As you have already learned few router table specialties and once you own one, you would want to try every other on your own.

After purchasing a table, you will desire to repair legs of the table that have broken or a wooden plate at the outside of the house, or maybe some names on the wooden plate are damaged that needs to be repaired.

Below are some techniques that can help you stay at your wood shop for some days at least. Those tips are;

  1. Wooden iPad Dock: You can make a wooden plate having a cut narrow, to hold your iPad, so you do not need to hold it while you are working. You can use it to watch a show, or just listen to music. Avoid spending hours exploring a computer, rather go for iPad.
  2. Cup Holder for sofa or chair: Are you worried about the stains on sofa due to coffee mugs, here is a solution. You do not need more than a proper measurement of your chair’s armrest and you can simply build a table like structure for your sofa armrest. So forget more stains and you can easily rest your hands on the sofa with a coffee.
  3. Wine Bottle Holder: You can make a wooden plank having a hole that can hold the neck of a wine bottle, rather than just keeping it alone in a basement which can be easily displayed in your house as well.
  4. Window Shutters: You can make a window, just like a louvered door, which has a proper space and correctly angled to pass the air easily and which can stay away from the outside light whenever required. It also helps to keep the perfect privacy letting the required air come inside, so is the best option when renewing various stuff around your home.
  5. Wooden Cutting Board: To cut vegetables and fruits precisely, having a wooden cutting board is anytime the best option and if you are a cook, then you will surely understand its importance. You will use it to make whatever shapes you want like flowery edges, rounded edges, and classic cuts as well.
  6. Simple Boxes: For every woodworker, having a wooden box is the best option to hold woodworking tools. Also to hold some kitchen appliances. You can also make a beautiful toy box for your kid, a bigger one that can be easily used to arrange all the toys.
  7. Classic wooden box: You can easily make a classic toolbox for yourself by keeping your carpentry side out. It can be also used to store all your necessary equipment, which is always kept by your side.
  8. Jewelry Box: If you have your wedding anniversary due soon, then you must try to make one jewelry box for your wife, which will be loved by your wife more than any other gift brought from a store. As you wife will surely like something unique and new rather than getting her something common and regular gift every year.
  9. Three-shelf Display: If you wish to show your kids or relatives your achievements like medals trophies or a wedding photo, or a photo of your son’s first birthday, then you can make a shelved display attached to your living room or bedroom by using your woodworking skill.
  10. Tiered Plant Boxes: If you are fond of gardening and love to have plants all around, then router table will help you out to make a tiered plant box, which will look beautiful in your garden and with the help of that plants can be arranged on the different tiers of the box.

Conclusion: Don’t just keep a router table in your wood shop; rather try making different options that are not much time and energy consuming.

Please feel free to share with us your ideas and thought about the article and your various projects accomplished as well.

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