It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you will always be in need of a wood router. If you need a decent wood router table then you should probably look for Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table.

There is no better way to improve your workshop by adding a proper router table. Well this model’s sophistication is on a different level and once you read all the pros and cons, you will surely have a better review of this model.

What are we getting?

All the accessories are provided with this router table once the purchase is made, be it an online purchase or you buy it from a hardware store. You get feather boards which are easy to handle and they prove to be effective and precise which makes your wood working fun. It is also provided with a switch, guide track, adapter plate, router table insert set and a kit for dismantling and assembling the parts.

You can visit your nearest hardware store to modify your table if you want to add any equipment to the table. We have already told you what will be provided with the table.

Different Design:

Why do we think that this model is unique and has a different design? It comes with a aluminum board that is every carpenter’s fantasy. It will help you to place wood parts with ease and will also help them to slide and cut without losing a millimeter in a vertical fashion. The model has been provided with a cabinet that is easy to use and doesn’t get in the way of wood working. If you want to place additional tools, you can do that by putting them near the router.

This easy design allows easy access to the storing place and it doesn’t even disturb the router. Isn’t it great? If you need some hard tools, you can place them in your router table compartment. The feather boards provided with this router will surely make your eyes pop out as you don’t have to use leveling device during your wood working.

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The switch is placed at an appropriate position so that you don’t have to worry about switching off the machine. This also compliments the safety of this model and hence gets good reviews from customers.

The model has been provided with an amazing feather board which is precise and effective and its shape is so on point that you wonder at times that how was this design even conceived?  The one con of this model is that feather board’s grip vanishes with time which indicates a poorly designed model. But alignment setting help you out if this problem with ease.

We are confident of this model’s aesthetics and performance. It is a perfect router table and will surely help you out with wood working.

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