This grilled meat recipe is loved by almost all of America. Its popularity keeps rising as soon as a newbie tastes it. The marinated sauce and the meat cooked to perfection just does something to the one having it.

This dish is served best for dinner and I am confident that the recipe we are providing will surely have your guests licking their fingers. You just have to use the copper chef so that the steak will be grilled properly.



  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • Four NY strip steaks of 1 lb each
  • Salt for flavor
  • Dark pepper for flavor
  • Six cloves of garlic
  • Three sprigs rosemary


  • You need to preheat the oven to 400° F
  • Now warm the pan by putting on medium heat and that should do the job
  • Pour some olive oil into the pan for some greasing
  • Now we need to add salt and ground pepper to the steak for some added flavor
  • Now add the steak to the pan and grill it for about four minutes
  • Now turn over the steak and pour some garlic and rosemary into the pan
  • Cook the steak for another four minutes
  • You now need to transfer the pan to the oven and cook at 400° F until you wish (preferred timing- 10 mins)

Now you have unlocked the recipe to make an amazing steak. Serve it at the dinner table and just wait for the compliments.

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