Best Handheld Shower Heads of 2018 | TOP PICKS

You’ve been searching for shower heads in the market and nothing is helping the search? Look no more because this handheld shower head review will surely minimize your work and will help you in selecting the right product for your bathing needs.

There are many shower heads available on the market but our pick is Delta Faucet 51521-WHB Handheld Shower Head. This shower head was our particular choice because after testing it, we felt that it provides you with the best showering experience and you will surely never be disappointed.

If this is out of stock and usually it is because of its immense demand, our backup option is Delta Faucet 75700. This shower head comes under our budget buys and will surely improve your showering experience.

What is a handheld shower head?

As the name suggests, handheld shower is provided with a hose that can be taken wherever you need it but within its reach. The shower head system has also a bracket installed where you can rest the handheld shower. In this way, it can also be used as a regular shower.

Advantages of handheld shower head

Advantages of handheld shower head are immense. The advantages of handheld shower head are so many that people would never choose a normal shower head over it.

  • The handheld shower head has been such a relief for dog owners as dogs tend to run away from water. This way, the owners can tie the dogs at a specific place and bring the hose there.
  • You can turn your showering into a truly pleasurable event by switching on different combinations.
  • Having a long hose will help you clean the corners of the tub which you normally wouldn’t be able to do.

Factors to consider while purchasing handheld shower

  • You have to think beforehand that how much installations you can handle. You have to look out for the tools and every important thing that should be required to install a new shower head.
  • Before purchasing, look out for all the technical information that must be required. Look out for the tools required for installation.
  • You have to look for space before installing any shower head because installing a shower head will take up lots of space.
  • You have to check out if the shower head provides you with pause feature or not.

Top Pick 1: Delta Faucet 51521-WHB Handheld Shower Head

The specialty of this product is that it is easily accessible to handicapped or differently abled. This shower head is easily adjustable and has an on/off function on the sprayer which can be easily accessed by persons in a chair.


  • This shower head sports a 28-inch wall bar with adjustable mount. Wall bar is made up of metal but the endpoints are made of plastic.
  • The shower head has been provided with Rub Clean Nozzles which avoid having to soak the shower head yearly or monthly.
  • Delta’s shower head comes with a dual internal check valve to look for continuous delivery of water.
  • The hose provided with this showering system is also pretty long which is around 70 inches.

2: Hansgrohe 04072000 Croma C 100 3-Jet Hand Shower

This is a German engineering marvel and if you’re looking for something sturdy and compact showerhead, then this is the one for you. The only drawback of this showerhead is that it doesn’t come with hose and showerhead mounting equipment, so be sure to order them if you want them.


  • This shower head comes with three spray modes and that is full spray, an invigorating whirl-air massage and an intense turbo spray all of which can adjust to your requirements.
  • The mode which we liked the most is spray face in which there as a maximum area for showering.
  • This showerhead comes up with 75 no-clog spray channels having Quick clean technology which has an anti-limescale function allowing the residues to be wiped away.
  • This shower head comes with a shiny chrome finish.
  • Although the product is manufactured in the US the German engineering that has gone into making this product shows its sheer class.
  • The faucet from Hansgrohe is ceramic and plastic which is used because it is easy to use and durable.

3: Ana Bath SS5450CBN Shower Head

This shower head is our pick and we will tell you why. It can act as a double shower which automatically increases the efficacy of your shower. Two shower heads working at the same time will provide you with a very satisfying experience which will get you started for your morning.

The spray from two shower heads will relax your stiff muscles instantly in winters or it will give you a sense of freshness in summers, it all depends on in which month you are using it.


  • The length of both shower heads are five inches and this much amount of length provides for maximum coverage during showering.
  • The working of dual shower head provides you with a feature where both the shower heads can be on at the same time or only one shower head at a time.
  • The most amazing feature of this shower head is that as it is a dual shower head, two persons can shower at the same time by angling the shower heads in a correct position.
  • The spray options in this handheld shower head are: massaging, bubble spray and saturating. It is but obvious that you can create different showering patterns with different combinations of the provided spray options.
  • This shower head provides the customers with a flow rate of 2.31 GPM which is an amazing water pressure for a refreshing bath.
  • The shower head system comes with water restrictors in the installation package and if you’re not that water saving kind of a person then there are instructions in the package for removal too.
  • The hose provided by the company is made of stainless steel and is durable and properly functional. And talking about the hose length, it is an amazing 60 inches which give you an amazing reach.
  • The material used in making Ana-Bath shower is hard plastic and therefore your shower head will never be prone to rust.
  • The hose is made up of stainless steel attached with two brass nuts at both ends and hence this rigidity doesn’t allow for the hose to be prone to cracking or leaking.
  • This shower head is loaded with TPR, a kind of soft rubber that is used in gray handle for its self-cleaning function. This function makes the work easy for you as you don’t have to rely on monthly or yearly cleaning so that enough water comes through.
  • There are two types of finishes available and that are sophisticated brushed nickel and the other one is polished chrome finish.

The missing features

  • The company did not provide you with pause feature and that means you cannot stop the shower while you are lathering up.
  • If your bathroom has a small showering area, then measuring it first would be a good idea.
  • The shower head comes with a long hose attached to it and this might cause problems with the behind-the-shower head storage system and this might propel you to install a different shower head system.

4: Delta 58471-PK Shower Head

One of the most exciting choices in the market is Delta 58471-PK. This is of dual use as this showerhead has a removable hand shower and which fits perfectly into the wall mounted shower head.

The best thing that Delta has come up with is H20 kinetic technology. This technology makes the water flow in a wave pattern. The shower head system is very efficient which controls the speed, movement and droplet size of water and due to this process, there is more water available to the user than the regular shower.


  • This shower system is a complete system in which the hand shower fits into the shower head when we are not using the hand shower. Due to this feature, a lot of space is saved.
  • The spray settings include massage, H20kinetic, H20kinetic with massage and pause from which you can after trying pick out your favorite one.
  • The shower system provides pause feature on both the shower head and hand shower. The pause feature helps in saving water and will help in easy lathering up or shampooing.
  • This shower system comes with a metal hose which is less likely to crack under pressure as compared to plastic hose.

Budget Buy 5:  Delta Faucet 75700 Shower Head

We have selected Delta Faucet 75700 as our runner-up in this review. This hand shower shows us why delta is such a renowned brand all over the world. Let us introduce you to the amazing features of this brilliant shower head.


  • This shower head system comes with a shower arm mount which makes your work easy and allows for hands-free showering.
  • It comes with a variety of spray options seven to be precise. Having this no. of options, everyone in the family has their favorite one.
  • Various settings include slow, fast, fine, champagne and energy saving spray. Everyone in the house will surely zero in on a single setting for the best experience.
  • The flow rate comes at about 2.5 GPM which is a standard these days as it is considered to be acceptable pressure.
  • The best feature about this shower head is that it is provided with a pause feature which allows the water to be blocked up while shampooing or lathering up.
  • This shower head is very easy to use and comes with contemporary styling which provides with easy-to-grip non-slip handle. The changes option is easy to use even with soapy hands.
  • This shape is attained by using plastic which gives it a lightweight feel.
  • The length of the hose is 72 inches which is longer compared to other shower head’s hoses.
  • You can also check water usage as the system has an energy efficiency hose which in turn has a vacuum breaker which decreases your water bill.
  • The shower head comes with chrome finish which looks good to the eye.

Things we didn’t like

  • As the product we for manufacturing the shower head is plastic, there are chances that they will crack over time.
  • The shower head comes only one finish and this thing is such a disappointment for a brilliant shower head such as Delta 75700.