The 5 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers to Buy in 2018

If you want a clean lawn and want to utilize your yard to its full length, then you have to have a Leaf blower. You don’t want your lawn to be covered by a heap of leaves and its debris flowing here and there.

We are talking about Cordless leaf blowers as it doesn’t require power output to be plugged in. Therefore there is no hassle in operating these blowers and you have your task sorted.

Leaf BlowersCompanyPrice RangeRating after Review
Toro 51621 Ultra Leaf Plus BlowerToroPremium4.9/5.0
Worx 120MPH Cordless 20-volt Lithium-Ion BlowerWorxBudget4.5/5.0
Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Leaf blowerHitachiPremium4.7/5.0
Greenworks BPb8OLOO Cordless Backpack BlowerGreenworksBudget4.3/5.0
Worx WG520 Turbine leaf blowerWorxBudget4.3/5.0

Before buying a leaf blower you should consider some factors:

  • What size is your yard? Gas blowers are difficult to operate and hence should be avoided if you own a big yard.
  • The leaf and debris volume
  • How noisy is the blower?

Considering all the factors, we think that you should make an informed choice and for that, you should read our review thoroughly. We have researched all the products on the market and we are here to provide you with all the information you need. Here are our top picks for the best Cordless leaf blowers for the present year.

We will cover two types of leaf blowers and that is an electric blower or a gas powered blower. Electric blowers always weigh less than gas blowers and are better suited for the environment as they create less noise and pollution. Now not making the gas blowers the villain’s, let us tell you about the benefits of the gas powered blowers. Gas powered blowers are better force providers than the electric ones and don’t heat as much as their electric counterparts.

Best Cordless Leaf Blowers 2018

Top Pick: Toro 51621 Ultra Leaf Plus Blower

This option is best of the lot as it is the most purchased leaf blower in the market. People rank Toro so highly in the market because of the product quality it provides. This product is favourite amongst the homeowners and that’s why because of its huge demand and amazing technical features, this product find its spot in our top rankings.

This product’s capabilities are next level and it will crank up your yard cleaning to the next notch. The maximum speed that can be attained by this blower is 250 miles per hour and has one of the best Air horsepowers in the industry. This model comes with a metal impeller that makes it impossible to reduce up to 95% of the debris. The product is provided with an oscillating nozzle that has a better clearing power.

Warranty-3 years

This product is designed keeping in mind that it is a handy option and is a multitasker. Coming to the storage options, it is provided with a built-in-cord lock and a detachable storage cord which makes it easier to store.

Pick 2: Worx 120MPH Cordless 20-volt Lithium-Ion Blower( Budget)

This product comes under our Budget buy as it is one of the most affordable articles in the market and loaded with superior technical features as compared to other cordless blowers. This product by Worx achieves the perfect balance between power and ergonomics.

This product is loaded with a 20-Volt Lithium-Ion-Blower battery which lets its churn out 120 MPH speed. This model will help you clean garage and your yard. This machine is powered by Turbine fan technology which provides this tool with an air volume of 340CFM.

Warranty-3 years

The company has provided this product with a 2-speed design that makes it very easy for cleaning jobs. Being lightweight, you can carry it around the yard without a problem. This machine weighs only 6 pounds and hence even the juniors won’t even have a problem moving this machine around the yard.

Pick 3: Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Leaf blower

This is one of the best gas powered cordless leaf blower.

Hitachi has come up with an amazing product which delivers beastly power. The air volume delivered by Hitachi is equivalent to 441 CFM which can move up even the toughest of the debris. This product has been provided with a tapered nozzle which helps us in getting in too little areas.

Warranty- 2 years

This machine is gas powered but is a low smoke churner thanks to the Purefire two-stroke engine the company has provided the blower with. It weighs only 8 pounds which is a pretty manageable weight.

Pick 4: Greenworks BPb8OLOO Cordless Backpack Blower

This leaf blower comes in a backpack style. This type of style makes them more powerful than their counterparts and professionals use it willingly. This blower can blow through debris at speed up to 145 MPH.  The machine is provided with a variable speed trigger and a turbo button which always keeps you in control. The battery used in this machine is 80-volt lithium max battery which gives you 30 minutes of runtime when the battery has been fully charged.

Warranty- 2 years

The best use of this blower is that it is a backpack and hence you won’t be having bad back aches after using it.

Pick 5: Worx WG520 Turbine Leaf Blower

Worx has done an amazing job with this leaf blower. It has provided this machine with turbine fan technology and hyper-stream air nozzle which provides an amazing experience. The amazing air power that comes with this blower makes you wonder what the hell!! It comes with explosive air power of 600CFM that makes your job very easy.

Warranty-3 years

It has been provided with a 56-volt Lithium battery which gives you the freedom to manage both easy and hard tasks.

What are the Tips to Buy the Best Cordless Leaf Blower?

