Delta has been in the shower heads business for too long and hence has all the knowledge about the industry. This product comes as budget buys in many reviews as it scores on the cheapness factor. Delta came into the shower head industry recently and it surely has rocked the handheld industry as it keeps on coming again and again after amazing products.

Handheld shower is a necessity these days as these shower heads simplify your showering process. The design provided by the company is eye-catching and surely will catch customer’s eyes.

But this doesn’t hamper the product quality as Delta has come up with a world class product. Let us introduce the features of this amazing shower head.

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  • The flow rate provided in this shower head by the company is 2.5 GPM which is the regular standard these days.
  • The pause feature which has been provided by the company is a boon to the customers as it allows stopping the showering while lathering or shampooing.
  • The shower head is provided with non- slip handle which is very easy to use and doesn’t let the shower head slip from your hands.
  • The lightweight feel is attained by the product as the manufacturing material used is plastic.
  • The shower head is provided with a chrome finish which visually enhances the product.
  • Length of the hose is 72 inches which are longer compared to the other products and will help you in many ways.
  • The company has provided the system with a water usage system. Water usage system includes energy efficiency hose which has a vacuum breaker which will decrease your water bill.
  • The settings provided by the company are slow, fast, fine, champagne and energy saving spray. Everyone in the house will surely pick up their setting after they have tried everything.
  • There are seven options which will provide everyone with variety and surely everyone will choose the option they like.

Well, the product isn’t perfect as it has two-three flaws as the manufacturing product used is plastic which will surely crack after some time. The most disappointing fact about this product is that it has only been provided with one finish which is a huge disappointment for an amazing shower head like Delta 75700.

This shower head is amazing and has been rocking the market ever since it has entered. We can only help you with our expert advice and rest job is yours.

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