5 Best Water Coolers and Dispensers Reviews – Top Picks and Recommendation of 2018

Are you looking for best water coolers and water dispensers, then you are at right place. We will review and rate various water dispensers available in the market.

To combat situations in which single equipment cannot fulfill all the tasks, products are now evolving to perform multiple tasks all at once to enhance the productivity and hence, keeping in mind the same ideology come to the water coolers allowing you to pour warm, hot or cold water at a touch of a button.

Water Coolers DispenserLoading TypePrice RangeRating after Review
Clover B14ATopBudget4.8/5.0
Whirlpool 8LIECHBottomPremium4.5/5.0
Avalon Cooler DispenserTopBudget4.7/5.0
Primo 601087TopBudget4.5/5.0
NewAir WAT40BBottomPremium4.3/5.0

Best Water Cooler for Office Use

Clover B14A Water Dispenser: The biggest reason this water cooler was chosen the best water dispenser for home because this is the ideal water cooler for office use since it is compatible with the bigger water bottles saving you time to reload it with water bottles every now and then. The water, hot or cold, can easily be dispensed. The drip tray is a bonus which is easy to clean and supplies water without a virus or bacteria.

Best Water Cooler for Home Use

Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser: For home use, this is the best water cooler you can find as it is compact and can perfectly fit in smaller areas offering a cheap solution for your problems and offers safe drinking water.

Best Water Cooler and Dispensers Reviews-2018

#1 Clover B14A Top Loading Water Dispenser

For people looking for quality with quantity then look no further as this water cooler provides the perfect solution for your problem. Clover is known to build products with top-notch quality. For watering need, they made the Clover B14A Water Dispenser.

This product attracted an excellent customer following as soon as it was launched.

Simple Maintenance

Simple Maintenance: Cleaning the dispenser is very easy as you just have to remove the drip tray which hardly takes any time.


Steel water tanks are there in the dispenser which ensures that there are no bacteria in the tank. So you only drink pure water.


  • Build: 5
  • Versatility: 5
  • Convenience: 4.5


  • Detachable water container.

#2 Whirlpool 8LIECH Bottom Load Water Cooler

Well everyone knows about Whirlpool, they have been the leading manufacturer of home appliances.

Just like other home appliances manufactured by Whirlpool this dispenser is also a very good appliance. This water dispenser is suitable for both office and home.


There is a self-cleaning feature in this water dispenser. There is a stainless steel construction of the water dispenser which helps in cleaning of the dispenser and ensures that there is no bacteria formation inside the water dispenser.

Best Refilling

Usually, other water dispensers require refilling of water from the top but in the whirlpool dispenser, the refilling of water takes place from the bottom. This relieves you from loading and unloading the water bottle from the top. With this water dispenser, your effort of refilling the water dispenser is cut down. It is one of the best bottom loading water dispenser.


  • Build: 4.5
  • Versatility: 4.5
  • Convenience: 4.5


  • Not tall enough to fill bottles.

#3 Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser (Budget Pick)

Well if you are looking for something which fits your budget then this is the right product for you.

It is a very well designed dispenser as it is very slim and can be easily kept anywhere in your house. It doesn’t look too bulky and has a unique design. It is also the best water dispenser with filter.

There is safety latch lock on the hot water side which helps avoid burning of the skin even if you touch it accidentally.


  • Build: 4.5
  • Versatility: 4
  • Convenience: 4


  • Loading from the top that means you have to lift the heavy water bottle and attach it to the dispenser.

#4 Primo Temperature 601087 Top Loading Water Dispenser

Primo is known for manufacturing small-scale kitchen products and has been doing it for a long time now. This water dispenser is suitable for both office and home use.

The best thing in this water dispenser is that there are night lights installed in the dispenser which helps when there is darkness. There is a stainless steel tray in the water dispenser which is very easy to clean.

Unlike many other water dispensers which are not able to fill a water bottle because of less space, Primo 601087 can also fill large water bottles. It is the best top loading water dispenser.

