Best French Press Coffee Maker Reviews [Tested] – Top Picks 2018

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Finding a French press can be an arduous job. There are hell lots of choices available in the market and zeroing down to one can be a difficult job. We have done a grueling research which will help find you a perfect French press.

How do you pour yourself an amazing cup of coffee? Automatic coffee machines have made it pretty easy to do it but some coffee aficionados prefer a more fundamental method: The French press.

When you decide to buy a French press, you will have to look at the basic purpose of the French press and its characteristics. French press coffee makers are known for its speed and if you need coffee in a hurry, then French press should be your next purchase. Operating a French press is also quite easy because as soon as the water gets hot, you just have to pour it in to the decanter and wait for 5-6 minutes. That’s why it is called an instant brewing method as compared to other methods.

The World of French Press

Now let’s explore the world of French press. A French press is a piece of coffee apparatus developed by Atilio Calimani who was Italian by birth in 1929. The apparatus was later made famous by Household Articles ltd and by Danish Tableware & Kitchenware Company, Bodum.

A French press apparatus consists of a cylindrical, heat resistant decanter and a filter which fits against the walls of the press. Every process happens in the decanter, from macerating of the grounds to infusion process. In case of a French press, no filter paper or separate water container is required. The best part about the French press machine is that it captures and utilizes more of the coffee bean’s flavor which is usually lost in the paper filtered coffee makers. This process happens because coffee beans are fully immersed in hot water and essential oils are not filtered out. This sets French press coffee makers from other coffee makers because they are inexpensive and the coffee taste which is bolder as compared to coffee made from other coffee makers. These features have made French press the most favored coffee makers in the world.

How to use a French press

A number of ways exist as to how to brew the perfect cup of French press coffee. We researched many ways of brewing the perfect cup of French press coffee and found a common method which is easy and can be followed by everyone.

Follow these steps for an amazing cup of French press coffee.

Step one

The first step you have to do is to remove the filter assembly and boil water for the decanter. The amount of water you pour determines how many cups of coffee your French press will produce. We can assume six ounces of water to yield one cup of coffee.

Step two

Keep an eye on container and as soon as water boils, pound your freshly roasted coffee beans to a consistency which is medium using a conical burr.

Step three

You have to now measure the coffee beans and pour them in to the decanter. Experts tend to fight it over the beans to water ratio but we will suggest you go for two tablespoons for every six ounces of water. The proportion for metric users should be around 1:10 beans to water ratio.

Step four

Add same portion of water to that of your beans in the decanter. Mix the mixture carefully with preferably a small spoon. When the beans are soaked up, allow them to settle down for thirty seconds. This will bring out the unlocked flavors of the beans.

Step five

Once the beans have settled down, add the rest of boiling water to the decanter and allow the coffee to simmer down for at least three minutes.

Step six

This step actually tests the mettle of the French press and tells us what it is known for. Join the filter assembly.

Best French Press Coffee Makers

#1 Recommendation – Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press

French press coffee has a distinct flavor and this immediately improves your coffee’s taste. Getting a stainless steel French press coffee maker will surely help you in the long run. For a French press, we need to look at three factors and that are brew quality, heat retention and durability. The above mentioned machine is perfect in all departments and hence it is our top pick and let us tell you why.

This French press is known for its heat retention quality and the whole market is gaga over it. This has been made possible due to use of a double wall and 18/10 stainless steel which provides a good amount of insulation which lets the maximum amount of heat to be retained inside the press.

All the components are manufactured in USA and hence you get the topmost quality in every part. All the components are very sturdy and will not be broken even if you handle them carelessly. The only con about this product is that it has plunger problems which lets the coffee beans get stuck there and overall it is an excellent product.

#2 Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee Mug

Bodum has introduced this product to revolutionize the travel industry. It comes under the category of a travel press and you’re allowed to carry on your trips across the state. Hence it is a French press as well as a travel mug.

This travel work brews like any other coffee maker as you just have to add coffee beans and add some hot water to it and wait after pressing down the plunger. It provides you with added advantage of an attached lid which you can seal after your work is done. This travel press is brilliant at separating Coffee beans from the already crushed coffee. As it doesn’t allow the water to seep in, the flavor doesn’t change and you can enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

This travel press comes with double insulation which retains your coffee’s warmth. And as the case is you are provided with 2 different lids.

#3 SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee French Press

if you hate that little tiny coffee beans popping out in your coffee every now and then, then you should go for this French press as this is known for its crushing features. Stainless steel helps in retaining that strong coffee smell that you have always wanted and which keeps getting lost in all other coffee makers.

This has dual screen technology which filters even the tiniest of coffee grounds and lets you sip your coffee in peace as you don’t have to worry about your coffee experience being spoiled.  It also manages to beat the occasional drop and hence is sturdy and durable. Stainless steel provides durability and the presence of dual wall helps in better heat retention and a better and tastier coffee. It should be cleaned after every brew as it will help in maintaining the French press for a longer period.

The only thing that we hated about this product is that the quality of its plunger is not good. You need to handle it with care as it can be broken very easily.

#4 Aerobie Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

If you are looking for something or a machine that can brew your coffee within a minute or so, then you should probably go for this product. Usually Coffee makers take 5-6 minutes to brew coffee but the Aerobie Aeropress takes less than a minute to brew the perfect coffee.

In French presses, you use the immersion technique but with Aeropress at play, you use pressure to brew coffee. The Process in both the methods is quite same. You need to add coffee grounds to the plastic chamber and add hot water for about 30 seconds or more than that. We need to pull out the coffee from the plunger. This design helps you apply more pressure and hence this leads to faster extraction.

Due to it’s versatility, you can brew French press styled coffee, filter coffee and even an espresso. You will take some time to understand the process but you will get it for sure and it will benefit you in the long run.

#5 Kona French Press

If you are looking for glass french presses, then you should probably have a look at Kona french press.

This French press’s brewing game is strong as it provides you with amazing freshly brewed coffee within 506 minutes and the glass construction of the French press plays a part definitely. It uses a plastic shield strips as compared to stainless steel strips that other French presses use. Kona French press is durable due to rounded housing. It requires thorough cleaning. You will need to clean each and every component after every brew.

This is also a good choice for a french press but is not as good as compared to other products listed above.