Electric Griddles are large, temperature controlled pans used in cooking. They make cooking easier and the result is consistent and restaurant-quality food. Griddles are fantastic for making cooking fast, easy and an awesome experience. Griddles vary in many ways. There are small ones, large ones, flat-topped surfaced ones, some are best suited for home use alone while others are for both commercial and home use.

In respect of prices, griddles also differ; there are very expensive ones, and there are overtly affordable ones. The choice is yours to make. In this post, we picked and reviewed the best of electric griddles for the year. We based our selection on performance, the purpose of use and affordability. Our list is not exhaustive and is based only on our own research.

Here are our best griddles for the year 2017 from the best to the least.

#1: Cuisinart GR 300WS Griddler Elite Grill 

The Cuisinart GR 300WS Griddler is our number one on the list of the best kitchen griddle of 2017. This kitchen solution takes care of your grilled food cravings. This griddle comes out top on every criterion of comparison with others. This masterpiece of a griddle is the envy of all and comes with top-notch multiple cooking options for performance. It comes in stainless steel finish for durability. On design, its sleek design makes stands out on every kitchen counter or table.

The Cuisinart GR 300WS guarantees you a restaurant quality grilled meat always. The GR 300WS can sear up to 500 degrees for 2 minutes to preserve the remarkable flavors of your meat and giving your meat the perfect charred marks you’ve always crave after.

Cuisinart Uniqueness

  • Multi-tasking or Multi-Purpose Grill?

This grill puts the multi on purpose! It is what we like to call “Grill plus.” It is not just a grill, it’s an all-in-one kitchen appliance. It functions as a panini press, contact grill, full grill, half grill and half griddle so also a top melt.

  • User Friendly

The appliance is so user-friendly that even a first timer can use it. It comes with a dual temperature control and an interactive digital display.

  • Easy Cleaning Grill

Speaking of convenience, the appliance comes with removable nonstick grill and griddle plates that can be cleaned in about a minute after use. So, go ahead and use this grill and don’t worry about cleaning.

#2: George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Grill

The George Foreman GRP4842MB is a griddle that can handle all – it has grilling plates, griddling plates and waffle plates! It is equipped especially with an adjustable hinge that varies with the thickness of sliced meat, vegetable etc. Revolutionize your cooking with this grill.

George’s Uniqueness

  • Ultimate Heat Burst

This grill can sear up to 500 degrees in 90 seconds to cook restaurant-quality meals right from your own kitchen. This heat searing capability is quite useful when searing meat. It can sear the meat in such a way that locks in the flavor and give it that perfect char exterior look of quality.

  • Digital Temperature Control

Temperature control makes grilling comes out best. This appliance is fitted with a digital control panel with the digital cooking display that displays temperature between 325 degrees to 450 degrees. The temperature choice depends on what you are cooking and for how long. You can adjust the temperature to cook anything from meat to vegetables to even eggs and much more.

  • Quality Removable Plates

The George Foreman GRP4842MB comes with sets of removable plates that are dishwasher safe. The removable plates are easy to clean even if you are cleaning them manually.

  • Plus + Minus

This appliance is more of a grill than a griddle. It comes with waffle plates rather than a deep-dish baking tray.

Be that as it may, you cannot take anything away from the heat burst which makes it perfect for grilling and making waffles and paninis.

#3: Black + Decker GD2011B (Budget Pick)

The brand name Black + Decker has been around for a while and are known to manufacture function packed products at pocket-friendly prices. Their GD2011B is no exception. With this griddle, the break comes out quick and fresh. It is also equipped with a drip tray that is easy to wash.

Black + Decker’s Uniqueness

  • Convenience In The Kitchen

It is common to cook and have food stuck on pans and grills but the Black + Decker GD2011B is manufactured with a non-stick surfaced grills and pans. When cooking with this griddle you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck on your pan’s surface. After cooking, cleaning will no longer be a problem.

  • Large Scale Cooking

When cooking, family size matter. For those with large families, the Black + Decker is the right choice for you. This griddle is armed with a 20”x11” cooking surface that can cook up to 8 people’s meal at a time. The non-stick surface of the griddle maintains heat consistently. The easy temperature control makes cooking convenient and fast.

  • Plus + Minus

In the department of performance, the Black + Decker stands out. It comes with a variable temperature control that can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature control ensures your food is cooked perfectly. The temperature control also aids the cooking of food without worrying about temperature changes that are possible with other grills or stove.

Besides performance, what cast a wool of disappointment on this griddle is the fact that it comes with plastic components. Plastics are not durable, as they are being used wear and tear sets in. On durability, the Black + Decker comes up short.

#4: Cuisinart 5-In-1 Griddle

The Cuisinart 5-in-1 is a simplicity at its best. It stood out of the pack to become number 4 because when you want a simple but functional griddle that can do all you want, then call this out top number 4. As a 5-in-1, this griddle can handle everything from pancakes and sausages to grilled cheese to steaks, hamburgers and panini.

