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How To Cook Deep Frozen Food

A food which is fully cooked or portions of a meal, packaged for retail sale is called as Frozen Prepared Food. They are famous among customers as they are easy to cook and variety is available. A traditional frozen prepared meal includes a meat entrée, a starch-based food, a vegetable, like sauce and pasta. It needs a proper attention to be given by food processor.

Preparing Meal Components:

Meat: It is the bigger component included in frozen meal. There are various methods used for processing in order to prepare the meats like marinating, cutting, cooking and slicing.

  • Marinating: It is done for proper tenderization of the mean and development of wanted sensory attributes, to marinade it is always better. Ingredients used for marinating are normally vinegar, salt, lemon juice, spices, oil and citric acid. By tendering a meat, developed by marinating contains a proteolytic enzyme, which helps for proteins break down. Normally while marinating, meats are either soaked or injected with marinade by using special machines.
  • Cooking: It is required in order to kill pathogens like bacteria which can produce harmful toxins. While cooking, generally, the temperature at the center can rise up to 70 degrees (160 Degrees F) and can be held for 2 minutes.

Immersion fryers are used in types of meats. While frying, cooking and the desired flavors are produced. Hot oil helps the meat surface to sear and helps to lower down the moisture loss while cooking. Breading material coating while frying helps in binding the batter. During the frying process, breading layers absorbs oil while developing its aroma and texture of the food.

Some dedicate food, like fish, are normally pre-fried and breaded in order to bind the breading material. At the time of actual cooking, re-heating of the food is done. But, at the same time, fried chicken is wholly pre-cooked during it frying process. To raise its serving temperature, frozen fried chicken is re-heated.

You can also read our large chest freezer reviews through which you can set proper temperature of chest freezer.

There are normal types of fryers like batch or continuous unit. When the continuous unit is used, food is kept on the feed conveyor, and then it gets into the frying tank filled with oil. A Temperature of the oil is usually 340 to 360 degree F. At the same time, another food conveyor is placed on the feed conveyor, to avoid floating of food in the tank. Speed is properly controlled in order that a food should remain in the oil for the desired time. Besides the tank, the fried food is then moved above the oil and the oil at the surface is again taken into a tank.

An Oven can be used to make important entrees in frozen meals. There are types like conduction, convection, and radiation, by which food is heated. Steam is produced during the heating cycle by some oven designs. The food is placed on to a mesh conveyor with the help of various zones and different velocities and steam flow are used to maintain a proper humidity at a proper level.

Batch type oven is normally used to cook under vacuum. Pressure and temperature are reduced to cook meat in vacuum cooking. A vacuum technique called sous-side cooking; food is cooked in its pre-owned juices in order to retain flavors and moisture. As the low temperature is used, it needs more cooking time. Food is placed in a laminated pouch and vacuum is subjected before sealing. The pouch once sealed cooked in boiling water. Once cooking is done, pouches get instantly cold in cold water before freezing.


  • Dicing and Slicing:

As compared to raw meats, cooked meats are more sensitive to handle, meat tissues gets loosely connected with one another after cooking. For that reason, they are cooled in low temperatures; as a result, a muscle fiber stiffens which makes cutting and slicing easier operations.

When meats are frozen, their normal temperature is from -18 to -23 degrees as before cutting, they are tempered. The process includes which warms the frozen food just below their freezing temperature, say between -4 to -1degrees C. Industrial scale microwave ovens normally use this method of tempering of frozen food.

Dicing machines are used to cut the meats in cubes or dicing is done. A revolving impeller is attached with a knife blade is used in a common industrial-scale dicer. On every revolution, the slice is made by the blade from the large piece of meat into a machine. A Cross-cut knife is used to cut a meat in square shapes. Once dicing is done, a product then gets out of the machine.

  • Vegetables:

Vegetables in prepared meals are produced directly from a frozen-food processor, and freezing of raw material is done on site. If the frozen food needs to be stored for a longer duration, those are intended for inclusion in prepared foods is frozen. Or the food is directly taken to processing areas by putting them on meal tray. Always try to take fresh vegetables it will help you to cook your food easily, you can keep your food fresh for very long time with best upright freezer.

  • Pasta:

Size is an important criterion while preparing pasta. It is difficult to control the texture of the spaghetti as it cooks rapidly. While thicker pasta can be cooled after heating in the more controlled way.

Rotary blancher is used to cook pasta which contains a large amount of water. Rotary action contains in a blancher helps to prevent clumping during the cooking process. Once cooking is done, the last step is to washing of the surface starch-off the pasta, to prevent clumping. Stopping of the process is done once the pasta is immersed in cold water.


