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Delta 58471-PK Shower Head

Delta has been in the showering industry for more than thirty years. Hence they have ample amount of experience to know the kind of products the customers want. Shower heads are one of the most important accessories required in our bathrooms. Handheld shower heads is an added accessory to already important equipment that is shower head.

Handheld showerhead has many benefits as they are utilized in many different ways in our bathrooms. If it’s showering your dog or showering your kids outside of the bathroom, then handheld showers are the way to go. In this review, we will provide you with insights of consumers that have used this product and will try to provide you with an honest review as possible.

Delta 58471-PK Shower Head


Now let’s talk about the product we are here for:

Delta 58471-PK is an amazing product that has the ability to outstrip every other product in the market. Its technical features are amazing and we will have to clarify the technical aspects for regular consumers. The company introduces the product the name as Delta 58471-PK H2OKinetic In2ition 4-Setting Two-in-One Hand shower and Showerhead.

If you want a shower head combo that is capable of directing water to those parts of your body that are sore, then this is the right shower head for you. With this Showerhead, the company has introduced H20kinetic technology. This technology is known for sculpting the water into the wave pattern.

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This technology is revolutionary as it has the capability to mold the liquid into a wave pattern. This shower head has the capability to provide you with 2 gallons of water and while doing this, it won’t let the water pressure fall down. This feature certainly makes it possible that you will be getting a great shower every time.

This product comes with lifetime delta warranty which is such a boon to the customers as they won’t have to spare on major repairs on the product. The installation of this product won’t take much time as it will probably get installed within minutes. The Delta Magnatite Docking hand shower sits into position very easily.

The pause feature in the shower system helps in conserving water and as well as helps in easing while lathering or shampooing. This shower comes up with a 60-inch hose that is manufactured using a metal hose and not a plastic hose.

Using metal will help in maintaining the product for a long time and the product won’t develop cracks for a long time. The shower head also comes with a plumbing safety feature that keeps building pressure in the water pipes of the system.

Delta Faucet 51521-WHB Handheld Shower Head

Delta Faucet 51521-WHB Handheld Shower Head

Handheld showers have become a necessity today. They are compact and can be used for any length as hose comes attached to it. Moreover, the handheld shower head can be used as a regular shower head as there is a bracket attached to the mount which allows the shower head to be returned to shower height.

The advantages of handheld showers are too many and no one would consider living without one. Handheld shower head gives you the flexibility to move in any direction and to any distance as much as the hose of the shower head allows.

People often complain in hotel rooms if there isn’t a handheld shower head attached to their room. The best part about a handheld shower head is if you own pets then you don’t have to worry to shower them. If you don’t want to bathe them in the bathroom, then you can take out the hose and shower them outside.

Now, let’s talk about the shower head we are here for:

Delta’s products have always been great and we have never been disappointed even once. I am not saying that their products are perfect but their products are better than any other products in the market. They have always kept customer’s demands in their mind worked accordingly to fulfill wishes of their consumers.

The product we are here to talk about is Delta Faucet 51521-WHB Handheld Shower Head. This shower head is extra special because it is provided with accessibility remodeling which is helpful in handicapped accessibility. It is easily adjustable and is a boon for persons in the chair. This shower head has features which make it easy to use and hence can access by any age group.

Delta Faucet Handheld Shower Head

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  • The product comes with a 28-inch wall bar with an adjustable mount and this can also be used as a handlebar.
  • The wall bar is made up of metal but the ends provided in the product by the company are made of plastic.
  • This shower head has been provided with Rub Clean Nozzles which helps in avoiding soaking shower head yearly or monthly.
  • The best part is that it has been provided with the longest hose and that is 70 inches and it will help you in washing the dog or scrubbing children.
  • The shower head has been provided with an internal dual check valve to assure continuous delivery of water.
  • The shower head is provided in the color white to fit your needs.

This shower head has been picked up by the top reviewers as their top picks in many reviews and is known worldwide for its usefulness. Now everything is up to you to decide whether you want to purchase or not!!

Hansgrohe Croma C 100 3-Jet Hand Shower

German engineering has always been renowned for it’s out of the world manufacturing. German products are efficient and always worth purchasing.

So, let me introduce you to a product from another German powerhouse. Hansgrohe has been in the Shower industry for more than hundred years and is known for its brilliant products.

This company traces its origin from Schiitach, Germany and has been serving its customers for more than hundred years and it hasn’t heard a major complaint from its customers till now.

Now coming to the product which we will be telling you today is Hansgrohe Croma C100 3-Jet Hand Shower. This is a very sturdy and compact showerhead. Being sturdy makes it one of the most bought showering items in the country as the consumers want something on which they can rely on.