Cuisinart’s Uniqueness

  • 5-In-1 Is Spelt “Effectiveness”

The Cuisinart is a Griddle plus because you can use it as a contact grill, full grill, griddle, half griddle and half grill or as a panini press. Talking about effectiveness, no matter what you want to cook, you are covered – there are settings for you. Combining all the functions into one place reduces the number devices you buy and keep in your kitchen – good news for people with very small kitchens.

  • Special Adjustable Temperature

This griddle comes with an adjustable temperature that controls the outcome of the food you cook. The temperature control is adjustable across three dials to ensure you control each area separately so that everything cooks properly. When you are using the griddle, the temperature does not fluctuate this will help you to cook different types food and get the perfect results.

  • Special Bonus

The griddle makers packed the product with a special tool and a cookbook that will assist you in making varieties of restaurant-style food.

The Cuisinart as simple as it is made it to number 4 not because it has the power or features of a restaurant griddle but for its utility.

#5: T-Fal GC702 OptiGrill/Griddle

Standing at number 5 is the T-Fal. Though the brand name is not popular, you will be amazed by the quality of their grills. This device has the ability to allowing to grill indoors to perfection as if you are outdoors. It is also equipped with a large drip tray and plates tilted to an angle of 7o to ensure cooking fluids runoff.

T-Fal’s Uniqueness

  • Automatic Sensor Cooking

The grill is equipped with an automatic sensor that makes your cooking comes out great. Instead of your food getting burnt, the automatic sensor on the grill comes to your rescue. You can set the temperature to three levels depending on how well done you want your meat to be.

  • Automatic Thickness Adjustment

The grill is a smart griller that automatically detects the thickness of any food placed in it. Not just that, once the grill has decided on the thickness of the food, it then adjusts the temperature. The temperature is a function of the type of food being cooked. With this functionality, the result is top-notch food that will leave you asking for more.

This T-Fal Griddle is a kitchen favorite, based on its awesome features of six cooking programs and two cooking modes. Coming out from the back to become number five is no mean feat.

#6: George Foreman GRP4800R Multi-Plate Evolve Grill/Griddle

It is not called multi-plate for anything, this griddle is used as a grill, panini press, muffin pan, baking dish and griddle. The George Foreman Grill takes care of your mean in no time – speaking of multitasking in the kitchen.

George’s Uniqueness 

  • Four Plate One Grill

This George Foreman Grill is equipped with classic grilling plate used for oil-free grilling. It also comes with a special flat surfaced bake dish that bakes and grills. Apart from baking and grilling, you can also make sandwiches and muffins with this griddle.

  • Flexible Cooking Angle

You can adjust the griddle to cook at varying angles to suit the food you are cooking – you can lay it flat or tilt at diverse angles. If you are cooking meat, you can adjust the knob to slope the griddle to drain off the fat in the meat.

  • One Cooking, Five Served!

This George Foreman GRP4800R is equipped with griddle plate that can handle up to five servings of food at a go. Not just that, with this all-in-one grill and griddle you can cook varieties of food for many people.

#7: Presto 07047 Cool Touch Electric Griddle

This electric griddle is stylishly designed to be used anywhere. The design makes it suitable to be used no matter how small space it – be it a hotel room, hostel dormitory, apartment etc, the Presto 07047 will fit it perfectly. The griddle is designed with durable aluminum with pull-out handles.

Presto’s Uniqueness

  • Easy Griddle Anywhere

The Presto 07047 is uniquely designed to be used anywhere. The low-profile design makes griddling fun no matter the space available. You can use it from a kitchen counter, dining table, dorm desk and so on. This portable griddle is few inches tall – a design that affords it usable in the smallest of kitchens.

  • Easy Cleaning

The Presto Cool Touch is armed with a slide-out tray that makes for easy cleaning. The slide-out tray catches grease while griddling and when you are done it can be wiped out with a damp washcloth.

  • Large Cooking Surface

Do not be deceived by the size of this griddle, it comes with a large 10.5-inch by a 16-inch cooking surface that makes cooking for many people fast and easy. This griddle affords you the luxury of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner all at once because of its large cooking surface.


Now you have it right where – the top 7 griddles for 2017. What are you waiting for, it’s time to make a choice and take one of these appliances home? Experts are known to always advise consumers to read product reviews before dashing to the superstores or making that online click to purchase any item. The experts are noted to quote that the best of products are not always the most expensive.

In this wise, we advise you to check out the unique features that give each product an edge over the rest and view it in the light of your purpose and budget.

Furthermore, consider the size of your family before making a choice since you don’t want to buy a griddle that is suited for a large family when you are only two in your family – that is inefficiency! Consider the durability before buying, for instance, metal is more durable compared to plastic, so choose well.

Remember, it is your choice and your money that determines the outcome. No one but you.