Everyone is excited about their baby’s first step and want their baby to start walking early so that they can play games with their baby outside and can take them out in the garden to enjoy. The sooner your baby start, the sooner it will become messy for you but who doesn’t like their baby hopping around with their cute, little legs? You can make your baby walk sooner by helping them and encouraging them.

Encourage Your Baby to Walk

Here are a few ways in which you can encourage your baby to walk:

1. Praise them often

One of the best ways to encourage your baby to walk would be to praise them on their every step and reward them with a chocolate when they make a new attempt. This will keep them motivated to try again and again and practice makes a man perfect, right?

2. Hold them

Initially, when they try to move, make sure that you hold their hands and make them walk a little way. Don’t leave their hand at all. You can also sit in front of them and make them walk a little towards yourself. This way you can encourage them to walk a little every day.

3. Play games with them

You can play games with her which makes them try to move. You can play a game where they have to catch you or you can play a game where you throw or keep something a little distance away from them and they have to walk towards it to get it back. All these games will make it fun for them and will make them want to walk more.

4. Introduce a push or pull toy

A push toy or a pull toy is a great way to encourage your baby to walk as your baby takes the support of the push toy and walks around moving it. This is a good way to promote walking and makes it fun for them to try too.

5. Keep them around other kids

Another great way to encourage your baby to walk is by visiting places with other kids, some of who can walk too. Seeing this, your baby would get more motivated to walk and mingle with other kids.

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6. Make them walk barefoot

Walking barefoot is a beautiful experience both for adults and babies, so don’t inhibit their movement by making them wear a pair of shoes. Allow them to walk barefoot and you will see that they are more enthusiastic to walk. It’s better than a Infant car seat.

7. Get squeaky shoes for them

You can also get squeaky shoes for your baby which would make a sound whenever they move, this will encourage them to walk more because they would like to hear the sound and would like to produce it more.

8. Encourage them to reach out for things

Another way to encourage them would be by keeping a few things at a distance from them and then making them stand up and walk to it to get it back. Since it would be an object your baby would be interested in, they would put some efforts into walking towards it.

9. Get a pet

Having a pet who always moves around will greatly motivate your baby to do the same. Get a dog or a cat and you will see that soon your baby will start moving with it.

10. Don’t surround him/her at all times

Make sure that you leave them a few times to run an errand so that they try to walk themselves, without your supervision. This would give them confidence and independence to move around. You should sometime leave them alone their baby bassinets.

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