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Things those can be built by using a Router Table

As you have already learned few router table specialties and once you own one, you would want to try every other on your own.

After purchasing a table, you will desire to repair legs of the table that have broken or a wooden plate at the outside of the house, or maybe some names on the wooden plate are damaged that needs to be repaired.

Below are some techniques that can help you stay at your wood shop for some days at least. Those tips are;

  1. Wooden iPad Dock: You can make a wooden plate having a cut narrow, to hold your iPad, so you do not need to hold it while you are working. You can use it to watch a show, or just listen to music. Avoid spending hours exploring a computer, rather go for iPad.
  2. Cup Holder for sofa or chair: Are you worried about the stains on sofa due to coffee mugs, here is a solution. You do not need more than a proper measurement of your chair’s armrest and you can simply build a table like structure for your sofa armrest. So forget more stains and you can easily rest your hands on the sofa with a coffee.
  3. Wine Bottle Holder: You can make a wooden plank having a hole that can hold the neck of a wine bottle, rather than just keeping it alone in a basement which can be easily displayed in your house as well.
  4. Window Shutters: You can make a window, just like a louvered door, which has a proper space and correctly angled to pass the air easily and which can stay away from the outside light whenever required. It also helps to keep the perfect privacy letting the required air come inside, so is the best option when renewing various stuff around your home.
  5. Wooden Cutting Board: To cut vegetables and fruits precisely, having a wooden cutting board is anytime the best option and if you are a cook, then you will surely understand its importance. You will use it to make whatever shapes you want like flowery edges, rounded edges, and classic cuts as well.
  6. Simple Boxes: For every woodworker, having a wooden box is the best option to hold woodworking tools. Also to hold some kitchen appliances. You can also make a beautiful toy box for your kid, a bigger one that can be easily used to arrange all the toys.
  7. Classic wooden box: You can easily make a classic toolbox for yourself by keeping your carpentry side out. It can be also used to store all your necessary equipment, which is always kept by your side.
  8. Jewelry Box: If you have your wedding anniversary due soon, then you must try to make one jewelry box for your wife, which will be loved by your wife more than any other gift brought from a store. As you wife will surely like something unique and new rather than getting her something common and regular gift every year.
  9. Three-shelf Display: If you wish to show your kids or relatives your achievements like medals trophies or a wedding photo, or a photo of your son’s first birthday, then you can make a shelved display attached to your living room or bedroom by using your woodworking skill.
  10. Tiered Plant Boxes: If you are fond of gardening and love to have plants all around, then router table will help you out to make a tiered plant box, which will look beautiful in your garden and with the help of that plants can be arranged on the different tiers of the box.

Conclusion: Don’t just keep a router table in your wood shop; rather try making different options that are not much time and energy consuming.

Please feel free to share with us your ideas and thought about the article and your various projects accomplished as well.

10 Best Router Hacks One Must Be Aware Of!

If you are a genius professional in woodworking like Sam Maloof, then you must have invented some tricks and ideas to follow while woodworking.

And those ideas can be noted down in a book and even you can teach them to your own kids as well. And it is possible that you are a kid which is already aware of some tips and trick shared by your parents while woodworking. But if you are a fresher or beginner in this field, then here are some tips that can be helpful to you in woodworking;

We all know that woodworking is an art and we may forget it while handling a machine. Router tables on the other hand surely give you an opportunity to regain that artistic touch or look to your work, while using it in your garage or shed. Using a router table with a machine helps to add versatility and precision to the machine making tough jobs like making small edges or molding projects which makes it more usable.

