A router table system is one of the most important tools that are required by wood workers in today’s world.

This tool is indispensable as it can help in any kind of work like routing the lower part of the wall, putting those finishing touches to the countertops or manufacturing the whole set of panel doors from the start. The perfect router table with all the features helps in finishing work faster, quicker and with great accuracy. Router tables are the need of the hour and have the capability to massively improve your efficiency and will help you get your work done faster.

Features of Kreg PRS1045 Router Table :-

Innovative fence design:

This table has taken all the design ideas from high end table saw rip fences. This table features a T-square style design which keeps the fence in line with the miter slot. The feature of automatic squaring helps you utilize your miter slot and it evidently helps in making even the small adjustments to the system. The fence has been manufactured from a strong aluminum extrusion which will help support even the biggest work pieces. The fence has also been provided with two independent fence faces which allows the router table to act as a vertical jointer.

Rugged table top:

Vibration and noise resistant MDF has been used to manufacture the table top of the precision router table which also features an Easy-slide Micro-dot skin which has been made from a high-pressure and sturdy laminate which makes it very easy to glide across the surface. The sturdy top is joint with two steel support struts which prevent it from bending over time.

Insert plate:

The insert plate has been manufactured from a durable phenolic that has been designed to mount any router without the usual slippery type surface that is found on most of the table insert plates. This has been done in such a way that it almost always leaves a perfect custom fit and it won’t even leave any holes behind.

Level reducing rings:

The level reducing rings provided on this router table fits in to the router table quickly and without a bunch of disturbing the set screws.   The rings just fit in to the desired place in perfect alignment with the plate every time with ease.

More From Us:

Size of insert rings: 1″ hole (for smaller bits),

  • 1-3/8″ hole (to fit universal or Porter-Cable-style template guide bushings)
  •  2-5/8″ hole (for large bits).

Steel stand:

The table top sits on the shop stand of this table router. This stand can be adjusted from 31 to 36 inches in height and is manufactured from highly durable steel.

Router tables are the need of hour and have capability to massively improve your efficiency and will help you get your work done faster. According to amazon reviews and reviews from other websites, this router table is amazing and you should definitely buy this product.

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