Sauces and gravies are used to develop sensory attributes to meats and vegetables. It also prevents dehydration of frozen foods due to longer duration of storing. Sauces are normally tomato based or cream based. These sauces are made with spices, thickening agents, emulsifiers, and salt.

  • Preparing Ingredients: Mixing blenders are used to mix dry ingredients once they are weighted. The mixture is dependent on the physical characteristics or features of the ingredient or which shortening agents to be added to it. You must mix all the ingredients with liquids as it is mandatory in order to prevent any inconsistencies in the output product.

Tomato sauce normally consists of tomato paste. It has 24 to 36% of tomato solids. They are kept in drums or multiwall flexible bags. Water is used to flush out the paste and in order to dilute the mixture in a sauce. Then the final puree is then blended with other ingredients to produce the sauce.

Stock solutions is a starting point for cream-based sauces, normally produced by boiling raw stock material like beef, fish, poultry into a water. Large kettles are used which are either open to atmosphere or under vacuum for boiling. When boiling is performed under vacuum, the temperature is remained at around 100 degrees C (212 degrees F), which helps in building more flavors in a stock. Addition of herbs, spices, and salt is done while cooking. Once cooking is done, muscle tissue is removed.

  • Mixing, Cooking, and Cooling:

To make a well-mixed slurry, dry mixes and liquids are mixed while preparing a sauce. Once the slurry is made, it then kept in a cooking vessel, normally open steam-jacketed kettle. Agitators, scrapers, blenders are also used to fit with the kettles. Movement of the product from the heat transfer surface is done by the agitator located on the central axis, which is actually an action which is done through cooking or cooling of a food material. It may happen sometimes, that the fingers of the agitator may move the product to the second agitator for further blending. To prevent producing any burned material due to heating surface, Scraping and agitating is used.

Sometimes, because of continues heating, it may result in swelling or gelation of thickening agents or flavors may be extracted from the seasoning agents. For that reason, cooking is usually done under vacuum to produce volatile and natural color pigments.

Homogenization of cream sauces is done after heating. They are used to make sure that fat globules will produce small size which is important for stabilizing the final emulsion. High speed should be maintained while scraping in order to prevent it from scorching.

Once cooking is done, sauces are cooled instantly at 4 degrees C (40 degrees F). If sauces do not contain any small particulars then cooling is performed with plate heat exchangers. Indirect contact is done among sauce and cooling medium in plate heating exchanger like chilled water. High energy efficiency is assured to confirm countercurrent flow arrangement between sauce and cooling medium. Once done with cooling, a sauce is transferred into chilled holding tanks.

If sauce contains any additional particulars like raisins, dices mushrooms, or cooked a meat, it is recommended that these particulars should be cooked prior to blending with sauce and those are already cooked and cooled. Pre-cooking is normally considered to prevent any adverse effect of heating on its texture.

Assembly And Freezing:

  • Packages: Trays are used created with aluminum foil, plastic, ceramic and paperboard to assemble the meal components. Some particular areas are stamped in trays to place individual meal components. The package can directly be used by the consumer to reheat and then for serving. For boil-in-bag meals, bag is produced with the laminated film. Once the foodstuff is kept in a bag, air evacuation is done and the bag with contents is frozen. A bag can be simply placed in boiling water with its contents to prepare a meal.
  • Assembly: For assembling a meal, a sufficient amount of every component must be available. Normally, pasta, meat portions, and vegetables are kept in large trays in the processing areas. Sauces are taken through pumps. Depositing machines are utilized to weigh the products and to place every component directly on to the tray or in a bag.

A Depositor is used to feeding the frozen vegetables via feed chambers. A chamber consists of a multiple cavities to accept the desired amount of food material. Movement of trays on the conveyor belt is sequenced under the depositing machines. The Opening of cavity is done right above the designated tray. Once the component is placed onto a tray, a sauce is deposited for coating the component.

A tray consists of meal is thoroughly inspected to check that every component is placed on it. Machines are used to inspect whether any undesirable item like metal of glass fragment is not present. And after that trays are taken directly towards freezers.

  • Freezing: It is done instantly after packaging in order to maintain its quality. After keeping a food in a freezer it is frozen at -40 degrees C (-40 degrees F) in 90 minutes. In the belt freezer, food is normally placed on to a wire mesh belt. The belt takes the food to an air-blast room operated at -40 degrees F. Using a single wired belt is simpler, multitier belts can be used to save floor space. In multitier, a food is moved on multiple belts in the air-blast room.