Like that, you can go through some tips and tricks to increase your knowledge in woodworking using router table;

  1. You can use 2 feather boards on the router table which will help to ensure accurate shapes of the wood. This will ease the job of holding a wood in place for even smaller cuts, without a possibility of injuring yourself. These cuts look smaller but can result in straight cuts while you are holding a wood.
  2. When you are making cuts on the narrow wood piece, you must route a profile on a bigger board, while working on the edges, which is said to be safe, easy and an efficient solution. While shaping moldings, it is said to be the better option.
  3. You must use pattern bits or an adjustable template which can adjust the height of the wood when you are shaping similar or identical twin pieces for pieces like box or so. Normally they consist of smaller width, so no need to consume more energy.
  4. When working on dados, you can create a customized base plate that can help you in measurements. You can start at 0 and they can keep on changing with a constant difference between measurements.
  5. It becomes very easy with the whole cut, by using a starting and exit ramp on the template.
  6. When you are working with sleds, it is possible that it may face some subtle problems which can produce misaligned joints, first add a board at the front side of the sled, and also add two top boards that make a bridge over a work piece.
  7. When cutting tenons, you can use clamps, for that specifically use a thinner bit for a router, to get the rail looking efficient cut.
  8. When it gets over 40 degrees on the table saw, people find it harder to cut. It may produce a burnt edge of sorts can be produced due to the alignment of the blade. You can try using a milter, chamfer bit if this happens on a regular basis, which can become a perfect solution for 45-degree limitation.
  9. You can use down-cut bits, in order to make chip-free dados. It helps to push down the chips to make a smoother cut of the wood.
  10. It is difficult to flatten wider boards if they are unfit through your table. Use 2 guideboards on the wide board with a large diameter bit on your router, and you can easily find a solution to the problem.

Below-mentioned are some safety tips that can be used as they are fascinating new techniques;

  • Make sure your arms are far from the action while using push blocks.
  • Use safety glasses and also protect your ears with a guard.
  • Unplug a router while changing a bit, or just turn the router off.
  • Overloading a router can become problematic, causing damage.
  • Never climb out, always feed a food counter in a clockwise direction, which can result in efficient cuts.
  • Avoid using a router in the humid environment, also in moist and wet areas.
  • Hold the machine tight in order to resist the initial motor torque, when starting a motor.
  • Be sure of the accurate places of bits, locking devices, clamps before you turn on the router.
  • Make a replacement of bad parts as soon as possible, to keep machinery in the maintained state.

DIY Ideas With a Router Table

The old formula of “Recreate by Recycling” not only helps to clear the junk out to create an extra space around but also sharpens one’s creative skills to yield something very productive out of something which might be of no significant use to someone.

A Router Table is basically a shop improvised tool which is being used since very long mainly for woodworking projects. Over time, the manufactures of these stationary woodworking machines have been selling improvised versions of these tables that add some value to different sets of application.

If you are looking for some woodworking machinery then we have some quick DIY ideas for you to explore. As the name suggests, these DIY ideas will be much cheaper than buying the new machinery will be. Quick tip: Trust your creative skills!

1. Add Some Drawers to Your Router Table:

Facing storage issues with your basic Router Table? Enter: Router Table with drawers.

Since you will be the creator, you can use these drawers to store anything in it. Most conveniently, you can put different tools in it. The Drawers will help in keeping the storage space organized and manageable.

Pro Tip: Chose the Layout that fits your requirement and goes ahead with suitable measurements to customize the look and functionality of your Router Table.

2. Open Space Shelf:

Along with drawers, you can set aside space in your routing table to create a shelf in it. Shelves have this advantage that it gets easier to locate things that are put on a shelf. You can use the shelf space to put the tools, nuts, and bolts or to put absolutely anything in it. You can choose the best wood routers for your DIY here. We have written some best product reviews for you.

Pro Tip: You can even go further and choose a layout that comprises both drawers and shelves fitting together.

3. Foldable Router Table:

A Foldable Router Table is not only a huge space saver but also is one of the most compact designs to go for. This Router table would be the best one for you if you are a little less about the storage space in a Router Table and if your main concern is pointing towards a compact design.

Pick the table – use it – fold it – put it aside. Easy isn’t it?

