This bench top table is a monster as it provides you with ample space to carry out your tasks efficiently.

The best feature about this table top is that it portable and it gives you variety of adjustment options. Adjustments can be made through cam clamps and level-loc rings. Its improved design has made this router table a lot quieter. This table is capable enough to handle all kinds of routers.  You can also check more router table reviews here. Let us discuss it features in a little detail.

Extra-large MDF table top:

If you want to work on solid projects, then you need this router table as it’s MDF table top makes it easier. And I am saying this because of the space provides in this bench top router table. We get 16’’ x 24’’ of workspace to do it work which is wide enough for any kind of job. You are provided with easy slide surface for smooth working which in turn makes you efficient, so this easy slide technology is a boon for those workers who are loaded with work. You can cut or trim very quickly and complete your task with ease with this table top at your disposal.

Industrial-quality fence:

Designers have given a lot of thought in designing this quality fence and oh boy they have come up with something awesome. This fence is made up of anodized aluminum and can be adjusted using clamps. The clamps are very useful and help you adjust to anything you want. The clamps are required to hold the fence together and it doesn’t let it slip up in places and that is literally the last thing you want. That is why we call it the industrial quality fence.

Full-size routers insert plate:

We know that this router table is small but it has its share of benefits. It comes with a full size insert plate. As the name suggests, the insert plate is used to lock the nuts and bolts which makes the structure rigid. It has been provided with three level-Loc rings on which any router can be inserted and locked in to specific place so that it doesn’t leave its place. If you want to customize it, you can buy more rings if you need it.

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This product is super stable because of the parts provided with this machine. The wide stand has been manufactured using heavy duty steel and the rubber improves it agility. The MDF tabletop helps in maintaining that stability.

Versatility with routers:-

This table’s best feature is that it is compatible with most of the routers. This feeds the workers well and can save you loads of money. The level-Loc rings that has been provided with this table helps in achieving that.


Cheap building material:-

We have told you about the table’s stability but we should also you tell that this table has been manufactured not by the best material so total durability can be questionable.

Overall, this table has been improvised a lot and you can be rest assured of the fact that it won’t be a bad purchase for your wood- working needs.

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