Best Water Cooler Reviews of 2019 – Do NOT buy before reading this!

We all require water. But, our requirement differs from person to person. Basically, a water cooler is an appliance that maintains the water at the required temperature. We can dispense the water from it as per our requirement. The present article on, Best Water Cooler Reviews of 2019 – Do NOT buy before reading this! is about such coolers, that you can use for getting the water as per our requirement.

Best Water Cooler Reviews of 2019

Starting from scratch, we need water at hot, cold and even at ambient temperature. Some water cooler has the ability to deliver the water at the necessary temperature. Generally, they have a compressor for maintaining its thermal aspects along with a tap for dispensing the water. We need considering all these points before getting a water cooler.

#1. Recommendation: Igloo 5 Gallon Seat Top Beverage Water Cooler

With the capacity of accommodating 5 gallons of water, the Igloo 5 Gallon Seat Top Beverage Jug is a Water Cooler that you can also carry it along with yourself while traveling. With plenty of exciting accessories within its setup, working with it would be very much convenient. It is having a thermal insulation on its surface, that helps in the effective maintenance of temperature.

Igloo 5 Gallon Seat Top Beverage JugBest Price

Ultra Thermal Insulation

You can easily maintain the temperature of your beverage. This water cooler is having ultra thermal insulation on its wall surfaces. Due to this, it will be maintaining the temperature of the beverage in a better manner. Whether you want to keep it hot or cold, everything is possible with this water cooler.

Impact Resistant Bottom

Setup of the Igloo 5 Gallon Seat Top Beverage Jug also consists of an impact resistant bottom. With such kind of bottom surface, there wouldn’t be any fear in our mind about regarding breaking or turning of the appliance. It is capable of bearing the uneven loads.

Therefore, the structure of the water cooler is extremely rigid. This makes it capable of carrying out heavy duty usage.

Moreover, it weighs just 5.4 pounds, making its handling as well as storage extremely convenient for us.

Reinforced Handles

With the reinforced handles with it, carrying the water cooler from one place to another becomes extremely simple for us. These handles also provide a long life to the structure of the water cooler. The water cooler will surely work with us continuously.

It is also having a push-button spigot that will make it simpler to extract water. If there is any kind of mess or necessity of cleaning, you can easily get rid of it with just a piece of cloth.

Pressure Fit Lid

It also carries a pressure fit lid. This lid sits firmly on the surface of the water cooler. Hence, it wouldn’t fall off from the top and cause leakage or spillage of liquid. It also doesn’t allow dirt and dust particles to enter the system of the water cooler and makes it extremely convenient to work with it.

#2. Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Bottom Loading Water Cooler

From the home of a well-known manufacturing brand of electrical appliances, the Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Bottom Loading Water Cooler is of high quality. You wouldn’t need to worry about its quality, it is durable and reliable in nature.

Providing us with both the options of heating as well as cooling, it is having energy star certification for saving the power cost and consumption.

Energy Star Certification

The Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Bottom Loading Water Cooler is having an Energy Star Certification.

Such kind of certification indicates that the appliance uses less electricity while running. Due to this, it saves us both on its running cost as well as power consumption. There is also a child lock feature within its setup.

Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Bottom Loading Water CoolerBest Price

This lock prevents the child from coming into the contact with the hot water control. This can prevent the accidents and various other possible disasters.

Both Heating & Cooling Operations

We will be effectively carrying out heating and cooling operations with the same water cooler. It delivers us with hot, cold and normal temperature water. Hence, it is a kind of a water cooler that will fulfill the requirement of your each kind of application.

You will also get a 1 year warranty period on the various parts and components of the water cooler. It also has an ETL certification that indicates its high made and quality.

Removable Drip Tray

Setup of this unit also consists if a Removable Drip Tray. Using this drip tray, we can prevent the formation of any kind of mess while operating it. If any kind of spillage or leakage occurs, then it will fall on this drip tray, preventing the loss to the other components.

Flash Light Indicator

There is also a flashlight indicator within its setup. With the help of this indicator, we can easily determine the life of the bottle. Once the bottle is about to get worn out and you need to replace it. It will let us know about the same. We can change it easily, that will save us from the inactivity of the cooler.

#3. Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water Cooler

Whirlpool is an international brand known for the high-quality products it offers to consumers worldwide. The Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water Cooler is highly capable in nature, making it extremely tough in execution. Either hot or cold, whichever kind of water you wish to drink, the cooler will deliver it to you with ease. You will be effectively maintaining its temperature with ease.

Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water CoolerBest Price

Better Cooling Options

You will be getting better cooling options with the Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water Cooler. Basically, it makes the use of a large piece of ice for supplying the cold waves to the cooler. In this manner, it delivers us with 9°F better cooling when we compare it with other coolers.

It also allows you to extract hot steaming water from it. Therefore, you will be having access to hot steaming water for preparing tea, coffee and various other kinds of beverages.

Attractive Stainless Steel Front

Setup of this water cooler also features an attractive stainless steel front.

This front provides a lot of strength to the structure of the cooler. It also makes it capable of carrying out heavy duty tasks with an ease. It is having curves on the edges that makes it pleasant in appearance.

Although a bit costly, it is offering us with a lot of features in return of the investment that we have made. Besides that, its weight amount to just 27 pounds. With so much light in weight, it will be extremely easier for us to move the cooler from one place to another.

Robust Commercial Design

It is having unbreakable faucets within its list of components. The stainless steel frame can resist the weight amounting to 300 pounds. It also has slides made up of cold rolled steel for the ease of traveling. Moreover, the robust structure makes it usage possible even under critical circumstances.

Proprietary Cooling System Technology

Far ahead from the other coolers, this water cooler makes use of proprietary cooling system technology. Due to this, the compressor doesn’t start frequently. Maintaining the noiseless environment at your home and providing you with a convenient operation.

