Delta has been in the showering industry for more than thirty years. Hence they have ample amount of experience to know the kind of products the customers want. Shower heads are one of the most important accessories required in our bathrooms. Handheld shower heads is an added accessory to already important equipment that is shower head.

Handheld showerhead has many benefits as they are utilized in many different ways in our bathrooms. If it’s showering your dog or showering your kids outside of the bathroom, then handheld showers are the way to go. In this review, we will provide you with insights of consumers that have used this product and will try to provide you with an honest review as possible.

Delta 58471-PK Shower Head


Now let’s talk about the product we are here for:

Delta 58471-PK is an amazing product that has the ability to outstrip every other product in the market. Its technical features are amazing and we will have to clarify the technical aspects for regular consumers. The company introduces the product the name as Delta 58471-PK H2OKinetic In2ition 4-Setting Two-in-One Hand shower and Showerhead.

If you want a shower head combo that is capable of directing water to those parts of your body that are sore, then this is the right shower head for you. With this Showerhead, the company has introduced H20kinetic technology. This technology is known for sculpting the water into the wave pattern.

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This technology is revolutionary as it has the capability to mold the liquid into a wave pattern. This shower head has the capability to provide you with 2 gallons of water and while doing this, it won’t let the water pressure fall down. This feature certainly makes it possible that you will be getting a great shower every time.

This product comes with lifetime delta warranty which is such a boon to the customers as they won’t have to spare on major repairs on the product. The installation of this product won’t take much time as it will probably get installed within minutes. The Delta Magnatite Docking hand shower sits into position very easily.

The pause feature in the shower system helps in conserving water and as well as helps in easing while lathering or shampooing. This shower comes up with a 60-inch hose that is manufactured using a metal hose and not a plastic hose.

Using metal will help in maintaining the product for a long time and the product won’t develop cracks for a long time. The shower head also comes with a plumbing safety feature that keeps building pressure in the water pipes of the system.

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