German engineering has always been renowned for it’s out of the world manufacturing. German products are efficient and always worth purchasing.

So, let me introduce you to a product from another German powerhouse. Hansgrohe has been in the Shower industry for more than hundred years and is known for its brilliant products.

This company traces its origin from Schiitach, Germany and has been serving its customers for more than hundred years and it hasn’t heard a major complaint from its customers till now.

Now coming to the product which we will be telling you today is Hansgrohe Croma C100 3-Jet Hand Shower. This is a very sturdy and compact showerhead. Being sturdy makes it one of the most bought showering items in the country as the consumers want something on which they can rely on.

The biggest Drawback of this amazing shower head is that it doesn’t come with hose and shower head mounting equipment, so you have to be sure to order them if you want them separately. This product will surely give you a luxurious bathing experience

Now, let me enlighten you with the features of this beautiful shower head:

Hansgrohe CromaJet Hand Shower

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• The shower head is provided with three spray options and that is full spray, the enchanting invigorating whirl-air massage, and an intense turbo spray all of which can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements.
• The spray mode has been specially developed by the company to provide for maximum showering area and this mode is liked by the maximum number of customers of Hansgrohe.
• The shower head is provided with 75 no-clog spray channels having Quick clean technology which has been specially built by the company as it provides an anti-limescale function which in turn allows the residues to be wiped away.
• The company only provides a shiny chrome finish and this is what disappointed us the most.
• The faucet provided by the company is manufactured from ceramic and plastic and the usage of this material has made the product easy and durable.
• This shower head comes with cUPC certification and therefore you can rest assured that this product has been certified by the best minds out there.
• The company has provided Rotating control lever on this shower head which provides easy operation for the showering system.
• The quick clean technology in the system does light rubbing instead of vigorous cleaning and scrubbing.
• This technology has long product life and functionality as having such a long life will never pinch on your pocket.
• This technology also ensures Uniform water flow in Faucets.

As the reviewers, we have provided you with every bit of information there is to know. Now it’s your turn to make a wise decision and buy the shower head that will be suited best for your needs!!

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