#4. Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Water Cooler

With plenty of excellent features and a large storage capacity, the Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Water Cooler is capable of delivering us with both cold and hot water. It is a freestanding equipment that can work both as a cooler as well as a dispenser. Because of all such abilities, it is perhaps a good option for us to try for purifying the water at our home.

High Capacity Tank

The capacity of the water tank of this water cooler amounts to 3 to 5 gallons. However, you don’t get the water tank in its setup. You have to purchase it separately from other suppliers. This water tank can supply us with n instant supply of both hot and cold water.

Heat Efficiency Engineering

The Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Water Cooler is having a Heat Efficiency Engineering for carrying out its operations. Hence, it provides us with sufficient amount of energy and power for efficiently working with the water cooler.

Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Water CoolerBest Price

Besides that, it is also having energy saving thermoelectric cooling on its surface. Due to this, it will be able to conserve the temperature of the beverage for the longer period of time. Perhaps, its best feature that we could consider is the low noise operation that maintains the pleasant ambiance at your home.

Bottom Storage Cabinet

For storing the various beverages and the bottles containing them there is a bottom storage cabinet within its setup. We can store anything with an ease in these cabinets. This cabinet is of a large size, therefore it can accommodate various items without any kind of trouble.

Perfect supply of Temperature

We will get the sufficient amount of temperature with this water cooler. It is having a dispenser that can supply 550 watts of power for carrying out our cooling work. This dispenser can supply us with the temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

This water cooler utilizes 75 watts of power for providing us with the sufficient amount of cooling power. This can provide us with the temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit. For the ease of charging, there is a flat pin polarized plug. It will supply us with the proper electrical connection for the effective working of our water cooler.

#5. Coleman 1-Gallon Jug

The construction of the Coleman 1-Gallon Jug is done from the high-quality materials. Due to this, we don’t need to worry about its reliability or durability. It will be working with us for a long period of time without any kind of trouble. Apart from that, it is offering us with plenty of features that will make it extremely convenient to work with this water cooler.

Coleman 1-Gallon JugBest Price

Made up with High-Quality Materials

With the use of high-grade elements, there wouldn’t be any kind of worries in our mind regarding the quality of this product. Setup of this unit also incorporates a flip spout. Using the flip spout, we can easily grab the water cooler and sip water from it.

Thermo Zone Insulation on the Surface

There is also a Thermo Zone Insulation on the surface of the walls of the Coleman 1-Gallon Jug. Due to this, it will be able to preserve the temperature for a long time period. The best part about this insulation is that it doesn’t have any kind of unnecessary carbon such as CFCs, HFCs as well as HCFCs in this insulation.

Because of such kind of characteristics, it doesn’t harm human health in any manner. In this way, it depletes the ozone to a greater extent.

Wide Mouth Top

For the easy flow of water across it, this water cooler is having a wide mouth top in it. Due to such kind of mouth top, we can easily pour water in it and dispense water from it. Whereas, for providing the leak proof joint, it is having a twist on cap. We can easily make a firm assemblage of bottle and lid using this cap.

Durable kind of Design

The design of this water cooler is extremely durable. There wouldn’t be any kind of possibility of dents, scratching as well as fading. Hence, it will preserve the attractive look of the water cooler till a long time period. For the ease of moving the cooler, it is having a large size bail handle.

#6. Giantex Top Loading Dispenser Cooler Unit

Having qualities of both the cooler and dispenser, the Giantex Top Loading Water Cooler is of a good quality. With plenty of exciting features for offering to the customers, it is very convenient in its usage.

Due to such kind of capabilities, it is pretty much famous amongst various categories of users. It is also having both options of Heating and Cooling for making it work effectively.

Child Protection Lock

Setup of this water consists of a Child Protection Lock. With the help of such kind of lock, there wouldn’t be any kind of worry in our mind regarding the happening of accidents.

The security lock is on the hot water outlet of the cooler. Therefore, it prevents the worries about burns or other kinds of accidents.

Giantex Top Loading Water CoolerBest Price

Anti-Dust Water Barrel Seat

For the people who are concerned about the cleaning aspects of the water cooler, there is an Anti-Dust Water Barrel Seat in its list of components. You can easily remove this barrel seat and carry out the cleaning work with an ease. It is extremely easy assembling it back.

Heating and Cooling Switches

There are two kinds of switches with this water cooler. First is the red color button pressing which restricts the heating procedure. Whereas, pressing the green color button will restrict the cooling procedure. Although the best thing is that it preserves the temperature.

There isn’t any kind of requirement of heating and cooling the water frequently. This saves a lot to us on both on saving the energy as well as the power consumption.

Powerful Storage Cabinet

There is also a powerful storage cabinet within its setup. We can use this cabinet as the storage item for most of our goods and various food products. There are various kind of places where we can find the application of this water cooler.

Hence, having the proper dumping arrangements for the same purpose is extremely necessary. This storage cabinet can serve the purpose for the same. It is having a capacity of delivering us with 5 gallons of water at a single time. Due to this, we will never get scarce of water.


In the present compilation on, Best Water Cooler Reviews of 2019 – Do NOT buy before reading this! We have given a brief review of various coolers that you can use for keeping your beverages at the desired temperature for a long period of time. Available in a variety of sizes, cost and design there are plenty of things we need to keep in mind before getting a Water Cooler.

Before getting a water cooler, it is essential to know about its size and capacity. The kind of insulation on its surface also plays a major role in the selection of a water cooler. Furthermore, we also need to know about the various accessories in its setup, cleanability, water storage capacity and functionality. With all these points in mind, we will be getting a highly capable water cooler.