If woodworking is an impeccable art and then Black & Decker RP250 Wood Router is an artist.

This art needs specific tools and the right amount of skills. This router combines the right amount of power with the skills of a woodworker to create amazing products. It is correctly said that tools can make or break your work. Such a tool is a router which is a very important tool in the wood-working industry. While there are many wood routers available in the market, you will not like all of them. Therefore it is necessary that you read our review and choose the right product for you which suit your needs.

This router sports a unique design. This unique design allows the woodworkers to utilize the potential of this router from any part of the wood and not just the edges of it. This product has been provided with sightline base which helps to improve the stability of the product. The base capabilities also help in maintaining the required accuracy. The design engineers have also provided with a trigger switch as well as a contoured chip which aids in safety.

BLACK & DECKER RP250 Wood Router


  • This router has been provided with both kinds of bases and those are plunge base and fixed base. Fixed base helps in normal cutting and plunge base aids in decorative cutting.
  • Its speed can be varied from 8000 to 27000 RPM, allowing you to maintain the speed according to your requirement.
  • This machine is also provided with soft start function which helps you in maintaining the accurate results.
  • The router has been provided with a two-year warranty that makes it very cost effective.
  • The router also has been provided with the 0.25-inch collet, adjustable parallel edge guide which is very important to a woodworker.
  • The 10-amp motor ensures powerful performance with every kind of workpiece.


  • The router provided is very easy to install and can be set up with ease.
  • This router’s operation is very simple which will benefit that everyone can operate it.
  • Pricing has been done right to attract more and more consumers.
  • Start motor feature will help you work efficiently.
  • The variable speed motor proves to the boon for woodworkers.


  • The tool is not sturdy enough and hence shakes at times
  • It is not professional grade machine.

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