A Smaller arrangement is done in spiral belts. It maximizes the area for available floor space. Famous spiral belts have self-stacking belts.  In this, each tier is placed vertically, which flanges under the tier. Airflow can be configured multiple times. Countercurrent flow vertically allows greater energy efficiencies. An air is placed between the belts to shorten the time required for freezing activity. Dehydration of food is avoided with faster freezing.

For brick-shaped packaged food, plate freezers are normally used. Refrigerants are allowed for circulation inside thinner channel within a plate. The product is placed between plates. Heat can be transferred at higher rates between packaged product and refrigerant plates.

Once the food is frozen, it is then packaged in cartons. Labeling and storing of cartons are done in the frozen warehouse till shipment is done to retail outlets.

The Pros and Cons of Upright Freezers Vs. Chest Freezers

A normal refrigerator freezer provides enough for small family frozen food requirements but if you have a large family, you may want to have ample freezer storage which allows you to take cherish freeze seasonal berries and jams, special event baking, make-ahead meals etc.

So for that, you should buy a larger fridge and I will help you to make a correct choice on the basis of your budgets and needs. Below I have mentioned Pros and cons on the basis of one’s storage needs, budget, energy efficiency, space efficiency, cleanliness options.


  • Upright Freezer stores food in a vertical direction making it Convenient for viewing and accessing items quickly.
  • Upright Freezer takes less of floor space, unlike horizontal chest freezers. For people living in small apartments, who have less storage space in their houses upright freezer is the best choice.
  • Its special feature is its vertical shelves, adjustable baskets and removable door bins which make the storage easy, efficient and well-organized.
  • These Freezers have colorful LED lights enhancing the visibility of the interior.
  • This Freezer enables to store a variety of food with a smart feature of soft freeze zone. Soft freeze zone is the warmer part of the freezer (compared to rest of freeze), it allows softening ice-cream or thawing meat etc.
  • There is another model for upright freezers which have LCD display screen to control the temperature and can be converted to refrigerators.



  • Chest Freezer is budget –friendly in nature. It is most economical as each and every inch of this freeze is usable.
  • It is more energy efficient and saves a lot of money on your electricity bill.
  • Due to the build-in sidewall insulation, chest freezers hold their set temperatures pretty well and remain cold for long hours even when there is a power-cut for around 2-3 days.
  • This type of freezer generally remains disorganized and takes a lot of time and effort to find the required products.
  • However, the brand new models come with color-coded bins and drawers along with interior LED lighting to brighten up your storage space.
  • This type of Freezer takes more of Floorspace when compared to upright freezer.
  • In order to store your content one has to bend too low and if you are looking for one product, you have to do a lot of moving cold food here and there.
  • During the cleaning process, one has to put a lot of energy as it needs to be manually defrosted and this task requires several hours or a whole day to accomplish.
  • It is easy for children to reach chest freezer, unlike upright freezer, though it comes with a lock and key feature.


Frigidaire Chest Freezer

This surely can be called a small package which will give you huge returns.

This chest freezer size is advertised at 9.05 cubic feet which makes it one of the most compact cheese freezers on the market. This chest freezer is one of the best chest freezers on the market too and hence this makes it ideal for small families. It is great for people who want to keep it simple and doesn’t want to store too many items in their freezer. It provides you with ample space to store useful items in your freezer.

Frigidaire Chest Freezer sng


  • We can compare it to a small white box and we say so because of its compact size. We won’t say that its design is amazing and catchy. Designers have kept the design of this product as minimalistic as possible.
  • This chest freezer has been provided with a classic white finish which is the case on the most of the chest freezers these days.
  • It doesn’t come with an interior light but the company has provided the freezer with an interesting wave pattern. You are provided with a single sliding bucket.


  • Once you have stored all of your stuff, you just need to leave it alone and this machine will take care of itself.
  • A control knob has been provided at the bottom. It displays the temperature on a scale of 0-7 which is a common phenomenon in this range of fridges.
  • The dial that has been provided is sturdy and at the same time smooth enough that it is very easy to adjust for defrosting or extra cooling. But don’t get your hopes high as it not a defrost model.
  • It requires you to defrost periodically. A small drain has been provided near one of the corners which are adjusted by a stopper on the outside of the floor. You can check the manual book for tips on how to deal with the whole process.

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  • Our performance measures are strict which involves taking the reading of temperatures over a period of time that can be embedded in anything we can eat.
  • From there on, we record the dip in temperature scales. At the end of our tests, results proved the mettle of this chest freezer.
  • The freezer was able to keep temperatures steady over a period of time and that is the only thing you need to know which proves its efficiency.
  • As a customer, we only want consistency and that is what this chest freezer provides us with.

