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French Press Coffee Tips

Today I’m going to give you some coffee tips using a French Press coffee maker as it is the best coffee maker at least for me.

There are a lot of reasons for using French Press. One of the main reason of using it is it is the easiest way of brewing coffee at home.

The best thing about French Press Coffee machine is its simplicity. You really don’t have to study any operating manual before start using Simple French Press Coffee Maker. It is very easy to operate this machine.

Other things that makes this coffee maker a good machine is that it French Press Coffee Maker is cleaned easily. You can clean the French Press Coffee Maker in no time at all. You don’t even have to make an extra effort to clean it.

Apart from all the praise for French Press I’ll quickly move on to coffee tips using a French Press.

Before experimenting with this coffee machine you need to have few things before hand with you like kettle, grinder, scale and a whole bean coffee.

You must remember to maintain the brewing ratio which is 1g of coffee to 17g of water.

First thing you will be doing here is putting a cup over the scale and then putting the coffee beans in it. For this special recipe you are going to use 45 grams of coffee.

After scaling the coffee beans you have to put the coffee beans in the grinder for grinding process.

After that you need to put French Press on the scale. Put grinded coffee beans in the French Press and over that start pouring hot water. It is very important to stick with the ratio of 1 gram of coffee to 17 grams of water. I call it the Golden Ratio. Now you have to start the timer on the scale.


After 4 minutes you have put the filter inside the French Press and you have to slowly push it to till bottom.

Now you can enjoy your coffee made in a different way. This will be one of the best coffees you have ever tasted as here you have maintained a proper ratio of coffee beans to water. Otherwise your coffee would have tasted similar to your old coffees.


There are some people who suggest that you have to use a really dark roasted coffee, this is absolutely false. Any sort of coffee that you prefer to use in the French Press can be used to get the best flavor of coffee.

Some people also say that you should agitate or stir it, this is also not true. You don’t even have to touch it the coffee knows how to brew itself.

Final Word

This article will you make the best coffee of your life. Now after reading this article you now know the importance of maintaining the ratio of coffee beans to water. So always maintain this golden ratio and your coffee keep tasting better.

How To Clean French Press Coffee Maker

Hello everyone in this article I’m going to tell you how to clean your French Press coffee maker after you use it.

Everyone loves their coffee when it tastes magical and purely coffee. You really don’t want anything to mess up with the flavor of your coffee. You want your coffee to be smooth like always. So to get the pure coffee flavor from your coffee you need to make sure that you clean your French press coffee machine on a regular basis otherwise you will not get the best taste out of your coffee.

French Press Coffee Maker

Here in this article, I will give you a step by step process which I prefer doing.

Step: 1

First things first, if you have any leftover coffee you just pour it out. I know it must be hard to pour out your favorite coffee but you have to do it, in any case, to clean the machine properly.

Step: 2

Next step is to clean the glass although the filter is going to have some small grinds in it. You might notice some of the small grinds stuck to the bottom so pour more water in the glass to loosen the grinds stuck to the bottom. After pouring water into the glass you have to shake the glass in a normal way so the grinds start flowing in the water and get unstuck from the bottom. The thing to note here is that you don’t throw the grinds in the drain because they might get stuck in there. You can either throw the grinds in the garbage or toilet.

Step: 3

There are times when you can see the small grinds of coffee stuck to the filter so you could just wash it out. The next things you are going to do is pull the top down of the filter and clean it from insides. This will make sure that you cleanse the filter deeply and properly. You can also use soap to clean the filter. But if you prefer cleaning the filter daily then water is enough to clean the filter. You can do a deep scrub of the filter once every month.

Step: 4

This is a deep cleaning process of the filters by taking apart the plunger. If you are planning to clean the filters deeply then you can follow this step. You have to spin the filter in the clockwise while holding the rod attached to it firmly. There are different products like coffee cleaning solutions in the market, you can choose these products to clean the filters. They are very effective.

These were the four easy steps that you can follow to clean your French press coffee maker easily and effectively.

Generally speaking, I prefer doing this type of deep cleaning every time I switch roasts so that you don’t get any leftover residue flavors or if you are really worried about tastes then I would recommend doing a deep clean.