

You don’t need to have a specific study room in your house. You can easily keep your desktop or laptop in the space above. There is a separate sliding shelf for keyboard and another one for the mouse. There is enough space in the bottom area as proper cabinets are made with a wooden partition.

One can easily assign space for speakers, printers or any other stuff. It is easy to maintain and require less space.

The finish and design is absolutely dust and scratch resistant. There are access holes for wires so any setup could be done hassle free. Again this amazing masterpiece can be used for laptops and you can keep other useful stuff in the storage provided or else the convenience of wire access holes would also make the desktop setup easy and quick.

Beauty has its own price is absolutely true for this one from our list as the price is relatively high. The quality is brilliant so if you like premium quality go ahead for this one.


This design is also called the L-design and is a very smart way to save space. Its design gives it a property of fitting into every corner of any room. So you can place this table anywhere in your house (in corners) and convert that corner into your work or gaming space. The design is sleek and sharp and material used is tempered safety glass. Now as you can keep this table at any corner of the room, you get enough options for placing other stuff around the table. The table is really strong and durable. The weight is 29 pounds and this makes it easy to keep and saves a lot of space. This combination of space saving and storage makes it unique.

Personalisation is a great feature if you use this table for a desktop or a laptop. For an example you can keep your speakers and keyboard anywhere you like with desktop in the centre joint. You can keep other things anywhere under the desk and the add on feature is that it can be separated into two different table. In simple words this 3 piece corner desk is a smart choice as it requires less space and serves more and more space in return. So, if you want something like this then go ahead for this one.


This desk is best suitable for those who are looking for something reasonable. This is very economic. This does not mean that space is compromised. Although it’s reasonable but it still provides enough space. We really loved the design and its colour.Now this desk is pretty big so the setup can take some time. Also it is compact and storage is compact and storage is comparatively low, it is best suited for those who don’t like to keep ten thousand files, and have just a few files to keep. The height is 53.5”.It looks best in small areas and you can easily dedicate space for your laptop or desktop and create your own comfortable work zone. Its quality and storage is commendable and if you are looking for something spacious go ahead for this one.


This is a perfect table for your house as it provides its owner the choice of shifting its location as per the case of that person. It is flexible, sleek and foldable table that comes with space and its uniquely light weight. This is our favourite as it can give us a portable and relatively comfortable work experience. However it only provides space and there are no options for storage. The amazing part is the setup that is terribly easy and less time consuming. This table  might not suit all the interior but still the demand for this one is comparatively high as this comes with the portable features. It can be easily folded open or closed before or after work and no doubts in the amount of space it give when opened.

Now this desk also has two other shelves in the lower portion. So this easily explains that you can use this desk for a laptop and also for your desktop. Now this is seriously amazing for a table of this price. This table suits the best in smaller spaces and we tried it both with a desktop and a laptop, however laptop was even better.


Now a day, we live in an era of technical world and internet. Online gaming and online education has maintained a pace from past few years. This table is one of the most suitable designed tables for students. It is not a computer desk but a laptop desk. So if you have a laptop, you can easily enjoy your workspace on this table.

This table also comes with an amazing texture and design and also can be easily settled up. It can turn a normal living room to your study room because of its appearance. The design and the colours are amazing. Talking about space, this desk gives a huge amount of space work. There is a separate shelve where you can keep you keyboard and mouse. Also you can keep other miscellaneous useful stuff by the sides. It has four other half sized shelves, on each side. You can keep your speakers, printer, CPU or UPS or any other set up there. A lot of options for open storage are designed here. So with this price, this table is serving a lot.

Doing absolute justice to the price as the name says, it’s pretty convenient. Just follow simple instructions and it is ready and it is very easy to keep. The dimensions are 47.0*15.8*30 in total and the weight is 44 pounds. However, tried and tested that it is incredibly durable and things like Mac Book Pro, a canon printer, CD, books, and few speakers can be easily placed on this table. The table only gives you open storage options and no shelves in particular. So things on this table would require a proper management of space. So, in other words, if you need a table that can be help your needs in multiple ways, go ahead for this one.


This desk comes with the trendiest design and is perfect for someone who loves space. The desk is wooden and the combination of wood and metal gives it a perfect office table look. It provides excellent space to work and write like any other L shaped table, this can be placed in any corner of your room. It gives the user the choice to keep other stuff anywhere around the table. However storage options are low as there are no shelves except one that can be used for keyboard in case of desktops. This smart design is available in two shades in the market:

Like any other L shaped table, this one also gives you a chance to personalize your workstation with a height of 29.5”, you can easily keep it in your living room or even in your bedroom. It looks perfect as a worktable with the computer setup. The second most attractive part of this desk, after its smart design, is its low price. This makes your decision to spend on this table more sensible. If you are looking for something economically feasible then go ahead for this one.


This is one of the simplest, sleekest and classiest designs of all the other tables in our list. You will definitely love its simple sexy looks. It is the most low cost and reasonable desks in our list. All the credit goes to its simple design. This table is pretty slim and the setup is simple. This can easily be converted into a computer table and if not, you can also use it for other purpose like gaming or anything else. You can keep your books nicely on the top and use a laptop comfortably. If you place a chair, the height is perfect to rest your shoulder and the leg space is also sufficient. This simple desk comes in a mixture of finish Sonoma Oak and Gunmetal Grey. This gives your room a calm and cooler experience. The setup is also very easy. You just have to attach the four legs together and that’s it, it’s ready.

The dimensions are 40*19.5*26.8, and this makes its setup relatively less time consuming. You can keep this anywhere in your house be it your living room, bedroom or even kitchen. It is one of the best designs as per our experts.


To end this list today we have this tribe sign design table for you that come with amazing finish and a smooth surface to work. It is considered best as per the quality according to its prize. It is also very reasonable and that is why the demand for this one in the market is increasing. You can get something really nice and spacious at a decent price. Also the looks would compliment any room of your house. This desk can easily be used for laptops and gaming. Also due to its surface you can keep your monitor, keyboard, mouse, small speaker’s books and other stuff. So in short, it is a multipurpose desk. Also the material used is really strong and can withstand a decent amount of weight that every setup requires. Apple iMac looks perfect on this one.

As the name suggests “simple style”, the setup is very easy and desk is pretty easy to keep with the complete look, this table would look like a perfect workspace in every part of your house or office. If your budget is pretty low and you still need the best, this desk is perfect for you and you can also enjoy personalizing your workspace.