This model is compact and pocket-friendly as it costs a mere $350 which is nothing compared to other models. As we have enriched you with plenty of information, buying a chest freezer should be easy for you.

Danby Chest Freezer

One of the best chest freezers in the market and we say so because it’s storage capacity won’t disappoint you at all.

This is one of the most efficient freezers on the market. This may be costly than other products but it surely will provide you with more storage space than other fridges. There is always a time in the year where you get frozen foods for sale and that is the time where you can stock your products because this chest freezer has got the best storage capacity in the market.

It can hold any type of products like meat, vegetables, ice cream, pizzas etc. Talking about the products, it can store 336 ounces of ice –cream. That is a lot of ice –cream and that is why it is constantly ranked in top ten chest freezers.


Energy and savings:

Danby Chest freezer is really an efficient chest freezer and is loaded with power saving features. This chest freezer uses 224KWh per year, which will cost you almost $2.25 monthly and you will be presented with a yearly bill of $28. Considering that chest freezers are typically expected to last 10-15 years that is huge savings on the electricity bill.

However, this chest freezer is not Energy Star compliant. It offers a decent operating cost and a low and efficient energy consumption level for any house. This appliance is supposed to work 24 hours a day.

Danby Chest freezer e63

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Temperature and capacity:

This chest freezer has been provided with an area of 5.5 cubic feet which helps in storing huge amount of frozen foods.

To give you a rough idea, this chest freezer can hold up to 336 pints of ice-cream which is a lot more than other chest freezers can offer.

This chest freezer can reach as low temperature as -11.2 Fahrenheit which will keep your frozen foods well preserved. This chest freezer is a lot bigger than your regular chest freezers.

It measures around 33.07 inches high, extends 32.44 inches wide and is 22.2 inches deep. It can measure up to 55.27 inches when the lid is open. It weighs around 72 pounds which is average in the industry.

It has been provided with a mechanical dial which makes it easy to operate and light shows us that the power is on in the freezer. It sadly locks a door lock which is the only shortcoming in this chest freezer.

This chest freezer offers the second largest space on the market in chest freezers and is equipped with some amazing features which we have already told you. I hope you make a wise decision while purchasing a chest freezer with all this information at your disposal.

Amana Chest Freezer

Amana Chest Freezers are one of the most sold chest freezers on the global market.

One of the great things about Amana is that while running it produces a very little sound as compared to other chest freezers. So you can easily keep this chest freezer in your dining hall as it will not disturb you by making all those scary sounds.

Amana has all the necessary features which should be available in a good chest freezer. Amana is very to install anywhere you want whether it is your kitchen area or the dining area. Install it anywhere without any problem.

Amana chest freezer

Now let us quickly go through its specifications:

  • Storage Capacity: 5.3 cubic feet
  • Deep Freeze Option: Available
  • Rollers on the Bottom: Available
  • Top Door Swing: Available
  • Storage Baskets: Available
  • Leg Levellers: Available
  • Defrost Drain System: Available
  • Warranty: One Year Warranty

Now let us discuss these specifications in detail

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are essential as they help to occupy the space inside the freezer efficiently. Without storage baskets, it is almost impossible to store items in an efficient way. Let us say in simple terms storage baskets are required to increase storage efficiency.

Deep Freeze

With this option, you can bring down the temperature of the freezer to minus 8 degrees. The foot will last much longer than usual. Now, what are you waiting for start storing items in your Amana Chest Freezer?

Bottom Rollers

There are rollers attached to the bottom of the freezer so that you can easily move your chest freezer from one place to another place. Now your chest freezer can also roam like you in the house. Try not to compete with the chest freezer. Kidding!

Top Door Swing

Top Door Swing helps you in keeping the items inside the freezer in an easy way as the door can be kept aside making the loading and unloading of the food items easier.

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Leg Levellers

The chest freezer is supported by two leg levelers. The levelers help to level the freezer even on a rough surface or an uneven surface.

Defrost Drain

This feature is present in Amana Chest Freezer. With this feature, there is no problem of water getting logged inside the freezer once you use the defrost option in the freezer.

Power consumption

Amana consumes very less electricity while running even on full power. If you want an exact figure then this product consumes around 215KWh per year which is very less.

So if you calculate in terms of money it comes down to 26 dollars per year which is a very nominal account for anyone. With this freezer, you don’t have to be worried about paying hefty electricity bills to the electricity department.


Amana gives you a one year warranty on the product which is usually given with every chest freezer.


You can buy this product on Amazon at a minor cost of 250 dollars. You might get some discount so don’t wait to buy this product as soon as possible.

