The Best Jigsaw for 2018 – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Look no more. We bring to you a detailed list of the choices available to you to choose from- guaranteeing that you will be taking home the one that’s most suited to your needs.

A jigsaw is a precise tool meant to provide accuracy when cuts are meant to be made in a determined manner so as to create objects with high levels of perfection. Right from daily use objects (that shall be subjected to rough use) to designer objects that need depths of detailing, a jigsaw in your toolkit is the ultimate multipurpose solution.

Hence we bring to you following rigorous research, seven of the best ones available in the market so you can choose from these and make the best possible use of the same.

Let us now explore the best options for jigsaws with respect to the type of the Jigsaw. Here is a detailed list of jigsaws depending on what you want to do with the jigsaws. Details are provided on general user ratings for these products in the market, basic details and why each product holds its rank.

Pick 1: The BOSCH JSF572EK

This corded electric jigsaw is a clear winner in our eyes when listing the best jigsaws available in the market for multiple reasons which we shall explore. To start with, the brand name Bosch evokes rightly feelings of reassurance of quality and trust.

The high brand value attributes to the deserved popularity of the tools produced by this company. With over 60 years of experience as a successful brand in the market, the prices have now been regulated suitable to the high quality of the products making it worth the purchase. While this particular jigsaw is high priced in comparison to others, it’s wonderful features mean that it is indeed worth every penny.

The precision of cut offered by this is the best in the market, beating others by a huge marking. It has an effective system of double rolling which proves to be brilliant when it comes to keeping in check blade deflection and avoiding so many errors.

The smooth operation of this tool employs a method of lateral auto adjustment that renders the positions of the rollerblade to be more precise and in tune with the cutting speed and overall thickness. Hence this tool is designed to guarantee you uniform perfection followed by a highly successful project.

The cutting method is controlled owing to an inbuilt system of constant response. This brilliant response system lets the device assess the power that would be needed to cut every single piece of the board under it. Respective automated speed control that can also be adjusted by you increases the precision.

An electric fan or a blower that can be adjusted and faced with the required direction ensures that no sawdust enters the user’s eye or cause any impairment to vision whatsoever.

The blower sees to it that all the dust generated is directed elsewhere and at a safe distance away from your face all through the usage providing you with a work environment that is both clean and safe. We recommend this tool for professionals looking for a worthy investment for their toolbox.

Pick 2: Makita 4350FCT

This is second on our list and much deserving of this position due to many of its features that simply make you go ‘that’s awesome!’. While this may not be the most impressive one in terms of power, we would still recommend this corded electric top loading jigsaw to those who are looking for a quality product with a tinge of fun.

Makita is a Japanese company hailing from 1915 and throughout the years this firm has impressed quite so many with some very innovative introductions into the market. The invention of some undeniably cool stuff can be credited to them such as the first ever rechargeable power tool. This streak of brilliance and willing to push the limits defines the quality of this jigsaw and these properties are reflected in a very good way through this tool.

It’s most impressive features would be the super fast blade change that is possible by merely using a switch. A used blade can be replaced with a brand new one in no time at all and work can continue on uninterrupted.

The Easiest Grip that is offered by this jigsaw makes the jigsaw suitable for all kinds of people willing to use it-  professional or not and easy to use by both left and right-handed people- thus making this tool an ideal option for professionals as well as art enthusiasts.

Though there is no blower to get away all that sawdust, there is an adjustable port to collect dust that can be easily hooked to most of the vacs.

It is very effective in cleaning out the entire saw within minutes and makes the jigsaw ready to be reused and in good condition for quite a bit of time.

We recommend this to those looking for a comfortable sawing experience and as an extra saw to add a bit of taste to the toolbox.


Dewalt DW317K made it to the third position for many reasons but the best one being that it is the most cost-effective A tool to purchase that is well within usual budget while not offering the precision or strength offered by the premium jigsaws, this still has many features that are impressive enough whilst keeping in mind the value for money. DeWalt is a household name in America that has been catering to the demand of tools in the woodwork industry for about a hundred years now. It has its place among the most popular and high-quality brands of tool manufacturers in the world.

A compact and efficient motor of 5.5 amps along with a robust and conveniently sized engine capable of delivering a high range of SPM make this an efficient jigsaw definitely worth considering for purchase. The high angle precision offered by this tool is definitely a blessing in terms of carving out structures that have to fit well with others.

For example, your roof might need perfectly cut shillings to be placed on top of it and these have to be cut at accurate sloping angles of 45 degrees. The most popular reason for this one being preferred is, however, the convenience of usage.