The biggest Drawback of this amazing shower head is that it doesn’t come with hose and shower head mounting equipment, so you have to be sure to order them if you want them separately. This product will surely give you a luxurious bathing experience

Now, let me enlighten you with the features of this beautiful shower head:

Hansgrohe CromaJet Hand Shower

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• The shower head is provided with three spray options and that is full spray, the enchanting invigorating whirl-air massage, and an intense turbo spray all of which can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements.
• The spray mode has been specially developed by the company to provide for maximum showering area and this mode is liked by the maximum number of customers of Hansgrohe.
• The shower head is provided with 75 no-clog spray channels having Quick clean technology which has been specially built by the company as it provides an anti-limescale function which in turn allows the residues to be wiped away.
• The company only provides a shiny chrome finish and this is what disappointed us the most.
• The faucet provided by the company is manufactured from ceramic and plastic and the usage of this material has made the product easy and durable.
• This shower head comes with cUPC certification and therefore you can rest assured that this product has been certified by the best minds out there.
• The company has provided Rotating control lever on this shower head which provides easy operation for the showering system.
• The quick clean technology in the system does light rubbing instead of vigorous cleaning and scrubbing.
• This technology has long product life and functionality as having such a long life will never pinch on your pocket.
• This technology also ensures Uniform water flow in Faucets.

As the reviewers, we have provided you with every bit of information there is to know. Now it’s your turn to make a wise decision and buy the shower head that will be suited best for your needs!!

Delta Faucet 75700 Shower Head

Delta has been in the shower heads business for too long and hence has all the knowledge about the industry. This product comes as budget buys in many reviews as it scores on the cheapness factor. Delta came into the shower head industry recently and it surely has rocked the handheld industry as it keeps on coming again and again after amazing products.

Handheld shower is a necessity these days as these shower heads simplify your showering process. The design provided by the company is eye-catching and surely will catch customer’s eyes.

But this doesn’t hamper the product quality as Delta has come up with a world class product. Let us introduce the features of this amazing shower head.

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  • The flow rate provided in this shower head by the company is 2.5 GPM which is the regular standard these days.
  • The pause feature which has been provided by the company is a boon to the customers as it allows stopping the showering while lathering or shampooing.
  • The shower head is provided with non- slip handle which is very easy to use and doesn’t let the shower head slip from your hands.
  • The lightweight feel is attained by the product as the manufacturing material used is plastic.
  • The shower head is provided with a chrome finish which visually enhances the product.
  • Length of the hose is 72 inches which are longer compared to the other products and will help you in many ways.
  • The company has provided the system with a water usage system. Water usage system includes energy efficiency hose which has a vacuum breaker which will decrease your water bill.
  • The settings provided by the company are slow, fast, fine, champagne and energy saving spray. Everyone in the house will surely pick up their setting after they have tried everything.
  • There are seven options which will provide everyone with variety and surely everyone will choose the option they like.

Well, the product isn’t perfect as it has two-three flaws as the manufacturing product used is plastic which will surely crack after some time. The most disappointing fact about this product is that it has only been provided with one finish which is a huge disappointment for an amazing shower head like Delta 75700.

This shower head is amazing and has been rocking the market ever since it has entered. We can only help you with our expert advice and rest job is yours.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Shower Head

The shower head is an important accessory in our bathrooms. We use it daily to cleanse ourselves and the introduction of handheld shower heads have made our work easier. Handheld showers can be used to our requirements. It can be tilted or angled in any position we want and therefore we don’t have to worry about the leftover lather.

So, I have told you about the benefits of handheld shower heads and now let me introduce to an amazing product from ANA. It is one of the most purchased and well-renowned products in the industry today. Many reviews tell us that most of the websites have picked up this product as their top choice and we will tell you why.

This shower head is a dual shower head and it being a dual shower head it automatically increases the efficacy of your shower. Just imagine two shower heads working on you after you have lathered up, it surely will give you immense satisfaction. Depending on the month, it will pamper you. I meant to say that the being a dual shower it will relax your stiff muscles in winters and it freshens you up in summers.

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Let me introduce you to amazing features of this product.


  • The length provided by the company in this dual shower head is five inches which are standard practice these days and this much amount of length will provide you with maximum coverage during showering.
  • The best feature about this product is that it provides you with on/off function whenever you want. If you want to turn on both shower head, you can do that or if you want to save water you can also go for a single shower head.
  • Being a dual shower head, two persons can shower at the same time which will save you both water and time and it will surely increase intimacy between the couple.
  • The company has provided with three spray options and that are massaging, bubble spray and saturating. If you want to create different showering patterns, you can surely do that.
  • The flow rate provided in this shower rate is 2.31 GPM which is standard provided in this industry these days.
  • The water restrictors which are provided in the system will surely save you water if you are not that water saving kind of person.
  • The hose provided by the company in this system is well above 60 inches which will help you take it as much far as it allows. In short, you will be able to take it out of your bathroom if you want to.
  • The best thing the company did was to use plastic while manufacturing and hence it prevents the rusting to happen.
  • The two finishes which are provided by the company is sophisticated brushed nickel and polished chrome finish.

Well, there is not everything perfect with this product as the shower head is not provided with the pause feature.Well we have provided with every detail of the product and all we can help you is to make an informed and correct decision.