Magic Chef Chest Freezer

Magic Chest Freezer is one of the best chest freezers. It has enough storage to even store a big man inside it.

Jokes apart Magic chef is a very good option to have in your kitchen if your refrigerator doesn’t have enough space left to store more items in it.

This freezer has some very good features and you will surely love them as they are very rare to find in any other freezer. Magic chef chest freezer is also known as a chest freezer with most features.

There is a storage capacity of 7 cubic feet provided inside the chest freezer. So purchase it start storing extra items in magic chef.

magic chef

Storage Baskets

There are different storage baskets provided with this freezer so you can store items without any problem. They also help in using the space inside the chest freezer in a more efficient manner. Storage baskets help you to keep the things in an organized manner.

So no more messy things in your freezer from now on now you can easily keep your freezer organized just like your house. Trust me without storage baskets your freezer will look messy from inside. If you don’t maintain your chest freezer then it might not work properly.

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Defrost water drain

A defrost water drain is provided in this freezer. Whenever you wish to defrost your freezer you can easily do that and you don’t have to worry about the water that would be there after defrosting as it will automatically move out of the freezer through the defrost water drain.

Now let us see the specifications of Magic Chef:

  • Min Side Air Clearance: 5
  • Min Back Clearance: 5
  • Depth: 22 inches
  • Energy Consumption: 249KWH/year (it consumes a lot of electricity)
  • Weight: 79.4 pounds
  • Range of Temperature: 5.9 – (-7.9) Degree F

So now I have taken you through the specifications. It is time now to look at some other additional features.

On the front panel of the freezer that is located on the exterior of the freezer there is a temperature dial provided so that you can manage the temperature of the freezer without evening the lid of the freezer. In some freezer temperature control is located on the inside of the freezer.

Though the inside of the freezer offers you a lot of space but doesn’t mean that it is a large freezer. It is totally opposite as from the outside or exterior is not very large and you will be able to keep the freezer anywhere you want.

The freezer has adjustable legs which help in keeping the freezer in one place. So keep your freezer at your favorite spot from where you can easily use it.

The temperature can easily go down to 7.9 Degree Fahrenheit. Now keep storing ice creams for future. Just kidding!


You will be able to purchase this chest freezer at a cost of around 195 dollars. This is not an expensive price for a product which offers you so many features.

Now it is up to you if you like it then purchase it.

Avanti Chest Freezer

Whenever you run out of space in the refrigerator you opt for a chest freezer then right?

Of course, this is the best option for you. But there are many types of chest freezers available on the market. So what to do now? I have a solution for you. Choose the most valuable chest freezer which would be an investment for the future as if you buy a chest freezer and it starts giving you problems in future then it will become a liability. To avoid this situation I’m here to help you buy the best chest freezer.

I have tried and tested many chest freezers and after that, it was clear that out of all the other chest freezers there is one which is out of the box and that is Avanti Chest Freezer.


It is most valuable chest freezer manufactured till now. It gives you everything from extra space to different features.

Now let us discuss their specifications in detail now.


Capacity is decent in this freezer. You can place this freezer easily in your kitchen if your kitchen space is moderate. This freezer can also be used for commercial purposes like if you own a store or even if you own a restaurant.

Storage Baskets

There are total three storage baskets provided in this chest freezer. So storing items in the freezer won’t be a problem for you. Different storages mean you can first arrange different types of items in different groups and then store them accordingly. There are other small compartments also provided to store small-sized items easily.

Movable Freezer

Usually, the weight of chest freezers is heavy so people find it difficult to move them. But in Avanti Chest Freezer there are wheels attached to the bottom of the freezer so you can easily the freezer without any trouble. Along with the rollers on the bottom, there are two sliding doors provided on the top of the freezer to make the opening and closing of the freezer easier.

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Fast Freeze

There is an option of a Fast freeze in this freezer. This option is very useful when you need to cool the items in a very short time. This option helps to cool the items in no time at all.

Specification of the product

  • Capacity: 8.5cf (cubic feet)
  • Door Lock Feature: Yes
  • Auto Defrost Function: Not present
  • Fast Freeze Option: Yes
  • Dimensions: 43 x 24 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 96 pounds
  • Internal Light: Not present
  • Storage Baskets: Three


You get a one year warranty on this product. This is a reasonable warranty. Even after the warranty ends I don’t think you will face any problem as the maintenance cost is generally low for Avanti Products.


The price is not high and you can easily afford it. It is actually like an investment only as it has a long life plus you also get one warranty on this product.

My final say on this product will be that it is an affordable chest freezer and for me, it is the most valuable product in the chest freezer category.