Where do you go if you want to own the best router table in the market? Yes, you go to Bosch which a world leader in manufacturing tools and important woodworking stuff.

This router table is a marvel in the woodworking industry as it compatible with every router out there, be it a plunge router or a fixed router. This is the best router table if you want to improve the accuracy of your router. This will improve your work efficiency and surely will make your hard work easy. Most of the router tables take up too much space and this causes a hindrance. But this product is a best bench-top router table that is easily portable and it is adaptable to every situation out there.

Bosch RA1181 Table Features:

  1. Aluminum Fence with Adjustable MDF Plates.

A fence is important because it allows creating precise and practiced cuts onto bigger wood pieces. It is usually used to control the cut by hard-pressing it against the face of the fence. An adjustable fence helps you increase accuracy and efficiency.

You should know the types of fences in the market.

  • One piece fence- a long tube that covers the entire table covering the infeed to the outfeed side.
  • Two-piece fence- this type of fence can usually be adjusted at each and every section and that means infeed can be adjusted.

This machine has a long Aluminum fence that is tall and sturdy to handle the tough wood easily. It includes two MDF face plates which provide better support. You can remove the fence if you feel you are better without it.

  1. Rigid Mounting Plate.

Most of the router tables have mounting plates whose rigidity and flat surface will make the most of the difference on finished woods cuts. This is because of the table’s versatility and functionality. The mounting plate helps the router table withstand its weight. Mounting plate actually determines the strength of your table.

This table has an Aluminum mounting plate that can bear the heaviest routers in the market. It also has different variations in mountings from where you can configure your favorite setting.

  1. Adjustable Feather boards.

Feather boards are used to apply a constant pressure on the wood and which helps in keeping it in place against the fence.

This table comes with adjustable feather boards which helps you adjust clamp-like grips on to the wood and which depends upon the shape you would like.

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  • Amperage– 15.0
  • Depth– 18″
  • Dust Collection– Yes
  • Height– 14.5″
  • Length – 22.75″
  • Max. Fence Opening– 3-5/8″
  • Max. Throat Opening– 3-5/8″
  • Weight – 30.0lb
  • Width – 27.0″
  • Working Length- 27″
  • Warranty- One Year.

This product is as professional as it gets and its design will surely bamboozle you. It is very advanced as compared to its competition. You should definitely buy it considering the fact that it is the best.

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