Since it weighs considerably less, it is easy to operate throughout the day without much strain or fear of bruises. Along with these, the company offers a three-year limited warranty for the product along with one year of free servicing. You can also return it within three months for full cash back if the product is found unsatisfactory. Recommended for those pursuing woodcraft as a hobby rather than a profession.


This is yet another high quality and very effective power tool brought to you by a company that pioneered in the creation of an innovative smartphone particularly designed for those working in heavyweight industries. This brilliant phone might cost over 500$ easily but is one that can withstand a fall directly over concrete whilst suffering Azeri damage along with the ability to endure high temperatures. The temperament and quality of these phones reflect the brand quality which is resonated in their jigsaw- this one cordless and rather fun and easy to use.

Battery Operated and thus highly mobile, this jigsaw just needs to be charged overnight and it can work seamlessly to provide long hours of highly precise sawing action. The power cuts during building maintenance work do not have to hinder getting the work done by you now.

This jigsaw is small and easily portable when compared to others thus making it a wise option for those who might be working in multiple locations throughout the day and handling small to medium sized projects. Once charged, up to 08 hours of work life is guaranteed for this tool.

Blade Change without a key is a rare feature and one of the quickest methods of changing the blade on site with no hassle. Locks ensure that the blades do not get misplaced or get loosened even by accident. The heated up blade can be ejected easily without you having to touch it with your hands and this is an important guarantee of safety as well as the increased efficiency by saving time. Recommended for those who travel often during work and are looking for a reasonably priced small and effective power tool.


This is a product lives up to the expectations of its brand name while being user-friendly more so than the higher priced version of the jigsaw produced by the same company. The plunging system is precise and more accurate compared to most other jigsaws. This improved plunging ability allows for a more accurate cut and precise angle.

Lock On Method making it ambidextrously usable since the tool can be locked into a position that is adjustable such that all parts are accessible by any hand.

The clamping is secure and reliable which is a necessity overlooked unless the work starts and it is too late to buy another tool.

Recommended for those looking for affordable tools of decent quality from a renowned and reliable brand they can trust to not compromise on the product quality.


This is a top handling jigsaw that definitely lives up to its brand name and is very compact and easy to use- unarguably fun as well. Being ideal for beginners, this jigsaw functions using an innovative operative method of push pedaling that makes it stands out from all the other jigsaws in the market.

This takes away the strain of manually adjusting the speed while working on the cutting altogether- you can just push the pedal using your foot without any interruption of current work. This feature adds to the fact that this saw is easily usable by even those trying out sawing for the first ever time. It is way safer and cuter than the bigger and meaner looking ones.

Four different settings of orbital action make this power tool stand out again- Bosch’s brilliance is depicted in making such a compact tool way more efficient than it looks like it could be. This jigsaw can function at various different speeds no matter however sturdy the action actually needs to be.

Along with this, this tool also employs a very convenient method of ejecting the used blade such that no contact is required following sawing. This is done by using an effective blade changing lever. This tool is rightly recommended for those with a passion to try out sawing and want an easy and reliable purchase without serious investment.


This American company is renowned for their high-quality power tools in the market and their lithium bare jigsaw doesn’t really disappoint. They are known for having lived the American dream of manufacturing and selling their products in America along with worldwide exports. This is one jigsaw that could benefit anyone pursuing any hobby to have it their toolkit.

It’s adjustable speed trigger make it a popular option among those looking for budget jigsaws. By altering the pressure applied to the trigger, it is easy to change the speed. Whether it is jagged rough cuts that you wish to make or fine and natural-seeming ones, this feature enables the formation of both.

This jigsaw also has an easy blade removal system that is tool free which works by simply pulling a lever that ejects the used blade in a convenient hand’s free mechanism. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing by waiting for the blade to reduce the amount of heat it’s exuding. Work interruption free and get the work done asap. This is recommended for those who are on a tight budget and still wish to have a good jigsaw in their toolkit.

Here are our top picks for the year that should give you an in-depth insight on which jigsaw to purchase depending on who will be using the jigsaw.

  • Are you a woodwork enthusiast who is pursuing this out of interest or as a Do It Yourself hobby? You might want to consider checking out the DeWalt DW317K. This should be your go-to choice if you are working on fun DIY projects and wish to keep the expenses in check accordingly. This tool is powerful enough to handle all your projects quite efficiently. Detailed minute adjustments that can be made in the settings makes the product very easy and convenient to use.
  • Or are you a professional woodworker who is building a career out of this manually exhaustive craft and are looking for the perfect companion in tool form to take you through it? You should be looking to buy the Bosch JS572EK which is an authentic and supremely efficient heavyweight tool. The performance that can be expected from this Jigsaw is among the best in the industry. Moreover, the special intricate design and user-friendly nature make this the best option for a professional looking for something powerful to take care of most sewing needs.