Americans drink less amount of water, not more than 4 cups a day, rather they are almost dehydrated, the research according to Centers of disease control.7%of them, even don’t drink that much amount. The case of children is even horrible, due to the heavy amount of soft drinks, sugary beverages, half of the American children are dehydrated, rather a quarter of them do not even drink a cup of water at all.

There are many solutions suggested, the one among all is overlooked by people: Water Dispensers. It is known that water dispensers are the best source for proper hydration, as they provide access to cold water, not because they provide access to clean water. It must not be known, but temperature plays an important role in how much water is being drunk. As people, love to have cold water as it is more refreshing and tastes good. You will drink it more as much as you have it more.

Why drinking cold water is preferred?

Actually, cold water does not make us hydrated as compared to warm water, and then what is the reason behind liking it much? It is all dependent on the operation of cold receptors in your body. Receptors on the skin are responsible for regulating the temperature of the body. When there is an application of cold sensation, blood vessels contraction occurs due to which the blood flow to the skin reduces, which keeps you away from losing the body heat. Cold receptors in mouth functions differently. So we advise you to use water cooler at home and office.

They are the cause, we feel fresh. It is because when your body contains less water, blood thickens and the number of solvents increases per milliliter. This makes you thirsty and you drink water. The water can be drunk faster than its processing time; your body also gives you the second signal that you have had sufficient quantity. It is the time, out cold receptors in mouth starts working. When they get cold, they create a nice, pleasant and cold sensation, which is the signal saying you to stop drinking more water. That is kind of a feedback which helps you to keep away from over hydrated (the symptoms may be nausea, headache, and mental confusion), this is the reason behind the cold water is so refreshing (you can say ice cream as well). The actual reason of water dispenser is this only, as it continuously provides cold and tasty water, which tempts children and adults to stay hydrated.

What is the procedure for water getting chilled in water dispensers?

Water dispensers make your water cold with the help of a compressor, just like your refrigerator. It compresses a gas called refrigerant until it gets into a liquid state. The liquid then goes through the expansion valve, which then causes its evaporation and allows sucking the heat from the water tank. Then, the heated refrigerant cycles into a number of heating coils which let the heat radiate back in the air before the next compression and then it gets sent back through the expansion valve. This method is known as the most powerful method. NewAir (hot and cold water dispensers), can eventually lower the water temperature till 39 degrees F.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water:

The normal body is made of almost 60-70 percent water and it is responsible for every function the body performs, which makes it good to drink it. This makes you feel good, look good and work more. The benefits are shown below;

  1. Improvement in concentration: Water is the source of electrical energy for the brain functions. When you are dehydrated, the shrinking of your brain cells occurs, causing the synapses to work slower or shut down. As per researches, when you lose 1 percent of water, which causes 5 percent of the decrease in cognitive function. When you lose 2 percent, it may decrease short-term memory, concentration or focus.
  2. Improvement in Mood: The team of French researchers in 2014, asked the group of people to increase their water intake from 1.2 liters (slightly dehydrated) to 2.5 liters (fully hydrated).The group reported changing improvements in their moods. Then the second group of people was asked to lower down the water intake than the normal range. On doing it, many of them complain a bad and confused throughout a day. The area of the brain responsible for mood regulation became impaired as the brain started dehydrating, which make people difficult to stay positive causing frustration and setbacks.
  3. Skin looks healthier and younger: The skin is made of 64 percent of water and when it’s dehydrated, it creates lines and wrinkles. More water intake makes your skin look plump, removing wrinkles and lines.
  4. Weight is lost with water: Drinking water before meal loses the weight of the people rapidly than people who don’t. The extra intake of water makes them feel full and they do not add some extra calories to their diet. It also increases your metabolism by drinking just 17 ounces increases 24-30 percent till 1.5 hours.
  5. Maintains energy level and muscle function: Loss of electrolytes may cause if your muscle is dehydrated. Electrolytes are responsible to give the signal to your muscles for when to expand and contract. If not, it may cause muscle cramps and cause a decrease in physical strength, which is responsible to lose muscle control. A normal feeling of lethargy sets in and it becomes harder to stay active.
  6. Digestion of Aids: Water maintains an accurate pH level of your stomach, making you break down and absorb food. It also helps to dissolve fats and fibers. Also, it helps to bind waste products, so you will not suffer from constipation and cleans your kidneys which save you from kidney stones.
  7. Protection of joints and Cartilage: Cartilage in your muscles is made of 60-85 percent of water. The body pulls fluids from your cartilage when you are dehydrated making your joints more vulnerable to friction and damage.
  8. Reduction in the risk of heart diseases: As you have 92 percent water n your blood, and when the fluids are decreased, this percentage decreases which makes your veins thicker, stressing your heart more. Actually, dehydration leads to more possibilities of heart diseases; Whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, hematocrit (proportion of blood made up red blood cells), fibrinogen (involvement of the protein in blood clots). As per doctors’ recommendations, drinking more than 5 glass of water per day decreases your risk of getting the heart attack by 13 percent in men and 147 percent in women.
  9. Reducing risk of cancer: Drinking more water reduced risk of bladder cancer. It prevents the production of toxins in your bladder, diluting cancer agents in the bloodstream of your body.