The water reservoir is made up of stainless steel and helps in avoiding the formation of any micro-organisms or bacteria and maintains the purity of the water that we drink through the dispenser.

Leak Guard

This feature in filling the water bottles without spilling the water out of the water bottle. This is a very useful feature.


  • Build: 4
  • Versatility: 4
  • Convenience: 4


  • Again the same problem of loading and unloading the water bottle from the top.

#5 NewAir WAT40B Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

It is one of the safest products available in this list of water dispensers.

It is designed to keep people safe as the hot water pipe is covered with an insulating material so that if accidentally someone comes in contact with the pipe then they are not harmed.

The BPA free material used in the water dispenser makes sure that you are drinking pure water which will not cause you any harm.

Just like the Whirlpool Water dispenser, the water loading is from the bottom. This makes it easier for you to refill the water without lifting those heavy water bottles and then attach them from the top. NewAir water dispenser is suitable for both office and home use.


  • Build: 3
  • Versatility: 4
  • Convenience: 3.5


  • It is not suitable for large dispensers.

What to see While Buying a Water Cooler Dispensers?

Make sure to remember some tips while buying a water dispenser. These tips can help you buy the best product for yourself.

Power Consumption

Check the power consumption of the product as you will be using the dispenser on a daily basis and you don’t want something that consumes a lot of electricity.


Choose a dispenser that is easy to clean or something like Whirlpool water dispenser which has a self-cleaning feature as you would not want to make any extra efforts to clean the water dispenser.

Water Reservoir

Always make sure that the water reservoir of the water dispenser is made up of a good material which doesn’t allow bacteria or micro-organisms to grow on it as it will affect the purity of the water you will be drinking.

During our review period, several water coolers were tested and 5 out of the lot was selected for the year 2018. So here is our water dispenser reviews and buying the guide.

What are the Important Things to Make Sure Before Getting a Water Cooler for office?

Importance of having water cooler is known to everyone. The conversation every day starts with a cooling talk after all. It is, of course, essential to keep all the employees feel fresh and hydrated. Everyone enjoys drinking a cool glass of water daily. Many times, it happens that many managers avoid checking the water cooling system before purchasing as per their office requirements. Let us discuss 5 important things that should be considered before taking a water cooling system for the office;

Source of the water:

It is important to think about the source of the water in the new dispenser. Various coolers come with a built-in filtration system and can be connected to your main water pipes. For other coolers may be you need to get bottled refills from someone or it can be delivered at your office giving some extra charge.

Installing and placing the cooler:

You must decide the proper place for your cooler. You will need a plumber if you wish to connect it directly to the water mains. If refill bottles will be using then you need to make some more space for their storage. The bottles will need to change on a regular basis as they contain 5 gallons of water, which is totally dependent on your employees in the office. Racks can be used for the storage of these cans as well. You should keep the cooler at a place from where it is easy to access and reasonable at the same time.

Temperature adjustments:

There are variations in temperatures as the type changes. It is up to you at what temperature a cooler should be. Coolers who dispense hot and cold water are popular among employees as they can be used to make hot drinks.

Noise Operations:

Most coolers are extremely silent, but some models can make a noise at the time of cooling or water dispensing. You must take care of the noise level if you are going to place the cooler in the area where your employees are working. It can affect your productivity if the noise is disturbing your staff and they are unable to concentrate.

Cleaning and Drainage System:

It is essential to keep the area around the cooler dry with the help of catching spills. For that, you should maintain a proper drainage mechanism. For ensuring the purity of water, the reservoir chamber needs to keep clean on a regular basis. Your cleaning crew must find it easy to clean the machine so that they can take good care of it and the area can become cleaned immediately always.

You can have a good experience while buying a water cooler for your office if you will consider above-discussed points before purchasing.

