This router is one of the best-selling routers in the country and it is often called as the Colt Palm Wood Router by the woodworkers.

It is considered as a trim router and people always think that it will only be used for small wood working purposes. That is why we are here!! We are here to smash this stupid misconception. We are here to tell you about the benefits of trim routers and how much they can do and we have a great list of top wood routers working great in this industry.

There are many features which you will instantly notice about this router but the foremost thing that you will notice is the molded grip that shapes up to your hand perfectly and in turn which makes the hand operation easy. It has also been provided with finger guards on the front of the fixed base which helps in maintaining the perfect distance. The greatest benefit it provides is that it reduces vibration on your hand when you work long hours. Let’s discuss other features of this amazing router.

Bosch PR20EVSK

Horse Power/ Soft Start:

Whenever we are buying a wood router, we should always look out for the horsepower rating of the wood router, it essentially applies to compact routers like Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Wood Router. This palm router has been provided with 1.0 peak HP motor that in turn produces 5.6 amps of speed.

Let me tell you this that it the lowest horse powered router on the market this size. But it has been provided with amazing power and torque which compensates for its low horsepower and hence it is perfect for small woodworking jobs.

It has been provided with a soft start feature that helps in minimizing the torque on the motor. It has been provided with Bosch’s patented constant response circuit which helps in maintaining and monitoring the speed under a constant load. This feature helps in reducing the stress on the motor and helps in smooth functioning.

Variable Speeds:

The variable speed is an amazing feature which helps you set a certain amount of speed on the router for the task favorable for the operation. The RPM ranges from 16,000 to 35,000 RPM. The electronically managed speed control helps in maintaining the speed under the load to minimize twisting during starting which also prevents overheating.

Plunge vs Fixed base:

One of the utmost requirements is that it should plunge with ease and without hanging. This helps in making clean cuts and hence efficient work. The plunge base of this router offers amazingly accurate depth setting with 7-step depth stop turret. It has been provided with a clear vision and hence it allows the woodworkers to see the work-piece all the time.


  • Air vents have been provided on the top to keep the machine cool.
  • Quick Clamp Lever System will help you make changes easily.
  • Speed dial is mounted on top to control the speed.
  • Grip area helps in better handling.
  • Course adjustment indicator has been provided on the side of the machine.


  • Push button Spindle Lock is difficult to handle
  • No dust cover has been provided on the power switch.
  • It gets hot during operation and hence the use of gloves is recommended.

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