This mid-range router houses all the important features that are required for getting your important wood-work done.

This router is perfect for everyone because it combines power with ease which helps people of all age groups. I mean to say that people from every age group can access it easily. We feel that it should be one of the top sellers in the market due to its additional features but it is not and we keep wondering why. There are lots of other wood routers in the market which have same features like this.

It’s easy to use features makes it compatible and it can be used both by home woodworkers or a professional working in a wood shop. The features provided in this wood router makes it a base for starting woodworking enthusiasts and its advanced features also allow the serious ones in the wood business to do their work efficiently.

This router has been provided with features like cam motor housing, 1/4 inch and ½-inch collets and Lexan base which automatically improve its performance. If you want a good return on your investment then you should probably buy this router as it has added features that usually most of the routers don’t provide in the market. This router comes with a combo kit which offers both plunge base and a fixed base.


Variable speed-

The DeWalt DW618PK 2.25HP Wood Router has been provided with an electronic variable with feedback control that goes from 8,000 to 24,000RPM. This can be adjusted by turning the variable speed dial that makes it possible for you to manage tool and determine the speed that will be best for the type of project that you’re doing.

Set 1- 8,000-14,000RPM

Set 2- 18,000-24,000RPM

This variety makes it possible for the rookie and as well as a professional to enjoy this product.

DeWalt DW618PK 2.25HP Wood Router

Horse Power

Whenever we think of buying a wood router, we always look at the horsepower rating first. DeWalt DW618PK 2.25HP Wood Router comes with a 2.25HP motor which is perfect for all your wood jobs. This motor is capable of making quick changes between bases and setting measurements. This router has also been provided with a soft start feature which helps in minimizing the torque on the device.

Plunge base vs fixed base

In a fixed base router, you set up a specific depth and depth must stay consistent while using the tool. Plunge base helps you make desired cuts by plunging down the router and hence the name. This router has been provided with a combo kit that includes both plunge base and fixed base.

Fixed base has been provided with locking base which helps us in making perfect cuts on the workpiece. The rubbers handle to hold the tool perfectly without any disturbance. This router is more ergonomic than you might think.

DeWalt DW618PK 2.25HP Wood Router dimensions:

Height: 10.8 inches

Weight: 7.2lbs (fixed base) 10.1 lbs. (plunge base)

And concluding this review, I would just like to say that we have provided you with all the valuable information and now it is up to you to decide to buy it or not.

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