Lying down in summers on your bed can be a tough job without that cooling air, Dyson AM07 Tower fan solves this problem of yours.

Tower fans are known to increase airflow which in turn automatically improves air circulation in your room. You will love this tower fan because it combines efficient airflow with bladeless fans which provides you with ample safety and hence makes it a best seller. You can read about different types of tower fans reviewed by us.

You must be thinking that operating a tower fan is very easy because most of the tower fans have only 2-3 settings and that are high, medium and low. This tower fan is state of an art system because it has been provided with a light dimmer switch which enables you to adjust the speed of flow with the use a knob. This will enable the use of fan speed perfectly in the whole room.

Dyson tower fan

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·        Dyson AM07 Tower fan has been provided with a remote control which will help you adjust the settings while sitting where you are.

·        This tower fan has been provided with a convenient magnetic-storage feature which solves your storage problems.

·         A more detailed explanation of this feature would be that you need to place the remote on the top of the fan and it will surely grip on with a magnet which in turn helps you to keep a track of your fan remote.

·        However to use the remote, you need a line of sight with the base of the fan and that would help remote to recognize its skills.

·        It has been provided with a timer which automatically shuts down the fan at 15, 30 or 45 minutes or for longer durations.

·        The timer function comes in really handy when you don’t want to get up in the night and it automatically turns off.

·        The best feature of this fan is that it is bladeless and there is no danger of someone sticking their finger into the fan and getting injured.

·        It feels amazing to stick your hand in the middle and feel the breeze as there are no blades.

·        Cleaning this tower fan will be easy as you don’t have to wipe the grill or tough blade parts.

·        This model is energy compliant and will save you a significant amount of energy.

·        The warranty offered by this model is more than the warranty provided by all other models.

This tower fan is an amazing choice for those who want a silent as well as a stylish fan. It is very different from other fans as it lacks blades or grills which makes it super stylish. The air flow is smooth and breezy.

We as reviewers feel this is a great choice and we have provided you with ample information to decide about the product but ultimately the decision is yours.

Happy shopping!!

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