Foldable Router Table

4. Cabinet Base Router Table:

Have got huge woodworking tools with you? Keep them sorted by constructing a routing table with a cabinet base in it. The cabinet door will be right beneath the Routing Table and will keep all the woodworking stuff of yours.

Again, you can choose the layout and appearance of the cabinet and put any number of shelves in it as per your need. You can also glue and fix holders at the doors of the cabinet to make them hold the woodworking appliances of yours.

5. Complex Designs:

If you can extend the trust on your craftsmanship then you can also go ahead with a complex design of a Router table. Attach a dust collection box, a bit holder, and a miter gauge slot to make the design highly functional.

Six Safety Tips For Using A Router Table

Woodworking is typically a risky area. You can be an experienced person but are always bound to injuries and risk of health. Woodworking involves working with a lot of sharp tools, fire, and machinery which can easily become dangerous for you.

How do a hobbyist, professional or student safeguard themselves from avoidable injuries? Luckily, a router table is one of the most used improvised tools to help during woodworking. But just holding the wood and not the machine itself doesn’t guarantee any mishappenings. Here are few important safety tips for using router tables correctly:

1. Read the Manual

Each router table comes with a user guide. It provides all the details regarding the specific machinery, how-to instructions and remaining safe pieces of advice. The manual guide is enough to give you a first-hand knowledge of the features and also to instruct you on precautions to take as a layman.

2. Appropriate Gear

Wearing loosely fitted clothes can put you at a risk of getting caught in the router. It is best to wear simple and better-fitted clothes during woodworking. You are advised to completely avoid any kind of jewelry and accessories.

Preferring sports shoe as a footwear is also a good choice to make. Also, carrying eye protection is necessary even if your machine comes with dust port. Eyes are very sensitive to any kind of foreign particles and may lead to blindness when caught at something coming by force.

3. Pre-Check before starting

Make sure to check all the settings and switches before you start working. Match the router speed with the selected wood, its size, and depth. Decide the bit you want to use. You can check our article on the best wood routers in the market.

Check for what you want to use the bit for edge-formation, to trim the edges, or to shape the frame pieces. Before you change the bit, don’t forget to switch off the entire machine. Pre-checking helps you from blowing yourself unnecessarily later on.

4. Optimise fences and feather boards

An absolute must for safety and accuracy, fences and feather boards allow you to work more freely by helping in holding the wood at a fixed place. You can even leave the wooden piece all alone while making the cuts, saving you from losing a finger. Make sure to use the guard accompanying the fences for further precision.

Optimise fences and feather boards

5. Understanding the Usage

Not all router tables can work with all kind of woods. There are basically two types of router tables.

  • Fixed base
  • Plunge routers. Before starting to work, find out the router you require.

What kind of wood you are about to use and which router table will suit the work best.

6. Examine the Environment

The environment where you work on wood projects your quality and safety beforehand. A wet and damp environment creates a vulnerable surrounding area where there are high chances of machines getting damaged and easy for an electrical equipment to catch fire.

If you are wet or sweating, you risk yourself losing hold on the tools, or wood and also makes way for slipping causing you grave injuries. Therefore, it is highly recommended to work in cool and dry wood shop.

Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

This bench top table is a monster as it provides you with ample space to carry out your tasks efficiently.

The best feature about this table top is that it portable and it gives you variety of adjustment options. Adjustments can be made through cam clamps and level-loc rings. Its improved design has made this router table a lot quieter. This table is capable enough to handle all kinds of routers.  You can also check more router table reviews here. Let us discuss it features in a little detail.

Extra-large MDF table top:

If you want to work on solid projects, then you need this router table as it’s MDF table top makes it easier. And I am saying this because of the space provides in this bench top router table. We get 16’’ x 24’’ of workspace to do it work which is wide enough for any kind of job. You are provided with easy slide surface for smooth working which in turn makes you efficient, so this easy slide technology is a boon for those workers who are loaded with work. You can cut or trim very quickly and complete your task with ease with this table top at your disposal.

