Teething is a normal process which all babies go through in their life and while this process can be a little irritating and painful, it is important for the development of your baby’s teeth and there is no way to stop this process really. What you can is to make them feel comfortable during teething and relieve their pain by using a few simple and effective home remedies.


While there are many creams and lotions out there to put your baby out of his/her misery during teething, it is always better to stick to the basic remedies which are both easy and effective.


Here are a few things which you could do to relieve your baby from the teething pain efficiently:

Gum Massage

One of the most effective way to relieve your baby’s pain while teething is to slowly press their gums and massage it with your clean fingers. This will provide a pressure on their gums and will provide them with the much-needed relief. This will provide him/her relief while laying down on the Baby bassinet

Giving them cold food items

Another great way to remedy your baby’s teething pain is by giving him/her cold food items to eat. Cold is known to provide a little relief to the swelling and the pain and is the best way to relieve your baby of the teething pain.

Teething toys

Another great way to keep your baby happy and not down with the teething pain is by giving him/her teething toys to play with. These toys provide your baby’s gum with the needed pressure and act as a perfect toy for your baby to bite and chew upon. Make them sit on a high chair and give them teething toys to chew upon.

Cold spoon

Another great way to take care of your teething baby is by providing them with a spoon after dunking it in an ice chilled water. This spoon would provide the hard surface for your baby to bite upon while the coldness will give a numb feeling to your baby’s gum, making their sore gum feel so much better.

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Cold washcloth

Another amazing way to treat your baby’s teething gum is by soaking a washcloth in ice cold water and then squeezing off the excess water from it, then giving your baby this wet washcloth to bite and chew upon.

Teething jewelry

You can also buy your baby teething jewelry which she can both wear and chew upon as they wish and get the much-needed relief from the pain while looking stylish at the same time. The best part about this teething jewelry is that you can make your baby wear it outside too, so it can act both as an accessory and a teether.

Chilled Teether

One of the best solutions to your teething baby is a chilled teether. All you have to do is soak your baby’s teether in water and then store it in the fridge to develop a chill layer on it. So, when your baby now puts this teether in their mouth, they feel the coldness against their teeth in addition to the pressure which is quite soothing to their sore gum.

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