All the products mentioned below stand out from the crowd in itself. Still, the Clove B14A Water Dispenser makes itself shine under the limelight since it allows to regulate the water temperature from very cold to very hot.

For someone with little space, The Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser provides a solution to the petty problem. It can even fit in the isolated corner of your work area occupying little to none of the space and will not create a huge impact on your environment.

How to Clean Your Water Cooler and Dispenser?

These tips can be useful to maintain and clean a water cooling system.

There are many more appliances which work more practically and conveniently as compared to a water cooler. The benefits of having a water cooler are known to you like clean drinking water whenever you need it, crisp if you own one.  Water coolers work the best replacement for the expensive cooling water always, as it is easy to use.

If you have a cooler, it is important that you are aware of its maintenance and clean it.

Let us discuss why? Moisture is a cause of mould and various infectious diseases, which makes it essential to keep your cooler clean on a regular basis. You can have a glass of fresh tasting water for long many years if you clean the water cooler in every six or twelve months.

You will need some supplies to clean your water cooler; here is the information about the same;

  • Big bucket (its better if you take two)
  • Freshwater, bottled one (distilled is preferred, you can have a cheaper gallon jug from grocery hops as well)
  • Hot water (can use an electric kettle for it)
  • Bleach (Unscented)
  • White Vinegar
  • Low power dish detergent
  • Lint-free towels, more numbers (take more than two)

Let’s Start

  • It is important that you unplug the water cooler before started cleaning. If you do not make it, then it is dangerous to clean the cooler without unplugging it, we are telling as we want this to knot happen with you.
  • Removal of top bottle situated on the cooler will simplify your work of cleaning.
  • Once you remove the bottle, drain out all the water into the unit of storage with the help of dispensing tube or by using the faucet.
  • After cleaning all the water into the reservoir, take some hot water and pour it in it and keep it like that for half an hour. In order to void burning, take precautions while pouring hot water.

Clean Your Water Cooler

You can clean the cooler either using quick or deep cleansing

Quick Cleansing

For this, it needs to have hot water and a bucket which can e used for draining procedures. The simple steps are given below;

  1. Unplug the cooler without fail.
  2. Take hot water in one container and use suck it up in another container.
  3. Keep doing it for the next 30 minutes.

Deep Cleansing

With this option, it is surely the longer process, but it will make your cooler look alike a new one. For that you should read the below-mentioned instructions in detail;

  1. Unplug the unit
  2. Keep the reservoir, water guard, baffle aside, By using a mixture of hot water, unscented bleach and towels, scrub each and every component

Note: Do not use bleach more than a teaspoon and be sure with the warm water in the mixture.

  1. Fill the reservoir with the same mixture and keep it like that for the next half an hour.
  2. Drain all the mixture and fill the container with the fresh new water to drain it again. If you have both hot and cold water then repeat the procedure for a cool faucet, by leaving the cork into the hot tank. You can repeat it thrice to completely clean the bleach solution.
  3. After that, you can again place the water on the cooler and take out 2 glasses of water, repeat the procedure until the taste of the water is at normal.

Cleaning Externally

You must clean the drip drain including the exterior of the water cooler. Dry all the parts with the towel and water-bleach solution

Keep the plastic parts in hot and soapy water for nearly 15 minutes. Completely wipe those parts once it is completed.

Once you are done with the above procedure, plug the cooler with a desirable temperature.

How to Maintain Your Water Cooler and Dispenser?

It is important to maintain the water cooler with its cleaning. By cleaning the cooler regularly, you can use it more efficiently. Go through the tips given below;

  • Cooler comes with an airtight seal, so no need of lubrication. Various coolers come with an auto reset overload protective button, check it before taking.
  • Cooler always must have water, if not it should be unplugged without fail.
  • Clean away the dust situated at the wire on the back side of the cooler.
  • Regularly check for the leakage visually.No need to move the cooler as it can lead to unwanted cooler leakage.

Though cleaning the cooler takes much time, but it is the best process that assures clean and fresh drinking water