Industrial-quality fence:

Designers have given a lot of thought in designing this quality fence and oh boy they have come up with something awesome. This fence is made up of anodized aluminum and can be adjusted using clamps. The clamps are very useful and help you adjust to anything you want. The clamps are required to hold the fence together and it doesn’t let it slip up in places and that is literally the last thing you want. That is why we call it the industrial quality fence.

Full-size routers insert plate:

We know that this router table is small but it has its share of benefits. It comes with a full size insert plate. As the name suggests, the insert plate is used to lock the nuts and bolts which makes the structure rigid. It has been provided with three level-Loc rings on which any router can be inserted and locked in to specific place so that it doesn’t leave its place. If you want to customize it, you can buy more rings if you need it.

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This product is super stable because of the parts provided with this machine. The wide stand has been manufactured using heavy duty steel and the rubber improves it agility. The MDF tabletop helps in maintaining that stability.

Versatility with routers:-

This table’s best feature is that it is compatible with most of the routers. This feeds the workers well and can save you loads of money. The level-Loc rings that has been provided with this table helps in achieving that.


Cheap building material:-

We have told you about the table’s stability but we should also you tell that this table has been manufactured not by the best material so total durability can be questionable.

Overall, this table has been improvised a lot and you can be rest assured of the fact that it won’t be a bad purchase for your wood- working needs.

Bosch RA1181 Bench top Router Table

Where do you go if you want to own the best router table in the market? Yes, you go to Bosch which a world leader in manufacturing tools and important woodworking stuff.

This router table is a marvel in the woodworking industry as it compatible with every router out there, be it a plunge router or a fixed router. This is the best router table if you want to improve the accuracy of your router. This will improve your work efficiency and surely will make your hard work easy. Most of the router tables take up too much space and this causes a hindrance. But this product is a best bench-top router table that is easily portable and it is adaptable to every situation out there.

Bosch RA1181 Table Features:

  1. Aluminum Fence with Adjustable MDF Plates.

A fence is important because it allows creating precise and practiced cuts onto bigger wood pieces. It is usually used to control the cut by hard-pressing it against the face of the fence. An adjustable fence helps you increase accuracy and efficiency.

You should know the types of fences in the market.

  • One piece fence- a long tube that covers the entire table covering the infeed to the outfeed side.
  • Two-piece fence- this type of fence can usually be adjusted at each and every section and that means infeed can be adjusted.

This machine has a long Aluminum fence that is tall and sturdy to handle the tough wood easily. It includes two MDF face plates which provide better support. You can remove the fence if you feel you are better without it.

  1. Rigid Mounting Plate.

Most of the router tables have mounting plates whose rigidity and flat surface will make the most of the difference on finished woods cuts. This is because of the table’s versatility and functionality. The mounting plate helps the router table withstand its weight. Mounting plate actually determines the strength of your table.

This table has an Aluminum mounting plate that can bear the heaviest routers in the market. It also has different variations in mountings from where you can configure your favorite setting.

  1. Adjustable Feather boards.

Feather boards are used to apply a constant pressure on the wood and which helps in keeping it in place against the fence.

This table comes with adjustable feather boards which helps you adjust clamp-like grips on to the wood and which depends upon the shape you would like.

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  • Amperage– 15.0
  • Depth– 18″
  • Dust Collection– Yes
  • Height– 14.5″
  • Length – 22.75″
  • Max. Fence Opening– 3-5/8″
  • Max. Throat Opening– 3-5/8″
  • Weight – 30.0lb
  • Width – 27.0″
  • Working Length- 27″
  • Warranty- One Year.

This product is as professional as it gets and its design will surely bamboozle you. It is very advanced as compared to its competition. You should definitely buy it considering the fact that it is the best.

Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you will always be in need of a wood router. If you need a decent wood router table then you should probably look for Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table.

There is no better way to improve your workshop by adding a proper router table. Well this model’s sophistication is on a different level and once you read all the pros and cons, you will surely have a better review of this model.

What are we getting?

All the accessories are provided with this router table once the purchase is made, be it an online purchase or you buy it from a hardware store. You get feather boards which are easy to handle and they prove to be effective and precise which makes your wood working fun. It is also provided with a switch, guide track, adapter plate, router table insert set and a kit for dismantling and assembling the parts.

You can visit your nearest hardware store to modify your table if you want to add any equipment to the table. We have already told you what will be provided with the table.

Different Design:

Why do we think that this model is unique and has a different design? It comes with a aluminum board that is every carpenter’s fantasy. It will help you to place wood parts with ease and will also help them to slide and cut without losing a millimeter in a vertical fashion. The model has been provided with a cabinet that is easy to use and doesn’t get in the way of wood working. If you want to place additional tools, you can do that by putting them near the router.

This easy design allows easy access to the storing place and it doesn’t even disturb the router. Isn’t it great? If you need some hard tools, you can place them in your router table compartment. The feather boards provided with this router will surely make your eyes pop out as you don’t have to use leveling device during your wood working.

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The switch is placed at an appropriate position so that you don’t have to worry about switching off the machine. This also compliments the safety of this model and hence gets good reviews from customers.

The model has been provided with an amazing feather board which is precise and effective and its shape is so on point that you wonder at times that how was this design even conceived?  The one con of this model is that feather board’s grip vanishes with time which indicates a poorly designed model. But alignment setting help you out if this problem with ease.

We are confident of this model’s aesthetics and performance. It is a perfect router table and will surely help you out with wood working.

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table

A router table system is one of the most important tools that are required by wood workers in today’s world.

This tool is indispensable as it can help in any kind of work like routing the lower part of the wall, putting those finishing touches to the countertops or manufacturing the whole set of panel doors from the start. The perfect router table with all the features helps in finishing work faster, quicker and with great accuracy. Router tables are the need of the hour and have the capability to massively improve your efficiency and will help you get your work done faster.

Features of Kreg PRS1045 Router Table :-

Innovative fence design:

This table has taken all the design ideas from high end table saw rip fences. This table features a T-square style design which keeps the fence in line with the miter slot. The feature of automatic squaring helps you utilize your miter slot and it evidently helps in making even the small adjustments to the system. The fence has been manufactured from a strong aluminum extrusion which will help support even the biggest work pieces. The fence has also been provided with two independent fence faces which allows the router table to act as a vertical jointer.

Rugged table top:

Vibration and noise resistant MDF has been used to manufacture the table top of the precision router table which also features an Easy-slide Micro-dot skin which has been made from a high-pressure and sturdy laminate which makes it very easy to glide across the surface. The sturdy top is joint with two steel support struts which prevent it from bending over time.

Insert plate:

The insert plate has been manufactured from a durable phenolic that has been designed to mount any router without the usual slippery type surface that is found on most of the table insert plates. This has been done in such a way that it almost always leaves a perfect custom fit and it won’t even leave any holes behind.

Level reducing rings:

The level reducing rings provided on this router table fits in to the router table quickly and without a bunch of disturbing the set screws.   The rings just fit in to the desired place in perfect alignment with the plate every time with ease.

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Size of insert rings: 1″ hole (for smaller bits),

  • 1-3/8″ hole (to fit universal or Porter-Cable-style template guide bushings)
  •  2-5/8″ hole (for large bits).

Steel stand:

The table top sits on the shop stand of this table router. This stand can be adjusted from 31 to 36 inches in height and is manufactured from highly durable steel.

Router tables are the need of hour and have capability to massively improve your efficiency and will help you get your work done faster. According to amazon reviews and reviews from other websites, this router table is amazing and you should definitely buy this product.