If you are a genius professional in woodworking like Sam Maloof, then you must have invented some tricks and ideas to follow while woodworking.

And those ideas can be noted down in a book and even you can teach them to your own kids as well. And it is possible that you are a kid which is already aware of some tips and trick shared by your parents while woodworking. But if you are a fresher or beginner in this field, then here are some tips that can be helpful to you in woodworking;

We all know that woodworking is an art and we may forget it while handling a machine. Router tables on the other hand surely give you an opportunity to regain that artistic touch or look to your work, while using it in your garage or shed. Using a router table with a machine helps to add versatility and precision to the machine making tough jobs like making small edges or molding projects which makes it more usable.

Like that, you can go through some tips and tricks to increase your knowledge in woodworking using router table;

  1. You can use 2 feather boards on the router table which will help to ensure accurate shapes of the wood. This will ease the job of holding a wood in place for even smaller cuts, without a possibility of injuring yourself. These cuts look smaller but can result in straight cuts while you are holding a wood.
  2. When you are making cuts on the narrow wood piece, you must route a profile on a bigger board, while working on the edges, which is said to be safe, easy and an efficient solution. While shaping moldings, it is said to be the better option.
  3. You must use pattern bits or an adjustable template which can adjust the height of the wood when you are shaping similar or identical twin pieces for pieces like box or so. Normally they consist of smaller width, so no need to consume more energy.
  4. When working on dados, you can create a customized base plate that can help you in measurements. You can start at 0 and they can keep on changing with a constant difference between measurements.
  5. It becomes very easy with the whole cut, by using a starting and exit ramp on the template.
  6. When you are working with sleds, it is possible that it may face some subtle problems which can produce misaligned joints, first add a board at the front side of the sled, and also add two top boards that make a bridge over a work piece.
  7. When cutting tenons, you can use clamps, for that specifically use a thinner bit for a router, to get the rail looking efficient cut.
  8. When it gets over 40 degrees on the table saw, people find it harder to cut. It may produce a burnt edge of sorts can be produced due to the alignment of the blade. You can try using a milter, chamfer bit if this happens on a regular basis, which can become a perfect solution for 45-degree limitation.
  9. You can use down-cut bits, in order to make chip-free dados. It helps to push down the chips to make a smoother cut of the wood.
  10. It is difficult to flatten wider boards if they are unfit through your table. Use 2 guideboards on the wide board with a large diameter bit on your router, and you can easily find a solution to the problem.

Below-mentioned are some safety tips that can be used as they are fascinating new techniques;

  • Make sure your arms are far from the action while using push blocks.
  • Use safety glasses and also protect your ears with a guard.
  • Unplug a router while changing a bit, or just turn the router off.
  • Overloading a router can become problematic, causing damage.
  • Never climb out, always feed a food counter in a clockwise direction, which can result in efficient cuts.
  • Avoid using a router in the humid environment, also in moist and wet areas.
  • Hold the machine tight in order to resist the initial motor torque, when starting a motor.
  • Be sure of the accurate places of bits, locking devices, clamps before you turn on the router.
  • Make a replacement of bad parts as soon as possible, to keep machinery in the maintained state.

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