The shower head is an important accessory in our bathrooms. We use it daily to cleanse ourselves and the introduction of handheld shower heads have made our work easier. Handheld showers can be used to our requirements. It can be tilted or angled in any position we want and therefore we don’t have to worry about the leftover lather.

So, I have told you about the benefits of handheld shower heads and now let me introduce to an amazing product from ANA. It is one of the most purchased and well-renowned products in the industry today. Many reviews tell us that most of the websites have picked up this product as their top choice and we will tell you why.

This shower head is a dual shower head and it being a dual shower head it automatically increases the efficacy of your shower. Just imagine two shower heads working on you after you have lathered up, it surely will give you immense satisfaction. Depending on the month, it will pamper you. I meant to say that the being a dual shower it will relax your stiff muscles in winters and it freshens you up in summers.

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Let me introduce you to amazing features of this product.


  • The length provided by the company in this dual shower head is five inches which are standard practice these days and this much amount of length will provide you with maximum coverage during showering.
  • The best feature about this product is that it provides you with on/off function whenever you want. If you want to turn on both shower head, you can do that or if you want to save water you can also go for a single shower head.
  • Being a dual shower head, two persons can shower at the same time which will save you both water and time and it will surely increase intimacy between the couple.
  • The company has provided with three spray options and that are massaging, bubble spray and saturating. If you want to create different showering patterns, you can surely do that.
  • The flow rate provided in this shower rate is 2.31 GPM which is standard provided in this industry these days.
  • The water restrictors which are provided in the system will surely save you water if you are not that water saving kind of person.
  • The hose provided by the company in this system is well above 60 inches which will help you take it as much far as it allows. In short, you will be able to take it out of your bathroom if you want to.
  • The best thing the company did was to use plastic while manufacturing and hence it prevents the rusting to happen.
  • The two finishes which are provided by the company is sophisticated brushed nickel and polished chrome finish.

Well, there is not everything perfect with this product as the shower head is not provided with the pause feature.Well we have provided with every detail of the product and all we can help you is to make an informed and correct decision.

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