The old formula of “Recreate by Recycling” not only helps to clear the junk out to create an extra space around but also sharpens one’s creative skills to yield something very productive out of something which might be of no significant use to someone.

A Router Table is basically a shop improvised tool which is being used since very long mainly for woodworking projects. Over time, the manufactures of these stationary woodworking machines have been selling improvised versions of these tables that add some value to different sets of application.

If you are looking for some woodworking machinery then we have some quick DIY ideas for you to explore. As the name suggests, these DIY ideas will be much cheaper than buying the new machinery will be. Quick tip: Trust your creative skills!

1. Add Some Drawers to Your Router Table:

Facing storage issues with your basic Router Table? Enter: Router Table with drawers.

Since you will be the creator, you can use these drawers to store anything in it. Most conveniently, you can put different tools in it. The Drawers will help in keeping the storage space organized and manageable.

Pro Tip: Chose the Layout that fits your requirement and goes ahead with suitable measurements to customize the look and functionality of your Router Table.

2. Open Space Shelf:

Along with drawers, you can set aside space in your routing table to create a shelf in it. Shelves have this advantage that it gets easier to locate things that are put on a shelf. You can use the shelf space to put the tools, nuts, and bolts or to put absolutely anything in it. You can choose the best wood routers for your DIY here. We have written some best product reviews for you.

Pro Tip: You can even go further and choose a layout that comprises both drawers and shelves fitting together.

3. Foldable Router Table:

A Foldable Router Table is not only a huge space saver but also is one of the most compact designs to go for. This Router table would be the best one for you if you are a little less about the storage space in a Router Table and if your main concern is pointing towards a compact design.

Pick the table – use it – fold it – put it aside. Easy isn’t it?

Foldable Router Table

4. Cabinet Base Router Table:

Have got huge woodworking tools with you? Keep them sorted by constructing a routing table with a cabinet base in it. The cabinet door will be right beneath the Routing Table and will keep all the woodworking stuff of yours.

Again, you can choose the layout and appearance of the cabinet and put any number of shelves in it as per your need. You can also glue and fix holders at the doors of the cabinet to make them hold the woodworking appliances of yours.

5. Complex Designs:

If you can extend the trust on your craftsmanship then you can also go ahead with a complex design of a Router table. Attach a dust collection box, a bit holder, and a miter gauge slot to make the design highly functional.

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