There are various advantages offered by the cordless leaf blower compared to other types of blowers;

If you are willing to purchase a lightweight and hassle-free leaf blower for your smaller area while standing in a market, then buying a cordless leaf blower will be the best option

Following tips will guide you to get the best leaf blower for you and your requirements;

Size and Power:

  • Electrically powered motors are used by leaf blower to do their tasks.
  • Rechargeable batteries are the resource of the power to a leaf blower.
  • Corded electric blowers and gas-powered blowers are more powerful than the cordless one. So you can be sure to get one as one of them is going to be powerful than other.
  • These blowers are rated for their voltage terms between 15 and 20 volts, which is best suitable for blow jobs.
  • Small size and light weight are the main advantages of using a cordless leaf blower. These machines are mobile and can be taken anywhere as they weigh less than 10 pounds.
  • The drawback is, it needs charging after a limited time and will require to charge. But when it is charged it is very powerful and works best for lawn and garden tool.

What are the differentiation points between cordless leaf blowers, with corded electric, gas powered, and backpack leaf blower?

Below are some comparison points between cordless and other leaf blowers;

Both the types of blowers are much similar to their counterparts. Cordless and corded blowers both need electricity, they are quiet and lightweight. The only difference is corded blowers need power from an electrical outlet, whereas cordless blower takes power from rechargeable batteries. The drawback of a cordless blower is that it remained charged for a limited time span.

  • Cordless blowers are not that powerful like corded ones, but they are high a portability. Cordless blowers are mobile whereas corded can be moved to 150 feet from an electric outlet.
  • Blowers working on gas-powered are stronger but louder and are harmful to the environment. Due to that, they are not allowed in some areas.
  • Cordless leaf blowers are not that powerful but are mobile. But the benefit is that they are less loud than other gas powered blowers.
  • Cordless blowers need to be charged time to time whereas gas-powered blowers need to fill with gas as required.
  • Cordless leaf blowers do not need much maintenance as compared to a corded leaf blower
  • Backpack blowers are made for more time-consuming jobs and best for a longer area and they run on gasoline. They are designed in such a way that most of its load will remain on a large area of your body, but they are not accurate for the areas in which cordless blowers can be used.

What are the Features of Cordless Leaf Blower?

One must go through the features before buying a cordless leaf blower;

Type of battery:

  • A Battery is the main feature that needs to be considered if you are willing to buy one.
  • The battery will show how much time you can use the machine and it will specify the total power of the machine. You can have a unit that contains lithium ion battery and not nickel cadmium power source.
  • Lithium batteries are last longer and lighter as compared to others. As you are utilizing a machine, the power will not be faded. You must get the nonstop power with this battery, so it is important that you must buy a machine with the latest battery

Battery and charger:

  • It is necessary to check whether the machine comes with battery and charger or they are sold on a different basis. The actual price can be more than it looks at first, like say Makita BUB182Z 18 –Volt LXT lithium-ion cordless blower.
  • Some blower designers add the feature of interchanging batteries, this leads to saving your money if you have the required battery.
  • It should not be forgotten that some batteries can last up to 20 minutes and some may last 10 minutes or even less than that if they are under continuous load.
  • In that case, you have a solution of buying two batteries. So, you can use one battery and another to get charged till this one discharges.

Easy handling:

You must buy a machine that is easy for you to hold. Cordless blowers are lightweight, portable and contain good balance.

Vacuum Facility

Cordless blowers with vacuum do the reversing of air, that allows debris to suck up in a bag, it is not yet seen to work efficiently though.

Adequate Power

The blower you are going to buy must possess blowing power, as some are lighter and not expensive, but when it comes to cleaning the debris, they are weak. If possible, you should have one with a blowing capacity of 120 miles per hour.

What are the uses of Cordless Leaf Blowers?

Here are the few uses of Cordless Leaf Blowers.

  • These machines are good for occasional use, rather than for bigger tasks.
  • They can be used as backups when a gas-powered unit is unable to work.
  • You can work away from home with these blowers as they are portable.
  • Easy to operate and very powerful to handle easy and lighter sweeping tasks.
  • They are not sufficient for bigger jobs, so it is not useful to take them to clean up larger roadways of giant properties.
  • Huge investment is not required to buy these blowers as they are not that expensive.
  • It is obvious that they are not useful for everyone but can be used for homeowners to do swiping on their own, otherwise may need difficult labour.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of a Cordless Leaf Blower?

When you are trying to blow leaves and grass clippings from your yard, if you are using a cordless leaf blower, then it will be the better option as you do not need to stay around some electric plug, or near the extension which does not allow you to go beyond some distance.

You can make a use of cordless blower for your garden areas, rather some even do not use gasoline that benefits you not to smell the gas odour coming out while using it. Many of the blowers are not that expensive and it is easy to replace the batteries that are provided with it. Some are much easy to use and lightweight as well. It is not necessary that you must possess a nice physical shape, as blowers are lighter in weight you can easily use them with their weight of just 3-4 pounds. Corded blowers are not than quieter as compared to cordless blowers.

You can buy among many of the cordless blower brands. The brands you buy differ with qualities. The brand quality and name are totally dependent on its usage and time span it is going to be used for. You can have a word with a sales associate or just go through the packaging information to know what brand is suitable for your particular conditions. Also, you can ask someone who is already using the one and can get the idea of it.

It is always safe that you must wear safety goggles while using a machine as you are blowing thing around and it is possible that some particles or debris may get into your eyes which can cause harm your eyes. Also, you must use earmuffs in order to prevent hearing. Of course blowers now days are quite as compared to the ones with gasoline, so it is not that harmful to your hearing to use these blowers. While picking up things, you should wear hand gloves to protect your hands from any harm.