The 5 Best High Chairs of 2018 | Both You and Your Child Will Love

Searching frantically for high chairs in the market and haven’t found anything, look no more as we have sorted the best products for you.

Choosing a high chair can be a very tough task as you need to keep in mind various things like the material through which the chair is made, safety features in the chair, the height of the chair etc. Well, you don’t have to do this because I have done that for you here.

We have chosen the best five high chairs for your kid. Your kid will love these wonderful chairs.

Every five of these chairs have some uniqueness about it like Peg Perego Siesta has nine height positions, there is a big kid booster seat provided in Graco Blossom, Fisher-Price Spacesaver has a very convenient design, there are easy to access buttons provided with Graco TableFit and finally Oxo Tot Seedling has a very comfortable position design.

So let us start by reading in detail these five products.

Best High Chairs 2018

TOp Pick 1  : Peg Perego Siesta High Chair

Peg Perego Siesta is the best among these five high chairs. It is based on an Italian design and it can be easily noticed once you see this chair.

There are almost all the features available in this chair which makes it the best one.

Different Reclining Positions

This chair will partner your child from its infant days till he/she becomes a toddler. In this chair, there are five different adjustable reclining positions so that your child never gets uncomfortable. The best thing about this chair is that you don’t have to keep on checking your child because you can be sure that with this high chair your child will be very comfortable.

Different Height Positions

Along with different adjustable reclining positions, there is an option of different adjustable height positions in this chair, Sounds great right. That’s why in the beginning I told you that this chair will partner your kid from infant to toddler.


Caster wheels have been used which are easily movable on the floor and they make the ride very smooth. There is a functionality of auto lock in the wheels so whenever you’re busy with some work you don’t have to worry about the chair as it will stay at one place.

2. Graco Blossom High Chair

Graco Blossom is a value for money product, even more than that. With this product, you get more than you paid for.

There is a big kid booster seat provided in this high chair, like if your is healthy then he/she will not have any problem in sitting on this chair. Some high chairs are too small so kids have a problem sitting on those chairs.

It is also called a 4 in 1 chair as it has four different modes on which it can be operated.

The movement of this high chair is very smooth as the wheels have been attached to the front legs of the chair.


Your child will be very comfortable with the adjustable footrest provided in this high chair. The footrest can be positioned in three different positions.

One Hand Tray

There is a tray provided with this chair, it can be easily attached to the chair so that your child can eat without any trouble. The best thing about this tray is that it can be used with one hand. So for those people who always have something in their hands this one-hand tray might be very useful for you.

3. Graco TableFit Baby High Chair

Another Graco product features on my list. Graco is a well-known company around the world.

To make the bottle feeding easier Graco has given a feature of 3-recliner position in this chair.

The height can also be adjusted in eight different positions.

A one-hand tray is also provided with this chair.

4.  OXO Tot Seedling High CHair

OXO is renowned for manufacturing products that are accepted globally. So you can expect this high chair to have some basic and common features.

One Hand Tray

Just like Graco OXO has also provided a detachable one-hand tray. But this tray has some unique features as it can be easily kept on any flat table. There are no sorts of slots provided in this tray. This makes it easier to keep plates or glasses on the tray. The tray is light-weighted.

Height positions

There are five adjustable positions in this chair. Your child can even join you on the dining table you just have to adjust the height of the high chair.

As I told you OXO keep in mind the requirement of all the people while manufacturing its products, so the cushion provided in this chair is stain resistant and it can be easily washed in a washing machine.

5.  Fisher-Price Space High CHair

SpaceSaver is made for people who are not looking for something very expensive. This product is easily available at a very reasonable price.

SpaceSaver is specially designed keeping in mind the people who don’t have big houses. This chair is designed perfectly for a small size house.

The chair is adjustable as the height can be adjusted in two positions and the reclining position can also be adjusted in three different ways.

There is a feature of big kid booster seat provided in this chair. So some kids grow faster than usual so the chair also has to be adjusted according to your kid’s body. That is why this feature is there, you just have to remove the detachable tray along with the seat pad and the chair will be ready to use.

There are many other features in this chair like the tray provided with this chair can be easily washed in a dishwasher and has a cup holder too, there is a fastfinder link provided so that you can conveniently hang babies essentials on the link.