How much water must be drunk every day?

It is normally said that you must drink 8 glasses of water (6-12 cups) every day to stay healthy. This guideline was given in 1945 by the Food and Nutrition Board of Science. After that, the revision of recommendations is done. Now it is said that the water intake must be done half an ounce to one ounce for every pound of your weight, depending on where you live and how much active you are.

A person with 100 pounds staying is cold climate will need less water than someone staying in a warm climate. A person doing more exercise will need more water every day than another person. The table below shows the break down;

Weight Strenuous Activity Moderate Activity Light Activity
100 lbs. 12.5 Cups 9.4 Cups 6.25 Cups
125 lbs. 15.6 Cups 11.7 Cups 7.8 Cups
150 lbs. 18.75 Cups 14.1 Cups 9.4 Cups
175 lbs. 21.9 Cups 16.4 Cups 87.5 Cups
200 lbs. 25 Cups 18.75 Cups 12.5 Cups
225 lbs. 28.1 Cups 21.1 Cups 14.1 Cups
250 lbs. 31.25 Cups 23.4 Cups 15.6 Cups

*1 Cup= 8 oz.

How will you come to know that you are not drinking enough water?

If you have a doubt that you are not drinking enough water, then check for these symptoms of dehydration in your body.

  1. Bad Breathe: It is the reason for building bacteria on your gums, teeth and, tongue. Saliva consists of anti-bacterial properties that keep your breather clean. The more you are dehydrated, you will have less saliva and the, as a result, your breather smells bad.
  2. Dry Skin: This is caused when your body takes water from skin cells to keep other body functions work normally.
  3. Muscle Cramps: On being dehydrated, they can seize up more rapidly.
  4. Hunger: Your body helps to release calories from fat cells. Due to fewer intakes, your body won’t be able to draw calories from the fat stores, due to that you may feel hungry. You may have cravings for sugary food, it is normal, but having fruits and vegetables is the best option as it contains more amount if water like strawberries, watermelon, cucumber, and tomatoes.
  5. Headaches: The brain is protected by the fluid which prevents it from any interior hitting the skull. When you are dehydrated, the fluid around your head lowers down, resulting in bumping of your head with your skull causing headaches.
  6. Sleepiness of Lethargy: Dehydration causes your body to do basic functions slowly to conserve how much amount is left. So the people may feel sleepy or lethargic as a result, of getting dehydrated.
  7. Fevers and Chills: If you contain less amount of water, it loses the ability to regulate your body temperature. This is the very dangerous symptom of dehydration. If you feel your body temperature has gone beyond 101 degrees F, the stay away from the sun, drink water and relax.

The easiest way to check whether you are dehydrated is just pull up your skin on the back side of your head, dry skin is less elastic than the hydrated one. So if it does not spring back rapidly, then you are a dehydrated one. Be careful with the color of your urine, as well. If it is darker than normal, your body needs more water intake.

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